My First Giveaway!

So Excited can barely type. *eeks*

Must calm self first. *Deep Breaths*

Ok, feeling composed enough to type coherently, (I hope).

I am announcing my first Giveaway!

The occasion? - actually several missed ones.

First of all my blog celebrated its first B'day in November 2009. Back then I was busy planning my first wedding anniversary trip amongst other chaos of guests from abroad and all.

Secondly - I recently crossed the 200 post mark. This is my 222nd post actually. Was planning to do a giveaway then but then hubby hurt himself.

& finally on a smaller note - I just crossed 50 followers. It is a small number I know, in the blogosphere where people have followers in thousands. But all of them are dear to me, because you guys constantly give me feedback and encouragement - both crucial for my blog to grow.

So as a thank you for all your love and support, I am hosting a giveaway!

The Prize: Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Lotion SPF 15 in Peach Light. 

The bottle is 45 ml and worth Rs. 675/-

What is this:
  • A skin illuminator helps give the appearance of more youthful, plumped up skin.
  • It is also very useful when you want to create a dewy, glowy look. 
  • It is a great highlighter for the cheeks, brow area, collarbones.
  • This is oil-free and the color Peach Light is the medium shade in the range- not too light like Pink Light (which is meant for cool toned skin - I use this almost everyday) and not too dark like Walnut Light.

Wanna enter? Here's how:

1. You must be a follower of my blog to be eligible for the giveaway. So what you waiting for?

2. Leave a comment giving me feedback on my blog:

  • What you like?  
  • What would you like to read more of? 
  • Suggestions for improvement. 

Simple enough right?

The contest is open Internationally and will close exactly a week from today on 30th March 2010 (midnight - IST) and the result will be announced on 2nd April 2010.

The winner will be chosen in a random lucky draw.

Good luck people!
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  1. Aww the best thing about your blog is that its real. If I was in India, I think I'd find your blog very practical because it features products that are just right. Very budget friendly and practical at the same time.

  2. i like ur blog content because it gives me an idea of what suits my skin because im asian in the uk and i think im the same colour as you so probably similar stuff would suit me and its also really detailed...i dont think u should change it because its like ur own space, ya know...except maybe the background could be a bit more colourful. oh and u dont do crazy expensive stuff i could never afford myself...

  3. oh this is wonderful! i am equally excited to enter this give away! well let me keep this short and crisp!

    what i love about your blog is the research behind it. i am sure all will agree!

    i would like to know more about products that suit your skin type, which is quite similar to mine. i cannot have enough of those posts!

    my suggestion for improvement is that you should add a few of your own photos every now and then, to display how certain products work on your skin. i love posts that have photos!

  4. Well Tanveer to start with

    1)Your blog is pretty genuine and my love for it can be proved by my continuous visit and repeated comments on your blog.Infact I don't think so I have miss any of your post since the day I joined it.
    Also,Your blog products suits my budget and your friendly nature and gregarious replies make me smile.

    2)I would like to read more of give away for sure:D.Jokes apart I would like to see more post from your side.I guess 222 is too less for a year.Your blushes and eye shadow reviews are fantastic and I like them the most so will prefer them.Yes i truly loved your pre bridal regime too.

    3)You write a lot about the product ingredients.I guess few main things are enough for it.It bores me a bit so i generally skip that part.
    b)I would like to see you giving make up tutorial.
    c)You tube video when ever you have time will be awesome..
    I guess i have lot of expectation from you.I confess I am quite a demanding person my self:D

    Hope you don get bored by reading my comment:D

  5. Thanks and congrats sweetie! Please enter me! Here are my answers:

    What you like?
    I like that you're an Indian blogger! There are too few out there, and I trust Indian bloggers' opinions on beauty products because they will probably work on my skin too!

    What would you like to read more of?
    I'd love to see tutorials on makeup. I also adore posts on monthly favorites, products you regret buying, etc. Lists rule!

    Suggestions for improvement:
    Maybe put up home-taken photos rather than stock images from the internet. It does take more time, but it increases the quality of the post. Another thought is changing the header or template of your blog. Hey, I'm not perfect either, but just some thoughts! :)

    keep up your excellent work!

  6. i love love blush! but i just found your blog so far I like It! :)) Please enter me!

  7. Brilliant blog. Hopefully I can give good praise and constructive criticism.

    1. I love all the content and how passionate about your blog and content you are. Many blogs lack a passion for whatever they are writing about.

    2. I would love more interviews with other Indian women to learn what they like to use.

    3. The only thing I feel could be improved would be the side bar. It is hard to locate the archive right at the bottom. Perhaps you could move it up slightly?

    It is a great blog and I love checking back for more tips!


  8. Hello!

    I just have one suggestion :) Maybe a change in font? My poor eyesight will appreciate another font :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  9. @Shivannix: Thks so much for all the kind words :D

    All the best :)

    @SimpleElegance: Hey! Thks! It felt nice to read your comment. I definately keep in mind your tip for making the blog more colorful :D

    All the best :)

    @Rima: Thks for all the wonderful words Rima :D
    I will definatly try to do more Holy Grail product reviews and pics too once in a while :)

  10. @Anamika: Thks a lot for all the appreciation :) It really means a lot to me.

    I know the posts are a little less, the problem is that blogging is my hobby and it doesn't pay my bills or get me any free products - yet. My day job is demanding and hectic - and that is what allows me to buy all this wonderful stuff I review.

    Still I will try to post more often with tutorials and stuff.

    Regarding more giveaways - I do have some ideas brewing in my mind - just hold yr horses for a week or so. *wink wink*

    All the best :)

  11. Ok..I am going to drop my name in and keep my fingers crossed..door open :-)

    1. Love your blog because you post about products available in India which I can actually go and check for myself.

    2. Would like to read more about products for sensitive/oily skins, but then again, I appreciate the fact that you write about things you use.

    3. Suggestions for improvement?? Hmm...maybe you could put in some colour to break up the plain white. I really am the last person eligible to give out suggestions to anyone!

  12. @Ashwini: Thks a lot for all your suggestions and feedback! I will definitely consider them and will be doing more lists in the future :)

    All the best :)

    @Maria: Thks :D.. All the best :)

    @prickly: Thks for all the wonderful feedback. I will definitely consider your suggestions when making a change in the layout and content :).. All the best.

    @Kat: LOL :D... This is Times New Roman.. what font would you prefer?

  13. @Rads: So glad u opened the door! LOL *wink*

    My sister has oily and very sensitive skin - so maybe I can ask her for some recommendations for you :)

    I will definitely change the layout to some a little more colorful soon :)

    Thks for participating and take care :)

  14. Well...Now Its my time to drop comments

    1.First and foremost thing, I like - The way you present the content.Its very simple and makes me to feel that Im conversing with you

    2.I do lots of R&D before getting any product.Esp to buy a international brand, I hesitated a lot due to its price & usage. But your intense research helped me to pick up the right things in my budget.Tanveer - you are the best in spreading ingredients awareness - Im very particular in knowing what goes inside my skin


    1.If the blog has some girlish color layouts with would much more impressed :)

    2.Like biotique, I wish you should also do reviews on other herbal/organic skin care products

    3.You can also write on food items which gives glow to skin and hair

    Thats pretty much from my side :) Keep Rocking...Best Wishes

  15. Hey Tanveer...

    Please enter are my answers

    1)What I like about your blog...apart from all the answer given above from other bloggers..your suggestion , routine ets are made to order for me :)

    2) What I would like to read more is ...

    a) one post min daily ...(which you already do cause I am addictedtoaddictedtoblushblog infact its one of the first things I do in morning)
    b) more of your makeup routines
    c) apart of your makeup stuff I also enjoy your post on general topics you put up :)

    a) More of pictures and videos if you are comfortable and if not maybe you can get some one to model for you ...Otherwise nothing it is perfect

    PS : Fingers crossed:)

  16. Oh wow!! yippiie!! he he:)

    What i love about your blogs is hat you are a fellow Indian blogger. I feel a lot of sense of belonging.

    What i would want to read more is about your DIY tips.

    Suggestions for improvement- Remove that rebecaa seo thing from your sidebar. You are playing with something very dangerous. I receive loads of similar mails for everyday and received this particular one for . Any wrong link posted on you blog could take your blog for a toss and especially those who ask for return links exactly know what they are doing.

    I wanted to mention this before but was not sure how you would take it. Wrote this becasue you asked.

    And lord!! I must win. :D

    Good luck, Tanveer. :)

  17. Hey a big congratulations for your success.
    Firstly for its anniversary and crossing the 200 mark and also for all the people like me and others who have benefited greatly by your knowledge and experience on this blog.

    I wish you great success in the coming years!!!

    As for the blog its best points are
    *interesting to read
    *based on your day to day experiences

    *video streaming would be gr8 option (something like you giving live talks on the product use would be a great chance for increasing connect with all of people reading the blog) :-)

  18. Ok so here is my entry!

    What I like about your blog:
    i like the fact that you actually research into the ingredients. Since I have sensitive skin this is very useful for me. I also love the name of your blog :)

    What I would like to read more of :
    More product reviews and some tutorials.

    A brighter layout perhaps? :)

  19. wow a giveaway!! I am all excited..pls enter me :)

    here are my answers...

    what I like - Love your promptness in answering queries and requests for particular posts. you are always ready to help.

    love your DIY's they always work for me!!

    also love posts like "The pressure to be pretty"

    what I want more...
    Reviews about products that promise to target specific problems like spots, wrinkles, acne, dull skin etc. wuld like to know which ones work and which do not.

    suggestions: I think your blog could be more colorful otherwisw it is quite perfect :)


  20. Hey Tanvi,

    First of all 3 congrats to you-for a year of writing a lovely blog, 222 posts and 50 followers :-)

    The best part about your blog is that I can so well relate to it, being a fellow Indian brand user/consumer. Yours was one of the first Indian blogs I started reading and definitely my inspiration to start one. Your posts are very detailed and knowledge based(the kind of research you do for each post)

    Would love to see more of makeup swatch/LOTD kinda posts.

    If it was a month back, I would have suggested a wider layout.But now that you have done it, I am glad.

    Keep it up sweetie..Way to go!!

  21. @Vidhya: Thks for the feedback. You are amongst the few readers who likes ingredient details. :)

    I will def. look into food related posts. Other than biotique I am trying out Aromamagic these days - will post soon. I have tried Lotus & VLCC in the past but they didn't seem to suit me. Himalaya - I have already put up posts on what i liked frm their line.

    Thks & all the best :)

  22. @Shweta: So sweet! Loved yr addictedto-addictedtoblushblog :D

    I have been trying since the last few mnths to post daily, & will def give more tutorials.

    Thks for the feedback & all the best :D

  23. @Rati: Thks a lot for yr feedback. As u can see I have removed that SEO thingie. Thks for all the advice & help. I really appreciate it :D

    Good luck with the contest!

  24. Congrats Tany !!

    I love the fact that yew are fellow Indian blogger + ingredient researcher:p , I can relate too yew and I am not dumbstruck when you go gaga over a brand( cz normally I have an idea whatcha tokin abt:P)
    I love yer DIY tips .. it has helped me a LOT :)

    yew know only after I stumbled upon yer blog .. I had inspiration too start my own :) Thanks for that

    I wd love to see more FOTD .. I love yer skin <3
    Keep rockin :)
    btw dont enter me in the giveaway .. I already have skinlight in peach light ..Just commented bcz I feel obliged to tell yew what I feel about yer blog and yer posts has helped me alot :)
    I hope yew wont find it offensive :)

  25. @Gurpreet: Thks so much for all the appreciation and feedback. I'll do what i can :)

    All the best for the giveaway :)

  26. @Wanderlust: Welcome & thks for all the feedback. All the best for the giveaway :)

    @Swati: Thks a lot for all the feedback. i will def. write some posts on the topics you mentioned.
    All the best :)

    @Poornima: Awww.. thks so much sweetie. I too like this wider, cleaner layout in white - but some ppl r asking for colors. Lets see what I can do.

    Thks & all the best :)

  27. i would be honest here, i love reading your blog
    1- you are honest
    2- love the detailed writing style
    3- you write about indian products and i would love to try some of them in future so i keep reading indian blogs , in case if i ever visit your country :)
    4- you are so pretty :D( this comment should win me something) heheh
    5- i would love to see face of the day or eyes of the day, you have pretty eyes and i feel you got flawless complexion*jealous*
    6- and put some colors in your blog layout/ template. i love colors. i may sound cheapo but what can i do? i am one.

  28. hey tanvver.. congrats on the 50 followers and the 200+ posts.. i love ur blog.. i like the fact that u tell us about product ingredients and what they do cause im totally lost when it comes to their ingredients.. i love love love ur skin n ur eyes as well.. one of the indian blogs i love..

    i would love to see more of fotds and tutorials.. more pics of you..

  29. Gathering followers and having many posts is quite the task (I get so lazy to post so often. *Procrastinator*) so I sincerely congratulate you!!

    I love the little DIY tips you have in some posts. DIY is fuuun!!! I would love to read more posts similar to the ingredients information for eyeshadow. It's something I think about when purchasing items but I just don't know much about it! The only thing I can think of to help you improve is making something with the layout. Something a little more lively. :)

    I'm a follower and here is my e-mail: orangeinsanity [at] hotmail [dot] com

  30. Hey T, first of all belated happy birthday to yr blog :D and congrats on yr followers! May u have many many more.
    I am not going to enter the contest as I've tried this great product n so will let others win it :) okay na? :)
    Now on to yr questions...

    ♥ I like yr detailed reviews very much!

    ♥ Would love to see pictures of the products u review but if u don't have time for that, it's also fine coz u explain them well

    ♥ As for improvement, nothing major. But I must say I like yr previous layout more. I find it easier to read when the text is not so spread hope u get what I mean. No offence.


  31. Heck, why not just enter?! I could win it for a dear friend.
    So, please enter me! :)


  32. Congratulations Tanveer!!

    1. You being an Indian blogger makes me stick to you blog. I can relate to your blog more since I get good ideas about what would look good on my Indian skin

    2. I'd like to see more of l/s, blushes, foundations, e/s for typical indian skin tone. i am NC44 (studio fix fluid)....some swatches would be great.

    3. A more colorful webpage would be great.

    I'd continue to visit your blog even if you don't make these ya...mwah

  33. @Palak: Hey! That is so so sweet that you gave me feedback anyways. Of course, I am not offended that u didn't enter - it is a completely voluntary contest :)..

    I hope next time I have on offer something you don't already have :-)..

    I am glad that you started yr own blog coz I have picked up quite a few things from there my self - I still remember that really cool FOTD you did - with berry blush as eyeshadow - looked so amazing.

    Been trying to replicate it myself :)

  34. @Sarah: Yr such a doll! & what a gr8 comment - had me in a big grin in seconds :)

    Thks for all the lovely feedback on my blog & my skin. I have seen yr EOTD and trust me I am no where as good as you - so whenever u come to India u'll have to teach me, ok? :-)

    All the best :-)

  35. @Priyanka: Thks so much for all the gr8 feedback :).. I am glad that you enjoy reading the blog. I will def. keep your suggestions in mind. Thks and all the best for the giveaway :-)

  36. @Fee: Hey, welcome! Thks a lot for all the nice words. I am glad DIY & ingridient lists help u. I will def. do something about the layout.

    All the best for the giveaway :-)

  37. @CZ: Thks for all the feedback - I'll do something about the layout. I am actually confused coz some ppl are saying it is better spread out & some ppl don't like it :P... let's see. :)

    All the best, and entered u in the giveaway :)

  38. @Chibu: Welcome! & thks for all the lovely feedback. have entered u in the giveaway. all the best :-D

  39. Heyy Tanveer.......

    Happy Birthday to your blog!!!!! hope it lives for a 100 more years to come ;)

    Pls dont enter me for this giveaway as I already have this product so might as well give others a better chance of winning this awesome product!! I hope thats ok ;)

    But nevertheless, I think I have to comment regardless of entering in contest to let you know what a wonderful blog you have out here!!!

    - What you like?
    Well you are one of the best & very few Indian bloggers arnd giving us completely honest feddback abt products...There isnt a single day that goes by when I dont check your blog for a new post since the time i've first come across it...For me what also works is that ur from the same city as mine as many times its much easier for me to find any product at particular stores just from ur suggestions...

    Your posts are very very detailed and informative which I like alot!!!

    - What would you like to read more of?
    Would like to see some tutorials, more of personal pictures i.e taken urself rather than picked up from the net....I knw just saying it here is much easier than doing it will all the other priorities of life...but this is just a suggestion...

    - Suggestions for improvement.
    The layout of the blog could be more peppy, colorful and maybe a bit more user-friendly..

    Wishing all the entries in this contest Best Luck!!!

    N Tanveer Keep rocking!!!!


  40. @HD: Thks babes! :D

    Thks for all the lovely words of encouragement and the feedback. I will definately do something about the layout. :)

    I loved this product too.. so I thought I wld share it with the rest :-)

    Keep reading & glad to help :)

  41. Hey Tanveer,I visited your blog for the first time....just followed the visited by blog a few days back.
    Enter me in the giveaway as well.

  42. Hi...Tanveer, enter me also in the giveway. I would love you to review Lakme's silk naturelle foundation for me....can you pls do that.

  43. the way I am the jjames you have been referring to.....

  44. @Yuvna: Hey, welcome! I hope u enjoy reading this blog :)

    All the best for the giveaway.

    @Jomol: Thks for participating. I have not used this Lakme foundation myself and I don't have any plans to buy it either - just for a review as I am not too pleased with Lakme's quality these days.

    I am sorry but I won't be reviewing this :)

    I am currently using Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation.

  45. Hi i´m from Brazil and just love your blog!

    i like the reviews and i´d like to see more swatches!


  46. I can't believe I almost missed this post!...That's what happens when I'm away from the net for a week :p...Glad I cud make it just in time seeing there's jst 3 hrs more for the deadline :)

    What I love about your blog is that it focusses on products available in India (I know I've said this b4)...also, the reviews are well-written and very helpful...I've bought quite a few products based on your reviews and I've never been disappointed...please keep writing and don't ever stop!

    Suggestions for improvement....the only thing I can think of is probably to review products that go best with wheatish is so difficult to find a foundation that matches perfectly...

  47. @Jewel: Thks for your entry. I did enter you as well. Better luck next time though :)

    I am glad to know that you got stuff my recco & liked it. With readers like you who constantly encourage me - why would I stop writing :)

    I am fair & even I can't find a good foundation. But I will look out for brands that have nice ranges of foundations :)


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