MAC Tinted Moisturiser versus Ponds Tinted Moisturiser

Just back from my first ever visit to MAC. (Technically, second - but the time before I was royally ignored & left the store w/o talking to a SA or trying anything outta fear).

Hubby dragged me. I didn't wanna go. He insisted. I gave in.

Once in the store I first saw the baffling spread of blushes. I have never seen blushes in so many colors in my life.

Since I had decided to buy just one thing, I decided to go for a foundation. The most difficult thing to pick. I can never seem to find a shade that suits me.

A very helpful, polite SA approached me, I asked him for tinted moisturiser. He showed me their MAC Studio Moisture Tint (with spf 15). I tried it on my face - half my face actually and had a hunch that it is very similar to Ponds.

So I decided to skip the tint and asked the SA to show me a foundation with more coverage. Now here it were it gets interesting. I am generally used to SAs who just wanna sell stuff and not really concerned with giving you the right advice on what would suit you.

This SA raised his eyebrow and asked "Do you need more coverage?"

Now this I was not expecting. I never thought I would meet a SA whose agenda is to make me look as good and natural as possible and not pile me with as much stuff as possible.

In any case, I didn't buy the tint. I wanted to do a face-off with Ponds. So I came back home with a little sample of MAC (enough for half face application) and did half my face with Ponds and half with MAC.

MAC Studio Moisture Tint 
  • Spf 15
  • Has 5 shades - from light to deep dark. I wore the 2nd one - Medium
  • Price:1650/- for 40 ml
Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15

Ponds Tinted Moisturizer

  • Spf 15
  • Has 3 shades - I use sheer ivory
  • Price: Rs. 215/- for 30 ml. 

And guess which side looked better?

Neither. They both looked exactly the same. Even after 30 minutes of wear there was no difference between the two sides of the face in terms of coverage, dewiness and radiance.

Am glad I decided to come back home and check.

Btw, I was completely over-awed at the store. For all my make up knowledge I was very dumbstruck. I guess MAC has built a very heady reputation for itself.

So now foundation has been crossed from my one - must - have - thing - from-MAC list.

Is there anything else that MAC is really good at? Blushes or eyeliners? Maybe next week I could check those out and compare them with what I am using.


  1. Whoa!!! dont tell me abt the xperiences @ MAC! Nobody knows better than me, I feel!

  2. HOnestly, Tanveer. I also didn't like the tint. The SA was forcing me becasuse I was rantiing aboutthe natural coverage but I didn't it worth 1600 and also the size put me off. Now I am glad that i was firm with SA about saying no to the tint.

    But I love my MAc satin sinish foundation to death. I never get tired of wearing it. :)

    lolzz!! my hubby also keeps insisting me to go to MAC store. It's only me who keeps resisting. :P

    I got this feeling that they get some comission or something on selling the products and that is why they are so pushy.

  3. you HAVE to try out their lipsticks.

  4. @ Divs: :D :D Glad to have company in you :D

  5. @ Rati: The tint is nothing spectacular. of course, it is possible tht I went with high expectations - after all it is MAC - & I have heard so much about it. As a tint by it self, it is good. It absorbs instantly, leaves no residue, and is very moisturizing.

    But hey, the Ponds one is just as good as well, does all of the things listed above at 1/8th the price. So I just don't see any reason to buy the MAC one.

    I wanted to try the Satin Finish one, but like i mentioned, the SA told me tht my skin did not need any coverage at all. It wld be a waste to buy it. I was really impressed with him. Here is a SA who has his mind in the right place :D

  6. @ Rima: I see yr a fan of their lipsticks :D

    But i doubt i'll be trying MAC lipsticks. Coz as a principle, I don't like spending a lot on lipsticks. The lipstick texture doesn't look very nice on me, besides they have zero staying power.

    I'd so much better prefer to get colorbar, jordana, maybelline or even lakme. :D

    But thks for the suggestion :D

  7. wow ! seems we have so many desi dupes for MAC :D

    do try the prep + prime finishing powder if yu have problem with large pores and in summers do try the mineralize skin finish .. heard that they give a b'ful soft glow without being too powdery ., yu will need this in summers :D

  8. @ Palak: I will chk out the two, Thks for the reccos :D

  9. @ Lavanya: Thks for your appreciation :D. Hope you enjoy reading the blog and find it useful.

  10. I feel the Pond's TM is a bit heavier/oily than the Mac one T. But i think we feel different coz u have dry skin n I have oily. I would pick Mac's as a summer TM..I almost bought it when they launched it here but the price! *sigh*

  11. @ CZ: You cld be right actually on the oily bit, coz i have heard tht ppl with oily skin don't like Ponds at all.

    So for ppl with normal or oily skin, MAC may be a better alternative. I too almost bought it myself! The allure of MAC!

  12. This 4 sum reason makes me smile slyly
    *smirks 4 the entire nxt hour*

    see MAC--I don't need u 2 look pretty!!

  13. hey ppl pls..pls tell me where i can get a nice tinted moisturiser in india. i really love the dewey look. and i wanna use it too

  14. @Anon: I guess you must have gathered from the above post that both Ponds & MAC make Tinted moisturisers. Other than these two brands you can try out Lakme Souffle as well Lotus & Biotique as well. These 3 brands make TMs as well.

  15. try mac for blushes specially the mineralised skin finished collection. Also the mineralised skin finishes in naturals.Its a good product.
    The eyeshadows are gr8 too bt too pricey. No point in spending almost a grand on just one color.

  16. I am a firm believer in MAC's eyeshadows. They are triple pigmented and you can tell! Absolutely worth the $15-especially since you can trade in 6 used makeup container for free lipstick, gloss, or eye shadow. The only other company that I've found that sells highly pigmented shadows is Makeup Geek. They run about $6/shadow. However, I've found that the colors are much more muted in real life than what is portrayed online.

  17. I am a dedicated user of MAC eyeshadows. At $15 a pop, they are expensive, but they are triple pigmented so it is absolutely worth it. Another nice perk is that you can trade in 6 used containers for a free lipstick, gloss, or eye shadow. The only other company that I've been able to find that compares with MAC's pigmentation is Makeup Geek. Those shadows cost $6 a piece. However, the colors are much more muted in real life as opposed to what is portrayed online.


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