Himani BoroPlus Advanced Moisturising Lotion - A Review

Himani BoroPlus Healthy Skin Advanced Moisturising Lotion - Phew, now that I have gotthe longish name outta the way, lets start the review.

What it claims: Its unique advanced moisturising formula penetrates deep into the skin and helps heal dry skin from inside. it replenishes moisturise and forms a moisture sheild on your skin, whch leaves you with nourished, soft, amooth & healthy skin.

Enriched with natural goodness of pure malai, badam, rosewater and saffron. It is pH balanced and dermatologically approved.

Directions: Apply it all over the body, morning and night. A preventive curative and healing ayurvedic lotion for dry skin diseases, minor cuts and wounds, chapped skin and cold sores.

Ingredients: Each 100ml contains extracts of
Chandan (sandalwood) 1g,
Nimba (lemon) 1g,
Ghritkumari (Aloe Vera)1g,
Tulasi (Basil) 0.4g,
Haridra (Turmeric) 0.3g,
Hriber 0.5g,
Khadir (Acacia catechu) 0.15g, 
Kumud 0.15g, 
Gulab Jal (rose water) 1g, 
Malai (milk cream) 0.1g, 
Grape Seed Oil 0.1g, 
Olive Oil 0.1g, 
Badam Tel (almond oil) 0.05g. 
Keshar (Saffron) 0.0005g (yes, v. little), 
Tankan amla (boric acid) 0.8g 
in Base QS


1. For a change, here is a product that actually does what it claims. Before this I was using Vaseline Healthy white lotion, but that did not really seem to do much good to my winter dry skin.
2. This is a white lotion that takes a few seconds and some rubbing to asborb. It seems a little oily when first applied but it absorbs quickly to leave behind a smooth silky feeling
3. The moisture sheild claim is true! I have very dry skin, and this product is so nourishing that unlike other lotions which I would have to apply once a day, I cab get by this by using it once every 3 days. Skin stays soft and nourished.
4. The sandalwoody smell of the lotion is just divine. But it is a strong sandalwood, there is no getting away from that. I really like it though.
5. Price: a 300ml bottle costs just Rs. 95/-

1. Not easily available everywhere. This came as a shock to me, as I never thought I would reach a day when it would become easier to lay your hands on a St. Ives or Jergens lotion that an Indian home grown brand like Boroplus. No shops seem to stock it, half the people have not heard of it (despite Kareena Kapoor) being its brand ambassador and all. I found this after a lot of hunting at Big Bazaar.

Will I buy this again: Yes, that is if I can find this :-) This is a great body lotion.

(Btw, I liberally applied this on my legs in Goa, before a beach bumming session and got the most beautiful light goldenish tan - Though I am unsure what role this had to play it. My arms which were devoid of this got toasted to a biscuit brown)

This was recommended to me by a friend, who tried this on a lark (she bought the smaller 100 ml bottle for 45 Rs.). Her bottle is over now and she is just unable to locate it anywhere. I too could lay hands on just one bottle at a Big Bazaar store - where it wasn't even displayed on the shelf btw. It was hidden behind bottles of Vaseline Body Lotion.

It is really sad that a home grown brand is being over-shadowed (quite literally) like this, just because they have got their entire positioning worng. I felt the biggest mistake Himani made was to associate itself with Madhuri Dixit about 6-8 years ago. Pardon the brutal frankness, but she was done with her bollywood career, by then. By associating with her, they thought they would get mass acceptance, instead all they got was a huge dose of her jadedness.

And now their campaign with Kareena too is quite lackluster. They must be paying her a lot, but have failed to build their brand through her. Besides they also need to work on their supply chain, even kirana stores in my area have not heard of this.


  1. Really?? Even we (ppl across border) has even heard about boroplus(kareena kapoor ) :p . I must hit my local shop who stock few indian brands. next month , let me see if I can get my hands on it.this lotion sounds promising :)

  2. I have never liked the vaseline body lotion. It must be great for some people but it dries my skin out within few hours. I am glad there is a lotion that lives up to it's claim. My hunt begins now. :)

  3. the kareena boro plus adverts are pathetic! sooo outdated! if a product is so difficult to purchase, why would people continue to buy it? i personally have liked many products but have discontinued using them only because of their unavailability. sad!

  4. I know bout this...a yr back I had gone to buy this lotion bt the chemist had no clue wat I was talking about.

  5. Pathetic! Especially d hunting for our own brands :( it cant get worse

  6. @ Makeupdiva: Yea, some indian brands are actually better than more expensive foriegn ones

  7. @ Rati: even i have never liked vaseline. It never seems to really help dry skin.

  8. @ Rima: It is sad tht they are losing out on customers just because of non availability

  9. @ Simran: Try Manish Nagar, I have heard it is available there.

  10. For last whole winters i was not moving out without this moisturizer. I used it for 4 months and my skin problems were solved completely. All the dry flaky skin of mine in winters is gone. It is available in Goa quite easily. I guess i could find it in any medical store so finding it was not a problem for me.:)

  11. I m a huge fan of this moisturing lotion but in my locality its never available... But now its available bt in 20ml pack of Rs.6 only.. its too sad for me as i had to buy them in bulk. If someone knows where is it available in big pack in Surat, Gujarat please let me know..

  12. i think boroplus is a most effective lotion rather than other brands bt due to its unavailibity people dnt aware with this lotion this brand need higher publicity n they should do something 2 make them available easily n should make new adds for that..........very nice lotion infact i'll use it in summer also n i hv already purchase 2 big packs becoz in my city it is nt available.....my all skin problems gone i recommend this 2 everyone becoz of its herbal formulation!!

  13. I used this lotion this winters & its so so...
    I mean its pretty thick & suited me well in d mild winter months of Oct & Nov. But in harsh winters I will need my thicker cold creams/body butters.
    I didnt like its fragrance which was very artificial & also after application it didnt give a smooth & nourished feeling on skin like Prachute coconut butter smooth lotion.
    All in all, its not bad but I dont like it much. So wont buy it again.


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