ColorBar Cosmetics I - Define Eye Pencil - Review

What it claims: Rich in color and silky smooth, the I Define Eye Pencil gives colour to the eyes in one stroke. Smudge proof and waterproof, it does not feather or bleed. Available in matte and pearly finish, it gives the eyes a flat or frosted look. Lasting up to 24 hours the I Define Eye Pencil is available in seven shades including Silver Slate, Desert Glow, Truffle, Moss Green, Indigo, Oriental Blue and Midnight Black.

1. Rich colors. I have the truffle and moss green eye pencils and both are extremely rich, intense colors. Truffle is a chocolate brown with self-sheen & sparkle. Moss green is a deep rich jewel green.
2. Does not smudge and is waterproof. It takes upto a minute to set so it can be smudged lightly during this time for a smokey look
3. Easy to apply. Soft tipped and does not drag over eyelid
4. Bottom Tip is colored the same as the eyeliner color making it easy to find the right shade in the bag, without opening the pencil lids. 

1. Nothing really! For lazy people the only drawback is that this needs sharping.

Price: 225 /-

Will I buy again: Definitely! I really like the Moss Green color. It is a rich deep jewel color that looks very nice. In fact it is the only green eyeliner that looks good on me (I have green eyes and green eyeliners generally don’t look too nice). I have not used these eyeliners on the waterline, so I can’t comment on their staying – power on the tricky waterline area.
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  1. I like these pencils. Wish they were creamier. I especially would repurchase the Truffle colour. It is a very diffrent shade of brown and I simply love it. :)

  2. @ Rati: Isn't it? I first bought the truffle one for my sis.. but i liked the color so much myself tht a few months later, i too was in posession of it.. Really unique shade of brown!

  3. I know....u gav moi dis...I too wear it wen i hav to go out at night..its d only brown dat shows during nighttime!!!Ty for dis..

  4. Dear Tanveer,

    Can you post swatches of both.also pls suggest which clor will suit me best as my skin tone is medium to dark ,n i hav dark circles too


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