INCOLOR by Jordana Lip Jelly Juicy Tints - Review

INCOLOR by Jordana Lip Jelly Juicy Tints
What is this: This a pot of.. hmm.. well how do I describe this? Let me refer to company literature. They claim this is “Dab on Pot Gloss with a Conditioning Formula, Treats & Nourishes Lips”
It is available in about 6 different colors. I have
1.      Berry Wine: This is a deep dark cherry color with very, very slight golden shimmer
2.      Fruity Guava: a light red which goes on quite sheer and glossy with a hint of red (see picture on right)
They also have a lot of neutral colors like vanilla latte (a light caramel color), coconut (transparent), strawberries & cream (a light pink) and watermelon delight
1.While it claims to be a pot gloss, this is also a tint and a balm. It softens lips and has a little glossy shine to it. It does wear off after a while, but leaves behind a tint.
2. Highly pigmented (except the coconut & vanilla one)
3. Tiny pot makes it convinent to carry around.
4. Lots of colors to suit everyone
5. The gloss is fruit - flavored as well.
1. It’s in a pot so you have to use your fingers to apply
2. Not all the shades suit Indian Skin Tones
Price: I don’t exactly remember as I have using this for over two months now but it is some 120 /- for 5 gms. I got this at 40% off during a sale at New Beauty Center, Khar.
Will I buy this again: Yes. This is a cheap alternative to buying expensive lip tints for daily use. It is comparable to Nivea lip balm, only it has more shine and a deeper tint.


  1. Oh yes! you told me about this range. I couldn't find it here in Delhi. However I was able to discover the VOV range here. :)

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Tanvi, nice gloss eh! How r u, btw? Long time no see...thnq for all d sweet msgs hun :)

  3. Ooh these sound nice..but I've never tried Jordana stuff.Will check them out in stores some time. The name jelly sounds yum :p

  4. @ Rati: Jordana was planning to launch its line in more cities in India.. But tht was last yr, then recession happened :D

    @ Divija: Yea, they are spill-proof glosses you can carry in your bag :D

    @Cynthia: Their eyeliners and matt blushes are also quite nice, you might wanna try out those too!

  5. Tanvi, am I hallucinating or did you respond 2 d wrong person :) never mind! came in just 2 say hi...

  6. I hav d streetwear's version pf pot gloss...i too find dat it doesn't stay on for i this one looks more solid than streetwear.

  7. @ Simran: This one won't stay on either for very long.. but it leaves behind a tint.


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