Make Up - How to be Guy-Hot & Girl-Hot

The previous post has shown us scientifically that make-up does attract other people. It has also proven that eye-make has the most profound attraction effect on men, followed by foundation (clear, bright skin) while lipstick had little to no effect. 

So now that we know what attracts whom, here is a quick how to up your look a few nervy notches when you’re out with gal pals or add the right sultry effects for a sensuous night with your guy.

1. Lips: 

Guy hot!
Matte lipcolours that blend in—pinky beiges, nudes, light pinks
Try: Nivea Lip Balms for that light tint of color

Girl hot!
Glossy lipcolours that stand out— think bright red, purples, dark browns, corals.

We girls think of fun lipstick colours like shoes: we get tired of wearing the same basics shades all the time. Let's face it, I have a ton of lipsticks and am sure most of you too do . On the other hand, A guy takes one look at bold shades/gloss/shimmer/sparkles and thinks, ‘Is that going to kiss off on me?’ That’s why he’s not into wild colours or anything with a slick finish. 

So buy a soft pink lip stain/tint shade you can layer on more or less of, depending on your plans. One coat will bump up your natural lipcolour (sexy for him); try two or three coats for a darker stain, and top with gloss for a girl's night out!

Good options include tints by Jordana juicy lip tints, The Body Shop cheek & lip stain & Bourjois Hi-Tech Lip tint 

2. Eye lashes

Girl hot!
Dramatic false lashes

Guy hot!
Long lashes that seem totally natural (Try Maybelline Define A Lash for this look)

Anthropologistssay that men don’t like anything that looks fake. It’s distracting, and they want to see the real you (However I am not sure about this as this does not explain why men are attracted to women with fake implants that are very obvious "read: Pamela Anderson"). 
Women, on the other hand, enjoy fringe for the attention. It’s something we do as a peacocking move that makes us stand out in a crowd. 

3. Eye lids

Guy hot!
Smoky eyes

Girl hot!
Electric eyes (Think colored eyeliner)

Your eyes communicate a lot about you. The smoky look—dark liner plus shadow smudged in—makes your eyes seem bigger, which men find sexy. Experimenting with playful shades, like teal or purple, has an energising impact on your mood, which is great when you’re out with friends. For an awesome smoky eye, do black liner topped with charcoal gray to define your shape. When using bright liner, let it stand out on its own by pairing it with a simple beige shadow. 

4. Nails

Guy hot!
Bright toes

Girl hot!
Bright hands

A blingy nailpaint immediately draws attention to your feet. Men tend to view feet as very sensual and private, so it’s sexy to catch a glimpse of your toes decked up in eyecatching paints. Hands are more visible. We look down at them all day, so the pop of colour on the feet is wild and unexpected.


  1. fun read!! could totally relate to both aspects of it, never really thought of it till now, mazaa aa gaya :)

  2. What a wonderfully interesting blog that was!it was a happy reading!


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