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Lacto Calamine Lotion - A Review

One of my readers had asked me to do a review on Lacto Calamine Lotion. I have never used this product before in my life (except one time when I got chicken pox). So for this purpose I went and purchased a small bottle to try out for a week.

I bought the aloe moisturiser lacto calamine lotion meant for dry skin.

What does it claim: A lot apparently. They claim this is skinsurance. A daily use formula with Kaolin & Special Moisturizers.

Discover Skinsurance for Dry Skin.
1. Moisturisation
2. Protection
3. Dead skin Removal
4. Acne Control
Apply everyday for soft, clear skin.

Ingredients: Aqua, Light Kaolin, Sorbitol soln 70%, Propylene Glycol, glycerine, Aloe Vera gel, Castor oil, Zinc Oxide, Zinc Carbonate, Simethicone and  permitted colours, emulsifiers, preservatives and perfume.

Price: 30 ml bottle costs 32 Rs. This is the smallest size. You also get bigger sizes. 

1. The lotion is tinted, it can be worn during the day as a great tinted moisturizer. Only problem is that they have just one shade, and if you apply too much it tends to leave a whitish cast on the face. Maybe they could diversify into other shades and this could be India's answer to Tinted Moisturiser.
2. Highly affordable.
3. All the ingredients are absorbent in nature, so may be a good choice for oily skin. And also does feel a little cool when applied to the skin.

1. Not moisturising enough for my dry skin. I felt the lotion was seriously lacking in moisture and it actually dried out my skin more during the winter. It does not have ingredient that would have acted as a barrier to moisture loss, like mineral oil or dimethicone. All its ingredients are drying and not suitable for dry skin.

2. No SPF. Although it does have Zinc Oxide which acts as a physical UV ray barrier and is used in sunscreens. So maybe this lotion does have sun protective properties, only they have not quanitified it in terms of SPF

3. I didn't like the texture - it was just too powdery when it would dry up. 

Will I repurchase: I will, but not to use as a moisturiser. I discovered that this works great as a clay/kaolin base when preparing home made face masks. So I will repurchase it for this purpose. But not for use as a daily moisturizer.

I know this is a HG for a lot of people who have skin infections, acne, sun-burn, tans, splotchy, pigmented and oily skin. Fortunately I have neither. So cannot comment on how effective it is at clearing up tans, acne, redness and curbing oil production.

Frankly I approached this with a lot of expectations because of the long legacy it seems to carry as a cure - it - all for the skin, but I found this seriously lacking as a moisturizer for dry skin.

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  1. It was me who asked for the review long time back. :P

    I am confused again actually about what would it do for my skin. I might give it a try for exactly what you have suggested -DIY packs.

    Thanks for the review.:)

  2. i had a friend in school who used to apply lacto calamine and god, she used to apply so much of it that she literally STANK of it! lol no offence, ive never used it, but i have met scores of people who have. each and every one of them seemed to emit a strange odour.

    and yes, lacto calamine has a multani mitti base, so even the one that is meant for dry skin wont really be a good bet.

    BUT, all my friends who have used this unanimously agree that it is THE product to sooth the skin of various problems like rashes, pimples etc. thankfully, i dont have these problems either!

  3. @ Rati: Oops! sorry I forgot it was you.. You can always buy the tiny bottle and try it out for 2-3 days or a week. It does seem to suit some ppl very well.

  4. @ Rima: LOL... Not only smell, you'll even see ppl who apply too much of this walking around with a whitish cast on the face. The tint does not suit dark skinned ppl at all.

  5. frankly I neva used it as sunscreen n I doubt it will sufice as one , the delhi summers , YUk !
    buh I agree for dry skin its too dry .. surprisingly this winter my oil glands slowed their working so even I got this new formulation for normal to dry skin,, even though my skin is not all normal nw , its still considerably oily .. I concluded that it still keeps the oil at bay = not good for oily skin !
    and dat stinkin part .. haha .. fats new to me .. I have been using this since a year and didnt experienced this problem :P

    regarding that whitish cast .. I dont quite agree on this .. I neva faced such issues and em wheatish , sometimes I apply it too much buh whitish cast neva happened , Thank gawd :P

    great review nonetheless , skincare can be quite tricky .. what works for yu may not work for other !

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, glad this works so well for you :D

  6. Lacto-Calamine is in India for half a century, it is mildly antiseptic and used for soothing the skin. It can be used as a makeup foundation or light makeup, it is not meant to be a moisturizing lotion. It has mild medicinal properties.

  7. I have been using Lacto Calamine for almost 3 4 yrs. I have a complexion problem- acne and blemishes. An it has worked wonders for me. Not that my acne disappeared overnite but regular use of this lotion has definitely helped a lot. It makes your skin dry and the fullers earth that it contains helps to reduce blemishes.
    But i recommend it only for the ones who have oily skin.

    1. Yup, it is HG for oilies! Thanks for sharing :D

  8. Well this is one of the few products that don t cast a whitish cast on me ... most of the other products no matter what shade appear like pancake ! I tried oriflame, revlon, now biotique tm n they all had a whitish cast ! Lacto calamine n vicco turmeric is the only two foundations stuff that appears to have suited me ! Can anybody suggest some nice TM or foundation for oily skin ? i am yet to try maybeline mousse ... n I bought a biotique chlorophyl n waiting for my next waxing section before opening it :D ... can i apply biotique chlorophyl n then top it with biotique TM ?

    1. Errr, Vico Turmeric is not a foundation, I think. It is skin cream. Hence it won't leave a cast on your skin as it is meant to be absorbed by the skin.

      Maybe you are buying shades lighter than your skintone or applying too much, because I have never heard of Biotique TM leaving behind a white cast.

      For oily skin, I suggest you try Revlon Photoready or just stick to a compact. But get it in the same shade as your skin tone.

      Yes, biotique chloropyhll can be used after waxing, but I assume you are not waxing your face - so why wld you apply the gel and follow it up with the TM?

  9. I used the aloevera but did not like it but the original lactocalamine is great...and the aloevera variant has more chemicals in it it was a big disappointment for me :(

    1. Awww! I haven't tried the aloevera one so I don't know...

  10. I have never used a foundation, however I have been looking a lot lately to all the beauty blogs on advice for the same. I am so confused. I have a fair skin, but have a pigmented skin around lips and eyes. I need a foundation or TM that is light and provides some coverage on my combination skin and for Delhi summers. Should I try this? It sounds light and good for summers though, but I am thinking If It doesn't I cannot waste money on trying each and every foundation or TM. Also I want something that requires less application time as I am a college going student (approx 5-10 mins is what I can afford) Please advice.

    1. For summers, a college budget, oily skin and lack of time I suggest you buy a powder compact instead of a foundation.

      It can be applied quickly, it won't make you greasy, it doesn't cost much and it can be carried around for touch-ups.

  11. Hello, i regularly read your blog as you give a personal touch to the reviews. I have been personally using Lacto calamine. This happened after repeated use of creams and lotion that falsely claim to be oil free and did nothing better than increasing and worsening my acne issue. Lacto came as a blessing for my oily skin as it doubles up as moisturizer and sunscreen and has tremendously helped me clear away acne marks and other blemishes with repeated use. In fact on days when i want to go out without any make up on and still wanna get a clean oil free look for long i have tried applying lacto on face and when its almost dry i have applied talcum powder. this quick application has worked wonders on lazy days...and yes, i dont get acne anymore :)

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience, so happy it is a wonder product for you! :D

  12. Thank u for sharing this wonderful review with us.I also feel same like what you mention above.One time i used,but i feel that is not good for dry skin that is not have enough moisture and texture is very bad..also i found lacto calamine create some problems and it makes our face like old in ladies website with moms review..after reading this article i totally stopped to use this product.

    1. Yea, I think it is better for oily skinned gals :)

  13. I had once visited a dermatologist, who told me that Lacto calamine is the best sunblock. It is basically a very good protection against pollution and sun.
    you shouldnt apply it on skin directly, esp if u have normal/dry skin. Only if u have oily skin, should u do that. I woulld suggest wat i do everyday, (since my skin is normal) i apply neutrogena oil free moisturiser, gives my skin the perfect amount of moisturising. And then apply lacto calamine as a sunblock. It works so well for my skin has gone from good to great...!!

    1. It does have Zinc - which known to be a sun block :)..

      I'll try it the way you have suggested once the winters are over :)

  14. i once tried it n it broke me out :(

  15. I agree when you said that it isn't very moisturising but since i have oily skin it works for me. I use it along with ponds multivitamine moisturizer for my arms and legs evrydy right after bath and it smells crazy good that i keep smelling my arm at times,maybe i'm slightly kooky bu i just love a good smell that can send my to my happy place even if just for a while:):) and it lasts the entire day or atleast till 4:00pm.

    1. Wow, you can use it on your body? That is nice. I wld find it too drying for that purpose, but I'm glad it works so well for you?

  16. i have been using it this winter on my super oily skin.d skin looks better wen lacto calamine is that pinkish glow.. but tht lasts for barely an hour.n its done nothing much for my acne and blemishes though. :(

  17. I am using to exfoliate my skin :)


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