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Update on The Body Shop Sale

First of all a big hug and thanks to Cynthia, Rati & Divija for their suggestions on what to buy. It really helped me decide and pick the best buys for my monies :D

First things first, the sale was a disappointment. It isn't really 50%, it is actually just 15%. There were only 3 things that were being sold at 50% off - some outdated light green shadow which has a rose motif engraved, a Iced Body Powder in Apricot (which was nothing great) and their silver Define & Sparkle Mascara and Eyeliner. Everything else is either 15% or lower, some of the men's range have products at 25%, and members get additional 5% off. 

Secondly the store and the Indian Body Store Website are completely out of sync. A lot of products that are listed on the website arn't there in the store and vice - versa.

I went with a list made using all your suggestions. Here is what happened.

1. Lipsticks were too expensive at 595/-. I really wanted to pick up one, but I did not feel like paying so much as none of the colors were so special that I would not be able to find a cheaper version.

2. Nature's minerals line: No discount on this line. The pink quartz blush was very very pretty, but at 900/- , with no discount it is just too steep. I can buy 4 of Colorbar blushes in the same price.

3. Liquid eyeliners - only available in boring black and brown. Not interesting.

4. They didn't have anything from the Baked Edition - I think it is not availble in India.

5. The Merry Cranberry line is mentioned on the site, but seemed sold out to the last tub in the store. Didn't even see a hint of it.

6. They had the Morrocan Rose range - But I didn't like the smell.

7. They also had the Japanese Cherry Blossom Line - which smelt divine (Hey! that rhymes!). I got the body butter from this line (200gms for 875/- , 15% off). I wanted to buy a smaller tub - but they had no stocks of mini tubs in any of the lines.
Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter

8. The foundation brush was for 895/- so I picked up their mini brush kit instead at 845/- . It has a face/blush brush, and eye shadow brush, an blending angular brush and a lipstick applicator brush, all encased in a nifty pouch with a mirror.
Mini Brush Kit

9. Bath Gloves: These were not mentioned on the site, but I read great reviews for these and wanted them. Guess what, the store had them. Retails for 225/-
 Bath Gloves

10. I also got my trusty face buffer. Bought a back up.

 Facial Buffer
11. I also got the eyecolor shadow in Velvet Green (043) for 625 /-(15% discount) Eye Colour 43 New! Velvet Green

12 They were out of stock on all eye shimmer powders and the colored pencil eyeliners were very meh.

13. I saw the loose face powder - it had tiny shimmer particles in it. It was very fine and I can see why Rati loves it so much. I almost picked it up myself, but frankly other than the shimmer, it didn't seem very different in texture to me than my Lakme Rose powder which retails at 80/-. I use the one in soft pink shade. The Body Shop didn't have any pink toned powders, which I need as I am more pink toned than yellow. Yellow toned powders make me look very unnatural and made up (powdered)

14. I skipped the lip butters as suggested by Rati. I tested them and found that her review is 100% accurate.

I will be reviewing all the stuff in a few days. I got 15% off on all the things I bought.  Overall as per their bill I saved Rs. 403/-.

I did get some nice stuff and I am happy I went to the Sale, but I just wish the discount was little more. When I read Divija's reviews on how she snagged stuff that retails at 8-18 pounds for 1-2 pounds, this just seems unfair to me, that The Body Shop does not give similar deals here.


  1. cool haul , pity they dun have crazy deals like in states and UK :(

    what ? fundation brush is 895 ?? on it website its listed 695/-
    (I hope yu are tokin about the long handeled one ) not the one from nature's mineral line :/

  2. @ Palak: I know! We shd get discounts similar to ppl abroad :P

    I know it is listed for cheaper, but the store has marked it up to 895/- (the long handled one).

    Thr was a lot of confusion at the store. The attendant was clueless about eye shimmers - she didn't even knw anything about them. I then pointed them out to her on the site.

  3. Very nice stuff u got T. Yay...!! U got the BB...I really looovvve JCB. I haven't smelt Moroccan Rose yet. Did u get the gloves in that color? It's so pretty! I might get the face buffer too :). The brush set looks quite good too..u made the right choice between 1 face brush n the set.

  4. @ CZ: Thks to u!! It was yr suggestion that it wld be silly not to try their body butter & I am thankful :D

    I am already addicted to the smell of JCB. So So lovely :D. Now I feel i shd have also bought the mist :)

    Yea, they have a ton of colors in gloves - white, red, green, purple.. I got green!

    I have been looking for a good brush set since quite long. till now i have been somehw managing with Vega brushes which are just ok. So even I am glad i got a set instead of a single brush :D

  5. I too found the lippies expensive and that I was the reason I picked none.The sale is on since many days now and that is the reason i thought you could not find a lot of stuff and I guess they don't restock their stuff.

    Great hual. Will wait for your reviews. :)

  6. Oh by the way, the SA here told me that the members get 10% extra discount. Weird!

    I didn't take the membership because I had no enthu to spend 500 extra bucks.

    Will confirm it once I am back in a few days.

    And regarding body butter, I gave it a little thought on the storage. Do transfter some quantity in a small tub/container and store the big tub tightly closed. This would prevent the full product from getting exposed to air and touch every time you use it. Just a thought. :)

  7. LOL! Tanvi, i was laughing my a** off! wat an update! seriously, I am in to fight with Indian Body SHop for the sick website! Guess what? I got the cheek n eye palette for 2 pounds in sale! How bad is that? WE people are being robbed, literally! such a rip off! I am really sorry to know that nothing of my interest tempted you!

    Better we bloggers write a letter to BS regarding the misleading sales and the pathetic sync of store and website prices!

    Oh one more thing! I am glad u got ur hands on Jap. cherry blossom! I like the Moroccan rose, as well! was fun reading ur post, sweetie

    But, am extremely sorry to drag u all the way to TBS for nothing :(

  8. @ Rati: Yes, the sale has been on for quite some time, so i guess tht is why so many things were outta stock.

    Lippies were exhorbitant at 595/-. Hell, i'd take a lakme or colorbar lippie anyday.

    I remembered reading in yr post tht members got 10%, but throughout the store and at the counter it was mentioned as 5%. The cashier tried to sell me the card as well, but it wld have meant that just to get 100 bucks off, i wld pay 500/-

  9. @Rati: The BB storage idea is v good. :D I was worried if the butter wld lose it's scent though so much exposure. Will do so. Thks :D :D

  10. @Divija: I saw the cheek & eye pallette on the site, but it wasn't thr in the store :(

    I did go armed with yr list of recommendations - but non of it was thr. Merry Cranberry, Baked edition, colored eye liners - none of it was there in the store. & they had no discount on the minerals line.

    & hey, i really liked yr reccos, thks so much for them. Thr is really no need to be sorry :D :D


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