Say No to Lipstick Touch Ups!

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Read a really useful post on "how to make lipstick last longer" on Rati's Blog (read it here).

I thought I would add my own two bits  - which is really two bits, although a slightly expensive method.

1. Exfoliate lips well
2. Apply Lip Tint a shade similar to the lipcolor. Let it dry
3. Apply Lipstick.

That's it. You are done. Now even if the lipstick wears off, the lip tint will still lend a wash of color to the lips and prevent them from looking naked.

You can chatter away, eat all oily food and not bother about re-touching. 

You can get a variety of lip tint colors from Bourjois for around Rs. 500/-
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  1. kewl ! I heard bourjois make good tints , have to check em out nw!!

  2. Great Tanveer. :) Any recos for good tints? I am so glad we guys are blogging.There is so much to share and learn from each other.

  3. Yeah tanvi, any recos for tints? all ears :)

  4. hey girls i highly recommend the body shop cheek and lip stain. i got it a long time back for about 550 bucks but the body shop website quotes the current price as 695.

  5. @ Palak: Yes, they have 4 shades - pink, red, caramel and dark brown.

  6. @ Divs, Rima: I have put up an review for the body shop tint (tho it was quite some time ago. & yea it costs 695/- now.


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