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This is not a review on any product or related to any skin care tips. This post is about blogging. Beauty blogging.

A lot of my dear friends & readers are themselves fellow bloggers. And a lot of times when I write a review I get comments that they too feel the same way and/or were just about to blog on the same product.

Here is my take on it: Go Ahead! Write your review! Even if your experience was exactly identical!

This accomplishes 2 things:

1. First of all, it gives our readers more opinions, more views so they can make up their mind more effectively. I mean I would make up my mind to love or hate a product upon one review.. but if I had a number of different opinions I would.

2. This also lends our blogs more consumer-power. If a product is really bad and gets trashed on 2, 3, 4 different blogs, the manufactures (whose product managers I hope are actively reviewing the net to know the word – of – mouth) will have to sit up & take notice. Improve or move out. I think we have had enough of ordinary products, sold at inflated prices on clouds of promises there is no way they can live up to.
Google for a foreign product and you will find at least 3-4 blogs that have reviewed it. And isn’t that great to be able to read and make such an informed decision.

Anyways, this is my two-cents on this topic.. As readers you are most welcome to agree or disagree, but do share your views & opinions in the comment box..

Untill then… happy blogging & reading…
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  1. I was so sick of reading about Mac and Mac that I started a blog about Indian products. We have such good brands here in India and I recommend stuff to my friends all the time. SO I thought it would be great if I could also share my views with so many Indian women who end up buying wrong stuff all the time. I still end up buying wrong stuff myself but I can now prevent others from doing the same. :)

  2. @ Divija: Thanks for the support sweetie!!

    @ Rati: I totally know what you mean.. Even a lot of desi bloggers mostly review products like MAC (which are exorbitantly expensive) or Urban Decay/Benetint & all other such lotions & portions not available here.


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