Kara Skin Care Facial Wipes - Review

I have been seeing huge billboards of these for quite some time now. Curiosity got the better of me, & I tried out the refreshing wipes by Kara. Here is how they fared:

Company Literature:  The Kara skin wipes range includes refreshing, sunscreen(spf 20), deep pore cleansing, toning and moisturizing wipes for a complete skincare regime.

They are alcohol free and dermatologically safe. Kara is made from Birla Cellulose, a fibre that is 100 percent natural and biodegradable.

Kara in Greek means pure, pristine, innocent and unblemished beauty and is an outcome of the in-house research and development at the Aditya Birla Centre for Science and Technology, Taloja, Maharashtra near Mumbai.

I tried the refreshing facial wipes that have Aloe Vera & mint oil

1. Very, very cool. I used this after spending a hot afternoon shopping (what else :P). It felt really cool & refreshing.
2. Easy to carry in bag
3. The wipe is made of cloth & not tissue/paper. It feels good on the skin and does not abrade/irritate
4. Alcohol free.

1. The price. At 27 Rs for 10 tissues of refreshing wipe it is a little expensive, when you could very well get the same benefit by carrying a spritz bottle of rose water & a towel.
2. The sunscreen wipes are very expensive at Rs. 70/- for 10 tissues. Haven't used these so can't say nothing about effectiveness.
3. The key ingredient list went something like this: Aqua, Silicone Emulsion, Menthyl Lactate (this is what produces the cooling effect), Mint oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Chelating Agent, Preservative & Fragrance.  So as you can see, even with just the key ingreidents listed, mint oil & aloe vera were listed 4th & 5th. Imagine where they must figure in the *complete* list. I am not sure if this product really has enough mint oil & aloe vera to make a difference to your skin.
4. The re-sealing mechanism does not seem very sturdy to me, I don't think the wipes will last very long once opened.  The pack does not give a best used within _______ days of opening information.

Will I buy again: Hmm.. Really unsure. Which probably means no. While it is always great to carry tissues with you for emergencies, I am not sure I would want to pick these up. Nothing against Kara per se, but I really don't get the entire concept of wet wipes too much. Their utility may be better felt by a person who travels a lot or has a field job and needs to interact with clients & look presentable at all times.

I wish they had introduced these as a single pack. Not only would that promote trial, but also make sense, to a person like me, who just wants one or two tissues on her for emergencies and not everyday use.

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  1. ummm ..I partly agree with you on this stuff.. its indeed refreshing .. buh I believe wet wipes are great for Indian weather + pollution that we are daily exposed to .
    I dont kno if its just for me.. I find these wipes create a stinging sensation on my skin and are complete no-no for touching up smeared kajals .. they sting like hell !!

    In my quest to find milder wipes .. one day I spotted BABY WIPES !!

    I cant tell how happy em since then .. its very gentle on skin .. doest sting my eyes and I can even remove kajal from my waterline !!
    that was a EUREKA moment for me !! it was alo pretty affordable at Rs 70/- for 50 wipes and best part ws it didnt dry out even after 2 months of openin .. I used them untill I was down to last wipe .. it was LOVE !!

    BAD NEWS :- I forgot the company it belonged to .. and em super mad !!!cant find it anywhr since then !!*pulls her hair*

  2. @ SSJ: Ohhhh... I know hw bad it feels when you find your HG product only to find that it has been discontinued/out of stock/company closed/forgot name.....

    maybe you cld try one of these dollar stores that carry imported products.

  3. @streetsmarketjunkie: could the baby wipes have been Johnson and Johnson? I love their wipes, they're safe to use everywhere on the body, smell great and are moisturizing, too.


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