Gloss or Stick? What's your poison?

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So which one do you prefer? Shiney, Sparkley, Glassy Gloss or Deep, Intense, Creamy Lipstick? Or both - one layered over the other?

Frankly I want to like lipstick. Really. I love the tons of shades, creamy intense color payout, the defined professional look, long lasting effect... but it doesn't look good on me at all. No matter what shade I try, be it nudes, reds, pinks or simple browns.. Somehow my features & looks don't lend themselves well to intense make up colors.

Lip Gloss on the other hand am not too fond of, it has hardly any staying power, is very sheer, looks a little OTT, when travelling, it streaks on my face when it catches my hair strands... Oh I could go on & on, but I always get the most compliments when I wear gloss, be it clear or sparkly or tinted. People tell me I look fresher and my skin glows ..

I hate spending on lip gloss considering that it has zilch staying power. 

So after a year of trying to make myself a lipstick user/convert (oh, I used it all - matt, cream, shimmery, nude and reds) and getting bad reviews from all around I am back to the lip gloss style. & almost instantly compliments have started to flow in.

What do you prefer - the stick or the gloss? & any reccos for some good, slightly long (well, that is subjective) lasting gloss that are reasonable enough for me to purchase & use everyday..


  1. I also cannot pull of bare lipsticks and i don't like spending on glosses because of their weak staying power. So I buy my favourite shades of lippies and top them off with a clear gloss. I recently bought the candy lip gloss from colorbar and I am liking it more than Maybelline's watershine clear gloss. :)

  2. Tanvi, I like d topic ;) I rather prefer sheer/lustre lipsticks. if it has to be gloss, it is definitely PLUM!

  3. i was a big admirer of lip glosses until their poor staying power started getting to me. i dont mind touching up my lips every once in a while but to have bare lips merely after licking them irritates the hell out of me. i just turned 20 and since the past one year have ventured into wearing lipsticks. i stick to shades of brown as i am not fond of pink. the end of my teens has given me new found confidence to sport darker shades. ill choose lipsticks over lipglosses any day, because lipsticks are found in various textures these days ranging from matte to sheer to glossy. the list is endless! why use lipgloss when you get everything from a lipstick?! (i still buy buy them, though!)

    excellent topic you chose there.

  4. I can't pick coz I just love lip products n probably what I buy the most. I only hate the ones that r too sticky n has that grainy feel :|

  5. @ Rati: I used to do the same thing as you, top off stick with gloss, but the gloss would end up melting & dissolving my lippie and cause it to spread everywhr *sigh*.. so i had to stop doing that!

  6. @ Divs: I love berry colored gloss! Have never tried plum tho.. Come to think of it, I only have berry, pinks & colorless ones. Maybe i shd diversify into some caramels & plums too :D

  7. @ Rima: its so cool tht u can pull off darker shades like brown at 20.

    I just turned 27 and still cannot wear brown without looking like an aunty.. actually when ever i wear a dark shade everyone tells me i look older. (which I assume is not good, I mean the whole point of make up (unless you are an actor) I suppose is to look young) :D :D

  8. @ CZ: I know! I too hate those very thick glosses, though they do tend to shine like mad!

  9. em a gloss person all the way !!
    buh I have couple of lipies and I love to alter their color with my glosses .. so much scope for experimentation ;)

  10. I use colored gloss...and then make sure I don't drink anything or eat any starters!!Bt then I eventually forget/give in and so I gotta reapply it!


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