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Illuminating lotions & potions

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Illuminating lotions & potions
Recently I went on a hunt with a friend to look for products that would help our skin look glowy and dewy. This is a record of our trip and will help you demystifying the world of illuminators.
When we started off, we didn’t even know what these were called. We just walked into our local parlor and explained to them that we were looking for a product to add glow to the skin. After a lot of hits and misses and googling, we finally uncovered its name: Illuminators.
So we found that
  1. Illuminators, highlighters, shimmers, luminizers and glitters are all the same thing.
  2. Surprisingly, they are flattering on everyone in the right doses. They reflect light to make the skin seem more glowy and luminescent.
  3. When used sparingly these and in the right locations, these products can brighten up your face like a great night's rest.
  4. You can dab them under the eyebrows, in the corners of the eyes, the cheekbones to highlight or evenly all over skin for a glow.

Shopping for a Luminizer: This was even more mind bloggling than the first part of deciphering what this was. We found that
  1. You get these in a number of types: liquid, powder, stick
  2. Some have shimmer and some don’t
  3. Some have a lot of sparkle which might make you look like a disco ball
  4. Some are tinted so you might want to consider your skin tone and the look you want before choosing one. Choose a peach/walnut shade for a tanned goddess beach look, a pink shade in case you have pink undertones

Luminizer Types and Uses
Depends on if you want something intense for partying on the weekend or just something to give you a little glow on a work day.

Pen and Stick
This form is best for brightening shadowy eyes. They help sleepy looking eyes look like the bright little peepers you want.
  • Colorbar Radiant Glow Face Illuminator Pen. Price Rs. 425/-

Powder luminizers are perfect for using around the eye area, on the brow bone and even brushed on the cheek bones. You can even layer a powder luminizer over other makeup to give it an ethereal look. This is a good choice when you have oily skin. Other than the brands mentioned below you can also find this in a variety of local brands sold as shimmery loose powder for the face. Be careful when buying these local brands as they have a ton of shimmer and will make you look like a disco ball, if used too much. Personally I didn’t like these as they need a lot of blending to look natural. Very easy to go overboard on these. But if you have to try them out, the Jordana one is a good start.
  • Lakme Face Sheer powder (available in 3 shades of Sun kissed, Desert Rose and Earth Blaze. All have shimmer)
  • Revlon Skinlights Illuminating powder
  • Lakme Rose Face Powder (both are pink toned. Have not used either so I don’t know how it looks but I know that this matt with no shimmer - somehow the Lakme counters never seem to have testers of this. )
  • Brilliance Powder from The Body Shop Rs. 1095 /- (In Shimmer Bronze and Shimmer Gold Shades, this is a powder in a pen like case. The tip has a brush. For use just click once and the brush is filled with the “appropriate” amount of powder to apply. Frankly I found this lack of control of the amount of powder unappealing.)
  • Brush On Illuminating from The Body Shop. Rs. 895/- (powder in the form of round beads)
  • Jordana All over color (In Pink Shimmer, Peach Shimmer and Gold Shimmer. Retails for some 200 Rs.)
Illuminizing Lotion
This is easy to apply on a daily basis. It is more subtle, so much that people won't notice you are wearing makeup. It's best for creating a glow over the whole face. Excellent for those with dry skin who need the extra moisture, but not the best for those with oily skin or those who are prone to breakouts. Can be used directly as well, but I prefer just one drop of this mixed with foundation. With moisturizer it gets just too oily for me. I liked this the best of all.
  • Revlon Skinlights (available in Peach light (for those with fair skin wanting a slight tan look, has shimmer), Pink light (gives a pinkish glow to skin, has hardly any shimmer) and walnut light (for those who are already tanned and want to make it glow – has shimmer) Price: 695 Rs. for 45 ml
  • Streetwear Crystal Shine Face Lotion (available in Nude, Peach and Walnut. Nude is an almost colorless lotion with a lot of shimmer. Peach and walnut are same as above). Price: 250ish for 22 ml.
So there it is, my journey to discover the world of luminisers. I finally ended up purchasing Revlon Skinlights in Pink Light. Will review it in 2 - 3 weeks. 

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  1. I have searched 4 these things b4...only i used 2 call'em highlighters...wat put me off were the i jst dab some creamy white eyeshadow on brow bones and a brown blush(my version of a bronzer) on cheekbones :P

  2. hehe .. Simran is quite rite .. evn I used to do dat wen I wsnt allowed to own makeup :D

    I totally dig revlon skinlights ... have that in peach light and totally lve it ... such a pretty highliter without bieng garish ... I even ownedlakme sheer powder in desert rose and have to say .. it was YUCK !! really ... too sparkly !!!

  3. Hey Tanveer,

    Did you review Revlon Skinlights? Would love to know what you think of it.

  4. @Simran: I think highlighter is a term that a lot of companies use.. It is a little expensive but a lot of Indian companies are coming up with these things in lower prices - like Colorbar has one for 400/- and streetwear (owned by Revlon) has this for some 250 bucks.

  5. @Palak: :D... we all had these major shortcuts when money was tight :D

    I have revlon in pink light and I love it too.. Though it has much less shimmer than peach light..

    Even I didn;t like the lakme one - too much glitter and tht too big pieces of it.. it wasn't fine.

  6. @V: Hey! Am so sorry! I totally forgot about the review although I have been using it everyday for more than a month now.. Will def put it up in the coming week.

    Just as a teaser: I think u can guess I do like it as I have become a religious user :D

  7. hey I hv dry skin so wht kind of illuminator Ishd go for...


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