Home Made Coconut Scrub & Lotion

The weekend is here!!! (all hands in the air!)... & I want to share with you all a coconut scrub & lotion I made last weekend for my arms & legs.

It's really easy-peasy!

You need: 

Half cup coconut oil (I used parachute, I could not find virgin coconut oil anywhere in Mumbai)
Quarter cup white sugar
Half a lemon's juice.

How - to: 

Mix all three. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Use as per need.  This can kept in a closed container for upto a month without refrigeration. Use an absolutely dry container & avoid dipping wet fingers/scoops to prevent spoilage.

If you only want moisturisation, take a few drops of the oil only & rub all over hands & feet & where ever else you like.

If you want exfoliation & moisturisation: scoop out some sugar and oil and rub gently for about 20 minutes. Wash off with gentle soap & water. This is a little messy so be prepared with towels


1. If you want intense moisturisation & no exfoliation, replace sugar with Honey.
2. I like coconut oil, you can use any oil you like
3. Essential oils can be added for extra benefit
4. Lemon is an excellent tan remover and skin softener, but can make the skin photosensitive so always use a sunscreen, post use.
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  1. Hey Tanveer, this is really neat. i think these days women discount home made remedies due to the effort and time required, but i prefer home made stuff - its easier, less chemicals and guaranteed results. I generally use olive oil and mix in some coarse salt or brown sugar for a quick scrub, but now will try your version too...! Anamika,read me at:www.purebotanicalcare.com


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