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This is a very late review. I had bought Streetwear Mascara in May 2008. I was cleaning my make-up stash (to make way for more :-D) when I came across this tube.

1. Not very expensive.. Although I don't remember the price now. But it was decently priced somewhere between 150 & 250 Rs.
2. Intense Black color that is waterproof.
3. Good quantity. Nice thick fat tube.

1. This is a horrible mascara. It does nothing. No volumising. No lenghtening. Nothing. It just clumps together and glues all the eyelashes together. So you actually end up with pyramid eyelashes. (separate at the base, glued at the tips- see the pic) & deposits clumps on your lashes so you have uneven clumped lashes.
2. The mascara wand is also very cumbersome to use. Thick & fat with very short bristles. It does not reach the smaller lashes & the lower lash.
3. The formula is goopy, stringy & clumps like mad. You have to clean the tip on the bottle opening or a tissue or else you end up with all the goop on your eyes. Plus it also flakes after a few hours.

Price: Sorry, have forgotten

Will I buy again: No way! This was a complete waste of money & was one of the first things I threw away when cleaning my stash. Considering that Streetwear is owned by Revlon, this is a very sub-standard mascara from their stable. Also for such a big brand, they have no website, so I could not put up a picture of the tube.

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