Moisturisers Review Coming Up Soon!

Winter is almost upon us, bringing moisturizers back in fashion in dear old muggy Mumbai. Generally Mumbai humidity is very forgiving, so you can get away without using any lotion. But a winter changes everything, and I have had to pull out my stock of lotions.  So I thought I would do a series of posts on moisturizers.
In the past I have reviewed
Biotique Morning Nectar
Biotique Wheat germ cream
Lotus 24 hr strawberry moisturizer
Forest Essentials Lotion

In the coming few days I am going to review the following (not necessarily in the order listed though):
Nivea blue tin crème
Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer
Lakme strawberry crème
Bio Glow range of moisturizers


  1. Hi Tanveer,

    Could you also do review on Lacto Calamine?

  2. Hi Rati,

    Thanks for request! Frankly till date I have never used Lacto Calamine on my face. I use it only on my hands during winters as i experience intense itchiness.. Frankly the thick powdery formula scares me..

    But there is a friend of mines who swears by it. She has fab, glowing skin and she claims that all she uses is Lacto Calamine... So maybe as a project, i'll try using it for 2-3 days and will let you know what I feel.

    Though you could also request fellow blogger Palak. I think she uses this for her oily skin.. :D


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