My skin care routine - Pre Wedding

Ashwini of Clearly Beautiful had requested me to fess up on the secret behind my amazing skin (her words, not mines)
I really don’t know if this qualifies but I thought I would share with you my pre-wedding skin care routine. This started about 3 – 4 months before the wedding.
1.      Coconut water – 5 times a week: Since it regulates the functioning of the intestine and aids in toxin elimination, it indirectly helps clarify the skin.

2.      Daily multivitamin / multimineral tablet (ask your doctor for recommendation): to take care of any deficiency thanks to my very random diet comprising of mostly junk

3.      Daily Sonova Spirulina tablet: This blue-green algae found in warm water alkaline volcanic lakes. Spirulina is the one of nature's richest source of vitamins, iron, protein, carbohydrates, micronutrients and beta carotene and the best natural source for antioxidants like carotenoids, vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which help fight against free radicals, and also slow down the ageing process. The tablet tastes yuck, so best to quickly gulp it down with lots of water. You can read about its benefits here.

4.       About a month before the wedding I began to use the Biotique Papaya Scrub on a daily basis instead of my regular face wash. The granules in this are very abrasive but even the paste base they are in is really nice. So I would use this as a face pack. I would just apply a layer on my face, wait for 10 minutes and wash it off. That really cleared out my skin. 

5.      Religious use of Biotique Aloe Vera Sunscreen SPF 75. (Yes, SPF 75. I had to stay out a lot in the sun during those days)
Other than these 4 I don’t remember doing anything special. I used my regular Biotique Morning Nectar as moisturizer but only in the night. During the day I would use the sunscreen.   
As face wash I used Lotus Sunscreen face wash gel.
But this was a special regimen just for the wedding. From the list above these days I just exfoliate daily with TBS facial buffer, take the multivitamin/mineral 2 – 3 times a week and since I don’t need to be out in the hot sun, I have reduced the SPF to 15. Nothing else. 
Did you follow any special regime before a big function? 

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  1. Wow..

    In this hot summer, the sound of coconut water is like heaven..
    And yes, it does help in internal cooling and cleansing.

    My pre wedding regime was something like this:

    No rice-I used to eat only vegetables + curd + fruits etc

    A glass or two of tomato juice daily.

    Everyday facial pack with either a piece of papaya or tomato or milk.

    Since the function was in the peak of summer, I avoided walking around in the sun for almost a month. Even if I had to, I ensured a scrub made of turmeric+besan after that :-)

    Thanks for this post and hoping to see the others routine too.

  2. Is Sonova Spirulina available everywhere or you have to order from this website only??

  3. What a great routine! I didn't do any routine before my wedding... lol.. I didn't have time! N also I wasn't so disciplined then (and NOW!)
    These Sonova tablets sound interesting..hmm

  4. Ohh you really worked well for your wedding...result were phenomenal as well.

    I followed two routines that is putting loads of vaseling on my skin and face before going to the bed.This added lot of shine and closed my open pores.My skin was dry too it almost cured all my problem..

    I didnt use any fase wash just a face pack while bathing i.e besan+haldi+glycerine +gulab jal and chandan powder.This pack enhanced my skin complexion which was quite tan as i was working non stop 12 hrs a day..

    Only these two things did wonders to me and every body till date ask me how i managed to look so good and which parlor did i got my fascial done but trust me parlors didnt do anything it was these two remedies.

    If you want i can share my pics with you:)

  5. another routine! :P
    spf 75! it sounds smashing! i saw a sunscreen once with spf 60, but now i've seen everything! i'll get back to you on this when i'm about to get married. :D
    cynthia, you're married too? wow, i am surrounded by married bloggers who're all so pretty! beautiful! :D

  6. :) Nice routine, dear! 100% agreed on the coconut part.....but i honestly say, u r genetically blessed with flawless skin which needs no attention save basics like sunscreen and moisturizer!

    being a south-indian, i know wat coconut can do:) missing coconut since 2 years....damn this place......

    u ppl from india always make me there anything that makes me happy at all?

  7. Nice post.... really helps not only as a pre wedding routine but great for a regular routine.... Where can you get the Sonova Spirulina tabs in Mumbai?

  8. @Poornima: I just love coco water! I cannot have enuf of it.. Earlier I used to have a hour long lunch break at office. The coco water fellow is a good 10 mins frm the office, so I wld always go & drink everyday.

    Since the last one year, the lunch break has been reduced to 30 mins. I barely manage to gobble down my lunch.. Miss the cocos :(

    So cool, yr routine sounds very goos too! I wld love to try the tomatoes juice..sounds yummy :)

  9. @ Anon & Mona: You can get these sonova spirulina tablets as well as capsules at any regular chemist or medical store :D

    & Thks for the appreciation :D

  10. @CZ: You look so hot, tht I doubt you wld need to do anything at all :D :D

    Get the capsules for Sunova, the tablets start dissolving in the mouth & they taste horrible..

  11. @Anamika: This sounds so simple & so so good!

    Just vaseline? Wow! That is great ya! Sure, why don't u do a post on your pre-wedding routine & put up yr pics. I am pretty sure ppl will be surprised & shocked at such a simple and doable routine :D

  12. yaay thanks for answering my request, and thanks for the shout out! I've heard so much about Spirulina, so I really want to try that. Funnily enough, I've also started exfoliating everyday, and its been quite nice to see clear skin on a regular basis these days. Thanks for the great tips. :)

  13. @Rima: LOL :D... poor girl! U must think we oldies are all mad with all our lotions & portions!

    Yea, spf 75! Even I was shocked initially.. Actually I just went up to the counter and asked them for their highest spf cream - they gave me this 75 one.. I bought this outta pure awe! :D

    U sound just like tht old female ghost who inhabitates phoebe's body in friends and won't leave untill she has seen everything... she finally departs when she sees ross give away his wife carol to her lesbian partner in the wedding :D LOL

  14. @Divija: You cld be right on the genetics part. I used to have trouble with very mild acne in my teens, but after i crossed my 20s, my skin has been in pretty good shape.. I just started fussing over it otherwise earlier I wld just use lotion & sunscreen :D

    I know wht u means Divs. I miss my daily coconut water too! Like I was cribbing to Poornima - I don't get to have it anymore & it pisses me off.

    I can imagine wht u must feel like - but to cheer u up - you get very good discounts at TBS which we don't get here. Plus you also get Vaseline Rosy lips there :D

  15. @Ashwini: You are most welcome babes!

    You should try Spirulina, especially if you are vegetarian - it is a very good source of protins (it has all 24 amino acids needed by us).. I remember you had gone on a vegan diet recently.. It could be a good supplement. But do check for allergies first. Some people are allergic to it..

    Frankly I now cannot do without exfoliating daily. It really does give me very clear skin & any zit that does arise, goes away quickly in a day or two.. No blemishes.. :D

    & You are most welcome :D... It was my pleasure to share it with you. :D

  16. I fall in Cynthia's Category. I had no time to do all this routine. I had only10-12 days to do all the shopping, and beauty routine. It was maddening. :D

    I so hated the Papya scrub. Every time I used it my skin used to turn red and rubbish and the sunscreen gave me rashes and all the redness. I have had pretty bad experiences with biotique except the kajal.I would say Kajal was also very mediocre.

    You had quite a routine. Lucky you. :D

  17. @Rati: LOL :D

    You seem allergic to all I review & use :D

  18. oh no!! I guess we have very different skin types. Although we fall in the same category of dry skin but out skin reacts very differently . And for some reason it is weird.

    I used both the products last year and I had to throw both the pots in a bin. The condition of my face became pretty bad. Haven't used any Biotique product since then.

    I think you must try the colorbar foundation. It broke me out. :D Infact, I am so going to buy the neutrogena lip blam on your reco and I did love the nivea lip balm. See? You have always been a great help Tanveer. DOn't even think like that. :)

  19. hey i liked your routine.. specially the coconut water and aloevera gel .. all natural stuff with great results :-)

  20. @Rati: Yea, :D

    Maybe u have sensitive skin, coz the last time a product broke me out was more than 3 years ago..

    Maybe Biotique doesn't suit everyone :D

    On tht note I think I will try Colorbar - maybe it'll become my holy grail... LOL. :D :D

    I am glad you liked the Nivea Lip Balm! It is one of my favorite products! :D

    Glad to be of help Rati :D :D

  21. @Gurupreet: Thks a lot.. I think maybe u too cld give it a shot since u are concentrating on your skin right now.. :D

  22. Loved Anamika's post...seems its the simplest and the safest (since me having a sensitive skin) way to maintain a good skin..will definitely follw the same...

  23. Did the Biotique sunscreen really work? If yes, the I would give it a try..the red sandalwood one did not work for me and I need a sunscreen.....

  24. @Bubli: Yea, it is a very good tip!

  25. I'm loving that skin care regimen. I need to start using sunscreen again.


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