Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick

What it claims: Lakme presents luminous, creamy lipcolor that lasts right through the day. New 9 to 5 Lipcolor, with a breakthrough Colorfix formula developed in Italy, combines amazing comfort with staying power that keeps your lips looking fresh for hours.

Application Tips
Apply your lipstick by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lips, following the contours of your mouth. For long-lasting lipcolor with no smudges, wait a few seconds before pressing your lips
I tried the Mocha color which beige in color
1.      Moisturizing
2.      Does not feather
3.      Wide range of matt shades available (I am not very fond of sparkly/shimmery lipsticks), great for office wear.
1.   Absolute rip-off on the 9 to 5 promise. This hardly lasts for 2 hours. In fact I would say its performance is no better than Lakme’s Enrich line of lipsticks that don’t promise long-lasting wear.I followed the instructions, to a T. Applied it to clean, nude lips. With no lipbalm. Same result. No Stay. Maybe they should call this 9 to 11, with touch-ups every 2 hours.
2.   Because of point 1, it does not justify the huge price point of 350 Rs., when Enrich is available at some 200 odd bucks.
Will I buy again: No. When I can get similar moisturizer and color in Maybelline or Colorbar for much lesser. I even went back & complained to the sales agent. She asked me to fill in my lips with Lakme’s lipliner before use to ensure long-wear. Talk about cross-selling. But my basic premise is that if this thing is not long-wear w/o the lipliner, the pack should state this clearly. I thought this was an absolute rip-off from Lakme and very disappointed.

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  1. Tanvi, even I was not sure to invest on this range. I have one brown shade from Enrich range, but felt it was quite okay, but no so moisturizing. So, I didnt luk into the 9 to 5 range. Gud thing abt Lakme, u have great range of colors to choose. Personally, I dont prefer matte shades. I like creme/sheen, but too shimmery is no-no :) gud review, buddy

  2. Oh, somehow it stayed on my lips even after having big slurpy meals. I had moisture issues with it. See my review here:

    And I see that they have also increased the price. I bought them for Rs 295.

    But seriously they have been a big disappointment for me as well. :(

  3. tanvi, I am not able to view rati's blog. says some link break. how do i comment on her blog :(

  4. Divija,

    I don't know why google is showing a broken link. I pressed 'enter' against my url in the address bar and I could see my blog.

    So sorry for the inconvenience sweetheart. I don't know why google is doing this. :(

  5. @ Divija: Yea, Lakme has a nice range, but others are catching up now.. I noticed the other day Maybelline & even Tip and Toes are now gearing up to compete with Lakme and offer and equally wise selection at much better prices

  6. Hey.. Haven't tried 9-5 lippies yet.. But I'm kinda addicted to Lakme.. Lolz.. :)
    New here and liked your blog.. Do drop into mine sometime.. :)

    My Outfit at My Best Friend's Engagement


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