Be right Back after a short break..

Hey Ppl,

Really sorry for not being able to post. Have been a little busy at home coz hubby has hurt his knee. I should be back by friday..

Fellow bloggers - I am sorry I havn't been able to comment... Will def catch up with y'all

& due to popular demand, we are going back to the old comments systems ppl :D

Thks for sticking around :D


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. wish the hubby a speedy recovery!
    here's a rose for both of you @}-'-,--

  3. Aww...too bad...hope yr hubby will be alright soon T. Regarding the comments system - old is gold :)

  4. Get well soon to your hubby. And you take care. :)

    The template looks nice. I like the bright blues around. :)

  5. @Rima: Thks so much for the sweet rose :D... tht is so kind of you..

    @CZ: Thks for the wishes CZ, & yea, this is simpler. Though I wish they had a reply to tab here as well in comments :D

    @Rati: Thks for the wishes. I got bored of the pale Grey & burgundy.. Glad u like it :D


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