Update: Weekend Home Made Lush Scrub

I stuck to my plan. On Friday I soaked 5 almonds in rose water and on Saturday I made this paste. I tried to stick to the plan but as it happens, I tend to improvise at the last moment.. Here is what happened:

1. I made a paste of the almonds, in rosewater they had been soaked in and added a few drops of glycerine into the mixture.
2. I added the lacto-calamine lotion, a spoonful of it. and it blended in quite well.
3. Added the lavender essential oil.

Voila, I was done.. Only there was a slight hitch, i realised I had added too much water to the mixture while grinding. It was runny. Here is where i deviated from the script. In order to give it a little consistancy and body, i added some sandalwood powder, and a few drops of coconut oil (just like that).. and used this more as a face pack rather than a scrub. Rubbed liberal amounts on my face and let it dry before washing.

Verdict: It did make my skin very soft, most of my whiteheads came out and it really evened out my skin tone. Though the results were not mind-blowing, I can see that if I use this on a regular basis it can help my skin. I plan to make a cup full of almond paste batch in the freezer. That should make this easy to prepare in a jiffy.

Now I await Rati's review to see how this matches up with Lush, and if it is worth the effort! : D
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  1. Lol! :) I am glad it worked for you.

  2. Yea Rati! It kinda worked.. How cld it not with that jamboree of ingredients :D..

  3. Thanks for sharing..sounds really good n worth the effort. I believe when it comes to scrubs n packs, natural n homemade are always the best.

  4. @ Cynthia: Yr welcome.. Yea, I really like home made face packs esp those based on curd. Very effective.

  5. wow !
    thats a news .. :)
    good work tamy !!
    and its feels great dat yu took time out to post this :)
    thanx for the review hun !!
    just soaked the almonds btw :)


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