5 Minute Office Makeup - Fresh Face Look

Hello Beauties!

I hope all of you are doing fine.

5 out of 7 days in a week I can be found in my office. So it figures also, that I wear most of my make up to the office.
My office culture is fairly conservative. Very few women/girls wear make-up in my office as a result of which I am in the minority. In such a scenario, you don’t want to look too garish or stand out too much. On the other hand I feel that going to office with absolutely no makeup is a little sloppy. 
I also get very easily bored of sporting the same look every day, and generally have 5 to 10 minutes to get my make up done. Over the last two years, I have managed to perfect 3-4 different make up looks that take about 5 to 10 minutes each.
I thought of sharing one of them with you today. Look out for future posts with more looks.
P.S. : My office and travel both expose me to air-conditioned environments, and I have dry skin hence the emphasis on moisture for me, also because of that I don’t have to spend time outside – no sun, no sweat. Please feel free to change products as per your skin type and your job profile.
Fresh face look:. There are no harsh lines in this look (hence no eyeliner, dark eyeshadows or lipstick), and the emphasis is on dewy, glowing skin accentuated by a natural flush on the cheeks, to imitate how you would look after a short, brisk walk during winters. This look may not be suitable for those who have highly visible dark circles or a lot of blemishes / acne as it does not offer a lot of coverage. If you plan to use a concealor make provision for extra time.
1.      Wash face with an exfoliating face wash and apply oil free moisturizer. (I work & travel in A/c environment which is v. dehydrating for the skin)
2.      Mix 1 drop of your foundation (I use Ponds tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Sheer Ivory) with 1 drop of illuminating lotion (Revlon illuminating lotion SPF 15 in Pink Light) on your finger tip. Mix well and dap all over face and neck. Blend well. Your skin should be left looking dewy and fresh  -  ideal for a daytime look
3.      Use a blush that looks most natural on you (Colorbar’s Plum Brown for me), you can even use a cream blush (I sometimes use NYX) and apply over cheeks and cheekbone till the ear. Apply blush just a little bit generously. Not too much, just a little bit like in the image above. Your skin, aka, your cheeks are the focal point of this look.
4.      Use a brown eyeshadow (I use Jordana’s Café Latte, even Maybelline’s lid color in the Chai latte palette will do) all over the lid only.
5.      Apply Mascara (maybelline define a lash) generously to the upper lashes only.
6.      Lips: Try and use a lip color that is very similar to the color of your blush. Your face will look very natural. I either use clear gloss or Nivea tinted lip balm in strawberry if I use powder blush. In case  I have used cream blush – I just apply a small dab of the same to my lips.
 Some Tips for Office Make up
1.      Too complicated make-up says that you think more about your appearance, not work. Too casual or defiant make-up can make you look sloppy. Moreover, small defects (freckles, moles, wrinkles etc.) make your look more human, attracting people to you.
2.      Offices have florescent white tube lights that will make any mistake in makeup stand out and be highly visible. Further it has a greenish tone that can make some colors looks very garish.
3.      To counter the greenish tint of light you can try the following shades
a.       Warm blush in dusty rose or apricot peachy tones. Red and pink tones look too harsh in these lights.
b.      Lipstick: Earth tones tend to look very muddy and dirty in the fluorescent lighting found in most offices. Try a sheer or shimmery one. Avoid taupe and beige shades, even if they seem formal and subdued. Instead try light peach pink or even beige pink.  Avoid red, it is very high maintenance. However if you have to use red – try a sheer lip gloss in red.
c.       Warm-toned eye shadows. Lighter shades work better. Once again, look for browns, light warm grays, dusty rose, to offset the green lighting. Avoid overly dark shades, or cold tones like blues and greens.
4.      Office makeup is done in the morning and it should be such that it looks fresh all the day. You should need just little touching up for the makeup during the day. Opt for waterproof and smudge proof make up.
 In future posts I will share some more of my office makeup looks which include a smokey eye look amongst others.
Do you have any special tips & tricks for office makeup?
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  1. Nice tips, Tanvi! waiting 4 "smokey eye" badly :)

  2. Hi Tanveer . I am not someone who is good at writing comments or blogs but I had to thank you ... I have always been fond of makeup but being from a small town dont know much about it ...So i would always surf up on the net for my tutorial.. But u r god send ...About a month back i discoverd your blog...have a bought a lot things from your recommendations...I am so glad you introduced colorbar eye liners I now have smudgeproof eye make up and i get a lot compliments for my make up from my colleagues. Thank you for making me look good and saving my money( I have wasted a lot of money on chambor eyeliner which smudge all time and many more products) Am not able to get boroplus mosituriser in my city...pls continue writing on your blog.I visit it everyday as a routine..And do give some tips on dark circle and anti aging care and also night time beauty regime..And though i use minimal makeup and have improved a lot reading ur post am scared to use blush so some tips on that too would be great ..Phew that was long one...Thank you again :)

  3. @ Shweta: OMG Shweta! Yr comment just made my day & my week :D :D

    Thk u so so much for all the love and appreciation! Thks a lot for taking out the time to comment and for being such a regular reader:D

    I am glad I cld help you, god knows how much money I have wasted trying different stuff that just did work for us Indian women :D

    Am glad to know that you are looking & feeling good these days :D

    It is heartfelt appreciation from readers like you that motivates me and keeps me going on this blog :D

    I have noted yr suggestions and will definitely do a post on dark circles, anti-aging care and night time skin care, and also how to apply blush.

    Tc :D

  4. great tips. i work part time in an extremely liberal atmosphere and find quite a decent amount of time to get ready. yet, i am the only person out there who experiments with eyeshadow, blushes; basically the works. i disagree with people who preach the no makeup look.

  5. correction! i STRONGLY disagree with people who preach the no makeup look.

  6. Really useful tips for a lady like me. I am new to this make up world and your blog is helping me a lot.
    I have very visible dark circle, so make up doesn't suit me, tried using some concealer but the dark circle is still visible :( .
    Am also requesting along with Shweta to give us some tips on Dark Circle.

  7. I suggest you can apply kajal or eye liner pencil on the upper inside lid of the eye. It will give depth to the eyes with out giving the look of heavy make up. Give it a try.

  8. @ Rina: Ha ha! I loved yr comment! & I also love the fact that you experiment with yr make-up. There are so many people still stuck in the daily rut of kajal on lower lash and vaseline on lips!

    Love yr enthusiasm!

  9. @Ani: I have just put a post on dark circles. I hope the tips listed there help you. I feel that you may be either using a concealer of a wrong shade, applying it too lightly or not blending it properly.

    Yr tip on eyeliner/kajal is nice :D Thks for sharing it with us. However it does need to be balanced with the lips & cheeks - you should not leave them nude.

    This look, as I mentioned in the post, does not incorporate eyeliner/kajal on purpose. The objective here is to avoid any kind of definition of features - it should like you went for a brisk walk on a cold morning. Dark, defined eyes take the emphasis away from the dewy skin and blushing cheeks :D

  10. Oh! how did I miss this post and you are telling me that I am posting videos faster than you could download them? :P

    I keep it very minimal on most days. Mostiurize, conceal, loose powder. Taupe lid colour on lid, truffle on upper lashline and kajal on waterline. Love my peachy rose blush and a light pink or a nudish lipstick. :)

  11. @Rati: Lol Rati! I guess you were making yr videos when i posted this :D

    My smokey look is quite similar to the outline u have given.. will post it in a few days..

    I have been waiting for over a month now for Colorbar blushes to launch here - the SA tells me it shd be here in another 10 days *sigh*

  12. Great tips T esp the office lighting ones. Pond's has a tinted lip balm?? I didn't know that!

  13. @ CZ: Oops! My mistake! I meant to write Nivea, but am so in love with Ponds products that i wrote it in error..

    Thks for pointing it out :D

  14. i was wondering about the pond's lip balm too!

  15. @Rima: Really sorry! :p... typo ho gaya!

  16. I don't even notice all about the lighting n stuff!!And I truly wonder how u get time 4 all this is the morning evn though u leave way b4 me!!I am truly a lazy bum!!But as u know my office has v young ppl - the atm is way more casual bt still no one goes further than a kajal - I wld stand out wid evn this much!!

  17. @Simran: Makeup looks very different in different lights. I am sure you have noticed that everything looks so soft and subdued in halogen warm yellow light, or in candle lights.

    Like i mentioned in the title - this is a 5 minute look. & really it takes me only 5 minutes :D. Maybe I have gotten with practice..

    The sad fact is most women in India never go beyond a kajal their entire lives.. This is a very subtle look, it wld just make u look very fresh. :D


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