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Khadi Bubble Bath and Shower Gel - Review

It claims: an antiseptic herbal preparation that keeps the body free from all skin problems. Its herbal extracts and aromatic essential oils keep the skin soft, smooth and silky with a natural glow
Ingredients: Calendula, Chamomile, Neem, Red Sandalwood, Jojoba Oil, Lanolin Oil, Water, Preservatives
Price: Rs. 180 /- for 210 ml bottle
1.      A very good body wash for my dry skin, it leaves behind a layer of moisture on the skin making it very soft and smooth to touch

2.      Does not dry out skin at all unlike soap

3.      Smells nice and lathers well

4.      Lasts long – I have had this one bottle for over a year now. I use it weekly  and it has not gotten spoilt as yet (unlike my Khadi Cream Sandalwood face pack which got spoilt in 3 months of opening)
1.      It leaves behind a veil of moisture on the skin – kind of like Dove – which some people don’t like.

2.      I don’t know how good this is as a bubble bath – never used it that way

3.      The packaging is just ok – a clear bottle with a flip cap. I have gotten very used to body washes with pumps and find this a little cumbersome to use. 

4.      I think the ingredient list is incomplete – I cannot understand how a product only full of herbal extracts and oils would lather so well, and they have also not given the quantities of the ingredients. They have clearly left out the unsavory ingredients like lathering agents as they want to emphasize only on the natural ingredients, which I think is unfair. But then until the law changes in India, we’ll just have to wait. 
5. Lanolin Oil is derived from wool that is sheared off sheep. Those of you who are against using products that have ingredients derived from animals, may want to keep this mind as the pack does not indicate if this lanolin is natural or synthetic.

Would I buy this again: Yes, this is one of the best body washes that I have tried and ranks right up there for me along with my daily use – pH5.5 Johnson’s & Johnson’s body wash (which I also love). I generally use this once a week as my Sunday treat.
The only issue would be that this is little tough to locate, you could try the Khadi Bhavans in your city (there is one in Irla in Mumbai).

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  1. This looks like a must try item.
    I have used their facewash and felt it was very refreshing.
    The Dove moisture feeling is good only during winters.Kinda helps my skin against being dried up.

  2. @GGG: My best friend raves about their facewash :D

    Haven't tried it yet myself. So many products to try, so little time *sigh*..

    I wish these things came in tiny bottles so we could try a whole lotta stuff quickly, & w/o guilting (yea, I made up this word. I have this habit of making up words) over stuff lying unused at home :D

  3. seems like a good body wash . will try it once em finish with my current batch of body washes :P

  4. @Palak: It is quite nice :D

    Btw I hope all is fine with you.. Not heard frm u on yr blog since long :D

  5. I have use dtheir face wash for two years but now I am kinda bored of it. The products last really long, which I quite like. YOu are correct about the veil of moisture thing, it's the same with their face wash as well.

    Gotta try this one. :)

  6. Ahoy, Tanvi! ME NO Devil's advocate at all! By all means, I support you and only you! thats what i told you, fight for justice in my last comment! better write to Lakme as well!

    I was just recollecting the chances! Like what might have happened at their end! I hope u r not hurt by wat I said! I mean, I was just trying you figure out wat went wrong and where!

    I am not at all hurt or whatever by ur comments! Pls feel free! After all, I was expecting that you might get some apology and some freebies from the store as well :) Nasty mind...

  7. I am fyn tany !!
    act have boards in less than a week , so scared and gotta study .. so no post :(
    I get very engrossed when I blog .. so trying to stay away buh no matter how hard I try .. I always end up checking your blog !!:P
    I told you I will be back after march ,then yu'll get fed up with my constant updates 8)

  8. @Rati: I know... I have begun hating big sized prodts ever since I went on my no-shopping-till-u-hit-pan mission. :P

    I hate it when the damn thing just doesn't get over no matter how hard I try.. :)

    Maybe I will get the facewash.. (note to self: add to already long list of stuff to get)

  9. @Divs: Hhehhehehhe... i was just pulling yr leg by calling u devil's advocate..

    & no sweetheart, am not mad at u at all.. :D This is an open forum.

    & I like tht idea of freebies, now tht u mention it (*wicked grin*)

  10. @Palak: Tht is so sweet Palak :D

    All the best for yr exams.. Do well!

    & waiting to read a whole lotta reviews frm u 8th March onwards :D

  11. A very nice n informative post..

  12. This seems like something good for wintet...too bad its not available in the states. I do like Dove though! I will have to look for this next time in India

  13. @Kajal: It is good for winters, but it doesn't smell as nice as Dove. :D You may be able to order this online..

    It is really a pity, like u wld like this to be available in the US, I wld so like a lot of brands like Urban Decay to come to India.. Let's hope and wait :D

  14. I discovered your blog today and am in love already!

    You know, so far I always finished a bottle of body wash before opening another... but i love your idea of the special sunday body wash!

  15. @Anks: Thks a lot :).. I am glad u r liking the blog :-)..

    hehehhehe... I guess I am spoiling you now. I don't think there is a single prdt I know a singular bottle of, you know. I have like 2-3 face washes, 2-3 moisturisers, 2-3 blah blah & so on. Guess I need to also take a tip from you and buy when I need only :)


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