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This is a rant post. About shimmer.

I am sick of it. It is everywhere. In translucent powders, in loose powders, in eyeshadows, in blushes, in lipsticks.. *Sigh*

What is a matt girl to do?

I live a relatively boring life. Monday to Friday I spend in office. & I rarely party over the weekend as I am so tried from the week's hectic scehdule..

So I wear most of my make-up to office. where I need to look professional. Not like a glitter doll.

But shimmer/sparkle is the rage it seems. Got shimmer, throw it in.

It all started when I went shopping with my friend for loose face powder. To my horror a lot of them had golden/silver shimmer particles in it. This includes brands like Revlon, Street wear et al.

Has any cosmetic chemist comprehended that a face covered in shimmery powder might look like a disco ball?

A few days later I was looking for dark brown/taupe & dark grey (steel grey) eyeshadow in matt. Same luck. All I found was shimmer, in all eyeshadows. Mission aborted.

Yesterday at the Lakme counter, I swatched their blushes, 2 out of the 3 I swatched had glitter. Both had gold shimmer.

Is it just me? Is shimmer just following me everywhere?

Don't get me wrong.. I love sparkly eyeliners, and have a lot of them.. But a shimmer blush will not look very professional when worn to office, neither will a shimmery loose powder, or eye shadow, as opposed to a party at night..

What do you guys feel? What brands do you turn to when you have to buy make-up for office? Does shimmer turn you off as well? Or is that what you're loving the most about recent make-up?


  1. Try taupe shadow in Maybelline :) I found one in matte finish!

  2. Shimmer does work, but doesnt 24/7...I hate too much shimmer, especially wen u prefer a subtle luk and end up lukin' like a disco ball...LOL

    really hard to find things without shimmer these days :(

  3. yea , very right
    even I prefer matte look for day . shimmer is jus too much there
    I think maybelline got b'ful matte shadows. I specially heart chail latte palette .
    2 matte colors in its most wearable avtar .
    remember maybelline dream matte mouse blush .. cant wear it often due to glitter :x

  4. @ Divija: Is this taupe shadow in maybelline a stand alone product or is it a part of a quad set?

  5. @ Palak: I have heard a lot of nice things about this chai latte quad from Maybelline.. Will chk it out.. thks for the recco. :D..

    Yea, that maybelline blush also began to dry out my cheeks, other than the shimmer.. So i had to stop using it :(

  6. I like shimmer but only for my evenings and night outs. You can try Cosmic rose and Just earth blushes from colorbar. They are non shimmery but they are powder blushes. Lakme's bridal sutra range has matte colours. Also, since matte is back as a winter trend, you would find matte lippies in Revlon and other brands as well. What about Loreal eye shadow quads? Have you checked those?

  7. I checked the maybelline mousse and I kind of didn't like the texture. I had this feeling that it would leave my cheeks dry. Now you have confirmed it as well. :)

  8. @ Rati: Thanks for the recco Rati! Will try out Colorbar blushes..

    I have tried the bridal sutra range of eyeshadows - the desert rose quad has shimmer in it. I have not tried the lipsticks in bridal sutra.. The enrich ones have some shimmer.

    Frankly i have not tried l'oreal as it is expensive.. I prefer to stick to Lakme, Maybelline, Colorbar, Street wear & Jordana.. Can't see myself spending so much even though i like make-up :D

  9. Never heard of Jordana. I have Bridal Sutra's - 126. Non shimmery, nude lipstick. I use it with clear glodd becasue I am not too fond of matte lips. Try that may be. :)

  10. @ rati: Google jordana cosmetics. It is a popular drugstore brand in the US. Luckily for me it is available here in Mumbai..

  11. Hi Tanveer,

    Ive been reading your blog for a while now...its very interesting...ive stared a new blog: im very new to make up...have tried out some eye shadows (all shimmery), and like you i dont really go out so im yet to try matte ones, in some nude shades.


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