My Daily Make - Up Routine

One of my regular readers Palak, requested me to share my daily routine. Which I am more than happy to do so. This post is on my make-up.

Next will be on my skin care.

Just to give you a bit of background, I work long hours everyday add to that the travel time it takes in Mumbai, I actually end up spending about 14 hours away from home everyday.

Plus I am always in a rush in the mornings. (I am not a morning person at all) & I hate doing extensive touch-ups during the day (I just don't get the time).

To further muddy things, I have combination skin. My nose and areas around the nose are very oily. But the rest of my skin (cheeks) are super dry.  So most products don't suit me. If I use a matt oil-free foundation I get horrible dry flaky patches on my cheeks & around my mouth. If I use a thick foundation cream/moisturizer I end up with blackheads & an oily nose.

I am fair with green-grey eyes and heavily pigmented lips (pink to red), so
  • Black kajal/eyeliner makes me look evil & goth
  • Light lip colors fail to cover my inheirient pigmentation and look nothing like in the tube. Nude browns/peaches/corals all struggle to show their true colors.

Hence I am quite demanding when it comes to my cosmetics. I want them to:

1. Be long-lasting (go 9 to 5 at least without touch-ups)
2. Be fuss-free: basically be dummy proof. No complex steps of thorough blending, exact quantities, priming.
3. Deliver consistent results, each time, every time.

Now that you know the background, let me share my make - up routine with you

Office Days (Mon - Fri)

1. Foundation: Ponds Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15 (shade 01): This is a brand new addition to my routine. I used to skip foundation entirely earlier as
a. I don't have the time to blend in the morning.
b. The oils on my face oxidise it so by evening I look orange

But this foundation is dummy proof. Blends in and is absorbed instantly. Does not dry out my dry cheeks, but also does not oxidise on my oily zone either. The coverage is sheer. Takes about 30 secs to apply.

2. Eyeliner: Lakme Glide on Eyeliner or Diana of London: In bronze, grey or brown. Both are water, soap and smudge resistant, and very very easy to apply. They also offer a huge choice in colors. Applied at 7 am in the morning, they are fresh and stay on till at least 8 pm  in the evening.

3. Mascara: Maybelline Define A Lash waterproof Mascara in Black: A flake & clump free mascara. this is a quick dry mascara. So I don't have to wait for even 10 secs with my eyes wide open for the thing to dry. I have been using this for the last 2 months and have never had this smudge (I once rubbed my eyes quite vigrously, & it survived w/o a smudge) or flake. Ever. I once even got stuck in pouring rain for 3 hours with no protection. But the mascara did not budge, so at the end I was dripping wet with fabulous eyelashes.

4. Lips: Body Shop Cheek & Lip Tint or Jordana Incolor Juicy Tints Lip Jelly in Berry Wine/Fruity Guvava: All are shades similar to my actual pigmented lips but better. Both are water-proof & when they dry up leave behind a tint to the lips. Fighting & subduing my natural lip color is a long drawn process that invloves concealors, for which I don't have time every morning.

My only touch-up during the day is swipes of Nivea Lip Balm in Strawberry about 2-3 times.

I also carry some make-up with me to convert my office look into night in case I have to go directly from office. My stash includes

Night look: Direct from office

1. Lakme Lip Gloss no. 21: This is a color very similar to Body Shop Lip Tint, except it is glossier, thicker & shiner with tons of shimmer. Builds up easily on the tint left behind from my morning make-up
2. Maybelline WhiteStay UV Compact: Provides slightly more intense coverage than my tinted moisturiser. Builds easily on top. & absorbs all the oils on face from the day.
3. Lakme Desert Rose Eyeshadow Quad: Has 4 fabuolus colors in neutral shades of brown (from very light creamish yellow to be used as highlighter on brow bone to copper brown) that go with almost all outfits.

So that is my make-up routine for the day. What are your trusty products to take you through the day?

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  1. wow !
    excellent choices .. I wd love to see review on ponds tinted moisturiser .. my mum needs a new one soon !
    btw the eyeshadow quad .. is this the same one having light pink .. rust.. copper and a gold one ?? cz I have the same quad buh it says "sunlit" [:o]

  2. @ Thks Palak. I have just used Ponds tinted moisturizer for 2 days.. I wait at least 2 weeks before writing a review so that it is true and the product gets tested in all conditions. So you might have to wait a bit. Also I won't be able to comment on the anti-aging bit. Am 26 & have no aging issues as of now, I just bought it coz it was the cheapest tinted moisturizer on the market.. :D

    Yes, the eyeshadow quad is the same. It was earlier called Desert Rose & now it has been re-packaged as Sunlit... or is it the other way round.. anyways the gist being that I am not sure what name came first, but they are one & the same..(and the price has been jacked up too from 250 Rs to 325 Rs. ) :P

  3. I 100% agree on the Define A Lash. It never ever smudges! I don't know if you curl your eyelashes, but I've noticed that this mascara can hold a curl all day long, into the night. It's AMAZING, I'm never switching. :)

    My #1 item that doesn't need touch ups is MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation. Its love.

  4. @ Clearly Beautiful: To be honest, I have an eyelash curler, but I have never removed it from it's packaging becoz I don't know how to use it & the thing scares me a lil bit :O :D... Yea but even I love this mascara!!

    I have never used any MAC stuff simply coz the stuff is just too expensive here in India. Nothing is below Rs. 1000/-... to give u a perspective a Dove bar costs 45 Rs...

  5. thats pretty true .. I have seen Many foundie oxidises on me .. maybe its mah acidic skin .. duh !

    any suggestions ?

  6. hey !!
    can yu do a review on lakme quad and create looks with it ?
    it wd be of great help .. specially for meh !!!

  7. @ Palak: I was planning to do a review on the quad.. will be putting it up soon.


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