Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 - Review

What it claims:
  • Instant luminosity from a pump. This sheer, oil-free*, lightweight skin-brightening lotion. Instantly enhances your skin instead of covering it up
  • Contains light-reflecting minerals like rose quartz, mother-of-pearl, topaz and copper
  • Brings out your skin's natural radiance
  • Wear it over bare skin for instant luminosity, or with foundation for luminosity with more coverage
  • Vitamins A, C & E and SPF 15 help improve and protect skin
  • *No animal, vegetable or mineral oil.

To Use: Shake well. Wear alone or with foundation

Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rash appear. Do not use on infants. Best before 36 months from mfd.

Price: Rs. 675 for 45 ml

Colors available (in India): Pink Light, Peach Light & Walnut Light. All 3 have different shimmer intensities, with Pink Light being the least, and Walnut is the darkest with the most shimmer. I am reviewing Pink Light (02)

1. Multipurpose: It can be worn under foundation as a base, on its own as foundation in its own right or if preferred you could just apply it to your cheeks, below your eyes or anywhere else you just wanted to highlight.

2. It gives a very luminous dewy look that lasts the entire day. I just mix a pump of this with my Ponds TM and apply it to the entire face. This way it gives my entire face a soft glow and also counteracts the yellowness of the TM - I have skin that has both pink and yellow tones to it.

3. The shimmer is very fine. In fact it is not shimmer at all. It is those light reflecting particles that make your skin glow and look fresh

4. The bottle has a pump dispenser – that makes it very easy to apply. Just a single pump is enough for me

5. Good quantity. At a pump a day I think it will last me at least 3 years. And it stands on its head so you get every last drop.

6. Has SPF – 15.

1. Too much lotion or improper blending can make your face look oily or sparkly

2. If you are matt look person (like Priyanka Chopra) you will hate this.

Will I purchase again: Yes. In fact I loved it so much I am also giving you a chance to win this great product. To enter go here.

1. If you plan to use this as a highlighter - Dot on the cheekbone, chin, on the browbone and blend. On your cheeks, blend over cheekbones and only half of the apple of your cheek. Apply a creamy concealer under eyes only if the dark circles under your eyes are extremely dark. Other than that, blend a small drop under each eye and in the corners to diffuse the light and make eyes appear awake. Apply blush as usual. Do your eye & lip make up. That’s it your makeup is done

2. I suggest you play around with this & see to find your comfortable look. For some people – a full face application may be just too much, whereas others may be able to dilute this in their foundation and be able to use it all over without looking like a disco ball. It really varies from person to person depending upon your skin.

3. You can also use this on the collar bones or on the arms & legs mixed with a moisturizer to give a subtle glow.

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What is your favourite highlighter? 
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  1. awww !!! Now you made it more tempting..:)

    I use loreal one and i m so addicted to it that its been two years and still i never think of changing it .

  2. @Anamika: :-D...

    Actually this review was long overdue, a reader had requested and I totally forgot about it.. I thght the review would help those readers who have not used the product earlier & are hesitant to participate in the giveaway. :)

    I haven't used this l'oreal one.. I know, these things make the skin look so amazing that it becomes difficult to live w/o them :-)

  3. Ohh Tanveer....I completely looooovee this product....I use this as my foundation on some parts of the face for weddings , parties etc and just love the shine it gives to the face....

    I too love the pump tube, its so easy to use and carry without sorrying abt it opening up...infact I plan to reuse the tube for some other cream or something once its over...

    On a side note....if anyone of you has friends/relatives in US and can ask them to buy this for you...its much much cheaper there...i've got mine as a gift from a friend from US (it was for 2$) which is less than 1/6th of the price here and infact when I went to check out the rate for this here even the Revlon SA was shocked to see the price difference....

    The shade i have is 04 Bare Light...


  4. oops...typo...pls read as *worrying* instead of sorrying


  5. most products that come in from other countries are quite overpriced here, but at least this isn't exorbitant! i guess it is (quite literally!) the price that we pay!

    if i don't win this product from your give away, i will certainly buy it out of my own pocket! i was desperately looking for something that would give me that sheen. i don't quite like a matte look.

  6. thanks for the review....its nice for that glowy skin look that everyone is looking for.

    thanks again

  7. All of these face illuminating products definitely make the skin look glowy but a lot of them tend to make the skin a bit dry. I've tried a few,none suited my skin( even after proper moisturizing,as I already have a dry skin).
    I'm currenlty using Chanel's.
    I haven't tried Revlon(it seems to be an inexpensive option as compared to Chanel),lookin' forward to wwin it. Even if I don't I guess will try it.

  8. I am enjoying both dewy and matte looks these days.These illuminating particles are in my TBS loose powder and Satinfinsih foundation as well. So I think I am totally gonna like this product. :) Won't comment about the price because for me revlon is a confusing brand. lol!!

  9. i never tried face illuminator, please give us some swatches. pretty please please please :P

  10. I have a similar product from Body Shop, but its cream in colour. I was not quite comfy using it alone as it really gave a whitish sheen. Today, after reading your post, I mixed a li'l bit of Pond's TM and tried and voila it works :-)

    Like Rima, even I don't prefer a matte look for the skin. So probably this should work fine..

    And yes, would love see some swatches.

  11. I have sampled this and wow!This is a great prdt!I do find it a little pricey but maybe dats becoz I won't be using this daily..Also good quantity..I hope more prdts lik these are out soon!!Gr8 review

  12. Great review T. I really like the packaging of this...looks like a squeeze tube but has a pump dispenser :D. I got this in the summer so it looked a it much all over my face coz I have oily skin in summers. I just apply under my browbone, cupid's bow n sometimes on the high points of my cheeks when I'm indoors. I got the powder version of this too n still have it..but that is more for night time, bridal, n formal occasions.


  13. I love this product in winters !!
    and yeah I hate revlon for the stark price difference in US and Indian markets . Aren't we subjected to step motherly treatment !? WHY WHY WHY ?? :P
    Btw it was $11 in US but then was discontinued . Now they have launched its sister and I believe it is also in same price range.
    The thing is people in States can snag these lovely babies at half the price (due to awesome sales going in there
    P.S _ I checked out Revlon Matte blush in perfectly peach .. quite liked it .. but the price!?? 800 INR !!
    needless to say , I came home empty handed . Go die Revlon !! :@

  14. @HD: Really! is it that cheap abroad? I am shocked. Sometimes I feel very very envious of all the gr8 prtds & the even better prices ppl abroad get - almost tempted to become a NRI. :-D..

    I too really liked this product.. really cool stuff ya.

  15. @Rima: I know!! ELF stuff that costs a dollar abroad retails here for 100 bucks atleast or above..

    I too love a dewy look - i guess all ppl with dry skin do.. & ppl with oily skin long for the matt look :)

    All the best for the giveaway!

  16. @Chibu: Thks. It is a nice prdt :)

    @Vintage: LOL,

    yea it is a bit expensive, but then you can always enter the giveaway to win it for free :-D.. Btw that closes on Tuesday midnight IST.

  17. thanks! *fingers crossed*
    (your new template is great! love the lips!)

  18. @Yuvna: Really? They dry your skin.. Hmm.. I don't seem to have experinced that with this yet. maybe your skin is drier than mines. Havn't tried the chanel one. :)

    @Rati: Actually, I don't understand all this talk about Revlon being a drugstore prdt coz I have always found it to be on the expensive side. Maybe the rates are diff abroad so..

    but here a single blush costs 800 bucks. A lil bit hefty. I would say Maybelline is a drugstore line and Revlon is def. more expensive.

  19. @Sarah: I'll try :D

    @Poornima: It is the Vit E illuminating cream frm TBS that you are talking about?

    @Simran: Thks :)

    @CZ: I know, it looks like a squeezy but it is a pump. dispenses small quantities.. I know, it can be much for oily skins. I skipped the powder coz of my dry skin, lotion blends more easily.

    @Palak: LOL.. You are so funny Palak! I loved the last line - Go Die!!

    Yea, even I feel major envy. Look at TBS also - they have such massive sales there. Almost all brands have such offers - lekin aapne yahan kahan yeh sab. But I have a feeling that if more brands enter the market it will start soon.. Abroad there is a lot of competition, unlike here.

  20. @Palak: Even I agree on the blushes! They are just so expensive! I liked their Aubergine eyeshadow but ran away after hearing the price myself :D

  21. Yes Tanveer, the price difference is really stark!!! I too find revlon prices really high so mostly dont end up buying myself..most of the Revlon products I have are gifts


  22. @HD: So lucky ya, no one gifts me make up coz they all think I have too much of it :P

  23. Sorry Tanvi,

    I missed your question. The TBS illuminator doesnt talk of any Vit E and neither it is from their Vitamin E Range(those light pink container range)

    I got this from their makeup section.sorry btw, its called "glow enhancer"
    Here is the link :

  24. Loved this product.Too bad Revlon discontinued it several months ago and it is nearly impossible to find. Some sellers, like ebay and Amazon, sell it, but it costs a fortune. In some cases, $100 to $150 for 2 tubes. Contacted Revlon. Their closest product is Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator. What L'Oreal product is similar?

  25. Hi Tanveer ,
    G8 review . I hav been lukin 4r such a product 4r months now . I am medium toned with yellow undertones can u suggest which shade wld suit me .

  26. Is there any budget highlighter (Indian products) within 300 bucks??

  27. wow, I never knew such simple products existed.As m a no makeup person, I always dreaded with the name of foundations and concealers etc etc. Tanveer you have made life much simpler for no make up knowledge people like me.

    Thanks to the other commentors too. :)

    Thank you so much. :) :)


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