Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser - Review

I take on another favourite, popular moisturiser today - Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer.

It claims:
Formulated with natural peach extracts, Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser leaves your skin radiantly soft.
Natural peach extract contains Vitamins and Pectin which tone and hydrate skin, giving it a natural glow.
AHA's and Antioxidants (Vitamin C and E) work to condition and rejuvenate your skin.

Key Ingredients: Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E Acetate), Tocopherol (Vit. E), Peach (Prunus Persica) Extract.”

1. Light and absorbs easily into the skin
2. Light fragrance
3. Quite economical and available in a number of sizes
4. Moisturizes hands/feet quite well. Sinks in quickly.

1. Just so-so. Some people seem to swear by it. It was really not "The Holy Grail Moisturizer" for me.
2. Incomplete list of ingredients on the package. I find it hard to believe that this moisturizer comprises only these 3 innocent ingredients. 
3. No added benefits of spf protection. 

Will I re-purchase: Maybe. I may just keep it around as a basic moisturizer to, you know, use in emergencies (like pulling out tight finger rings) or for the hands, arms & legs. But not for the face. Maybe I am too demanding. I just think that this should offer me a little more, like spf. 

Promotional offer: Lakme has an offer going on where they are giving out free lip glosses on purchase of all their moisturizers. 

Price: 60ml, Rs. 55


  1. hey tammy
    nice review
    I think you shud try Fab India aloevera moisturizing lotion. It is VERY nourishing and
    my mom swears by it !even I also apply this on mah hands and my hands feel so soft !! great for winters, can be used on face and body
    its 175/- for 200 ml
    and yea here is the list of ingredients in case yu wanna check
    water,aloevera extract.cocoa butter,gum xanthan,vit e and glycerin
    thats all it says .

  2. Tanveer, to b honest; I hate the scent of this! It was like rotten tomatoes :) so tossed it out!
    Staying power is ok, but I cant imagine that scent on me. The consistency is kinda runny, wat do u say? Thats quite a promotion, girlie :) Sad part is I cant get hold :(

  3. I have been using this moisturizer for years now and I am quite addicted to it. :) It works great as a basic moisturizer on my skin and yes, ingredients transparency has always been an issue with all Lakme's products. I wonder why are they so secretive about it. There are better products around that don't mind listing a full list. I just got over with my moisturizer bottle. Waiting to buy it with the free lipgloss.

    Regarding giving away the free lipgloss- There were a lot of issues about their sqaured shaped lipgloss packaging. The lipgloss was leaking badly from the containers. So I guess they are clearing the stock. Otherwise it does not make sense to give an expensive lipgloss free with such a cheaper product.

  4. I agree with Rati, Tanvi. Many people complained of the lip gloss leakage. Is it the same one they r trying to give away. Still, I dont mind trying. I wont use them for travel, may be make them stand in a gloss rack :) thanq rati for the info :)

  5. @ Palak: Hey!! thks for the moisture recco sweety.. Will def pick it up nxt time i head to a fab india store.. :D

  6. @ Divija: LOL!! Rotten Tomatoes!! I almost fell outta my chair laughing at yr comment.. so hilarious.. too good.. I never really noticed the tomato-y wiff.. maybe i shd go back & take a second sniff..

  7. @ Rati & Divija: Hey Rati!! thks for tht great bit of investigation, and inference! I think u r absolutely right..

    Coz even i cld not understand why they are giving away such expensive lip glosses with moisturizers half their value.. But u cracked it Rati & Divija..

    Frankly I have two-three of these lip glosses.. I really like the no. 21 lip gloss & carry it with me all the time in my purse.. Have never had this issue of leakage.. But know tht i know frm u guys tht it can happen, I guess i'll just poly-pack it separately...

  8. glad to know that i cud make u laugh, tanvi :) i never used these, but I heard the complaints rati told

  9. Tanveer,

    I was myself laughing after reading Divija's comment. :P I love the moisturizer and I was consoling myself by thinking that since I have never smelled rotten tomatoes so it's okay, I can live with the smell. ROFL!

    I also have two of the Lakme's lipglosses and so far they haven't leaked. But I take an extra bit of precaution and carry them in a poly.

  10. @ Rati: I don't think it smells like rotten tomatoes at all... but maybe it smells different to different ppl :D

  11. i hv been usig dis moisturizer 4 a long tym, it z one of my fav..also i got d lip gloss , bt cldnt find a reason til nw y dey r givin such an ofr.. rati u did a gr8 investigation , i thnk tht z d mystry behind d offr..

    nd tanveer yo reviews 4 al d moisturizers were nyc..

  12. Girls, am really sorry if I went overboard describing that as rotten tomatoes, but thats exactly wht strikes my mind. The minute it touches my skin, I cant stand that :) what to do?

  13. I didnt like this oisturizer at all..Tried Fab Indian and I am in love with it now..

    I completed this bottle by applying it on my hands and legs:P

  14. @Anamika: Which one did u try from Fab India? The Aloe Vera one? Will get it :D


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