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Lakme Insta-Liner Liquid Eyeliner - A Review

What the company claims: Lightweight and comfortable eye make-up for perfect definition
Water-resistant formula ensures no smudging or smearing.
• Deep intense color that does not fade.

1. Nice thin, bendy bristles brush. You can do both thin & thick lines. I don’t really like fibre /stiff tipped applicators.
2. Quick drying formula. Takes a few seconds at most to set.
3. Water and smudge resistant. Once set, it stays that way for hours. Sweat proof also. Does not flake. Even when applied thick, and is buildable.
4. Economical at Rs. 70 for 9 ml
5. Comes off easily with a basic cleanser. 

1. The color, it could be more intense black. And can we have more colors in this line please :-)
2. The liquid itself is glossy but it dries to a matt blackish-grey color, which I don’t like. I prefer my eyeliner to be glossy.
3. Has a tendency to blacken the entire eye area when removed. It bleeds and bleeds all over the place.
4. Price is not printed on the package. The lakme site too is quite on this. So I never know if I am paying the right price or getting ripped off
5. No list of ingredients at all. Can be a problem to those with sensitive eyes and skin as they will not be able to know if this might trigger off something.
6. There is no mention if this product has been through any opthalmologist tests or if it is suitable for those who wear contact lens.

Price: Rs. 70 for 9ml

Will I buy this again: Yes, as a daily eyeliner, this is good. I have not had any allergies or reactions to it and it will last me at least for a year with the quantity and is suitable to wear when you are just out casually, let’s say to the mall or shopping.

It does not flake or bleed under hot, humid conditions.

I love the brush applicator, I am a big fan of thin brushed applicators (they are like paint brushes) as I find them easy to use and manipulate their shape around the eye.

Basically this eyeliner has everything going for it. Except the color. I am not too fond of the matt black shade it dries to. Plus I would really like to see more shades of black (charcoal), dark, smoky greys & chocolate browns in this series. But I have a feeling that Lakme ignores this liner to concentrate on its more pricer products.
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  1. glad it works for yu !
    buh I find the applicator a lil tricky .. and em not so fond of eyeliners . so its sitting in my gunk drawer :(

  2. I used to use this liner while at college. I think there is something with these lakme liners that they look glossy in bottle and turn mattish when applied. I use Lakme nine to five and the same holds true for it as well. But I still feel this liner is better than the Lakme's nine to five one. The latter one has some properties of chipping when you remove!

    After that foundation fiasco, I am so pissed with the whole Lakme thing. I want to just yell at them. :D

  3. hmmm...i might buy this when i go to india...its so cheap as well, my cousin used to use it all the time...back when i was scared of liquid liners...LOL

  4. oh i have used this liner when i was in india and its pretty good!

  5. thanks for the review tanveer,,,....wil surely try dis one...

  6. @ Palak: really? no eyeliners? I am very very fond of them.. so much so that a lot of times i wonder if i shd rename this blog, addicted to eyeliner

  7. @ Rati: I can understand.. I always feel that Lakme shortchanges us.. Whether it be foundation or their Lip colors.. Over-promises and under-delivers..

  8. @ Pink Shimmer, Nags & Shifa: Yea, the eyeliner is good, and cheap for daily use.. It is also a great starter for those wanting to practice their liquid eyeliner application skills.. only if it was in a more intense black and would not dry to a matt black like a poster paint :D

  9. I thought dat maybe rigid applicators wld be easer 2 use..don't know though..don't use liq eyeliners bt I have d same prob wid my VOV black pencil eyeliner too...the color isn't strong enough and comes on as dull black as opposed to the "Jet Black" they claim...

  10. I rem once u told me sumthing bout lakme(?) markers or they were a little costly..

  11. @ Simran: I don't like rigid applicators. I find them difficult to use. :D.. I too am looking for a shiny black eyeliner. Lets see if i can find one.. Yea a lot of companies have come out with eyeliners that are shaped like felt tipped pens. they are very quick drying, mostly dry to a matt shade and cost 350 rs and upwards.

  12. Hi Tanveer,

    I too agree with you on the matte effect of the liner.

    Btw, Lakme did have coloured eyeliners about 12 years back..yeah!
    Like someone mentioned here, I was too scared of liquid liners then and my cousin used to have a Blue and also a Brown...Lakme liquid liners :-)



  13. Hey Poornima!

    Welcome to the blog & thks for the comment :D

    I had no idea lakme had colors like 12 yrs ago :P..

    Tht must have been so revolutionary at tht time. Liquid eyeliners just need practice. They look scary but once you get the hang of them they look really glam :D

  14. Sweetha Sharma23 May 2010 at 14:41

    I want to buy this product but i'm staying in Trichy ( tamil nadu)
    Did anyone know where i can buy this product in tamil nadu
    Please help me to find this information




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