Happy New Year & A Big Thank You to All

Wow, it has been an eventful year, this 2009. From getting married in Jan, to a reviving the blog after a slump. It has been a wonderful journey and I have made some wonderful friends like Divija, Rati, Cynthia, Palak, Bella (who are fellow bloggers on Indian Products) and my other regular readers & followers.

We have together cribbed about Lakme, rejoiced together over NARS dupes, marveled over MAC, drooled over Lush....

I have learnt so much over the last year, about newer products, newer techniques. Thank you all, for your comments, love, appreciation, support at all times.

Thank you all for a lovely year! Looking forward to a wonderful new year ahead. May you be blessed with love, peace, wisdom, affluence and beauty.

See you all on the right side of 2010!!


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  1. U made my day, snow white! Warm hugs! Thnq and wish u d same! in fact i came over to wish u, but it was otherwise planned! thnq for giving a worthy mention, but all I did was NOTHING...but love u and ur blog!

    u deserve a special place, so better come over to my place whenever u find time ;)

    happy new year to u and ur family as well my dear! its my pleasure meeting u...

  2. Thank you Tanveer..and wish u the same.. :)
    and chilled out when u mentioned my name ..thanx once again :D and i really feel great to meet u ppl here..never know that blogger-world could be this great..

  3. thnq tanveer,

  4. Wish you a very Happy New Year to you to sweez. :)I hope we kep this blogging journey for long. :)

    Have a great year ahead. *Hugs* :)

  5. aww... em touched !
    Thanx for da mention .. even em greatful to have bogger frns lyk ya !!

    n yup Happy New Year !!
    enjoy n tc

  6. Hey Tanveer happy new year to u too. Very sweet of u to mention me..Cheers to u n yr lovely blog.

  7. @ All: Thank you all of the lovely wishes!! Looking forward to a lot more posts and chatting & jabbering with you guys through the year!


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