I Hit Pan !!!!

One of my favourite bloggers Ashwini who writes a wonderful  blog tagged me to write a post on "I hit Pan" that is list 6 items that I have hit pan on, and have or plan to repurchase. This can be makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare or scent.

So here it goes:

1. Nivea Lip Balm in strawberry: I love its scent, the moisturisation is perfect and is not too shiney, and the tint is so pretty. Just a swipe and you look so much better - even with a naked face

2. Lakme Glide on Eye color in Glimmering Plum: I adore eyeliners, I further adore eyeliners that are purple. This is a favourite and I love the color pay-off. Besides it stays on & won't smudge.

3. Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Foundation: It has moisturiser, a sunscreen with spf 15 & is tinted. What more could a rushed girl in the morning ask for?

4. Maybelline Define a Lash Mascara: This is my best-est ever day time, wear to office mascara.

5. Parachute Coconut oil: This may sound out of place here, but, but, but, I love it's smell, I love its versatility & I use it on hair & body. It is 100% edible (really! it says so on the package)

6. Jordana eyeliner in smokey: Yes, another eyeliner. Maybe I should have named this blog "Addicted to Eyeliner"

By the way I have reviewed all these products on this blog..

& I tag all my "8" followers to do a similar post!!! Waiting to read your Hit Pan List!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I am looking forward to try Pond's tinted foundation. You must try ColorBar's Mascara.I am soon going to do a review on it. After applying it, I was surprized how long my lashes were. :P

    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out sweetie. I love Define-a-lash too, but am itching to try a new one now. :)

  3. ahh .. love this TAG ..!!
    just replied to it .. check out ma post !!
    I got define a lash too .. on yer reco and looooving it !! buh its a pain to remove .. what do yu use ?

  4. hey Palak! Read yr post! gr8 one :D..

    Yea, Define a lash is quite difficult to get off. I use Colorbar biphase make-up remover to get it off. Nothing else seems to work..


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