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The Best Brown Eye Shadow Color for your Eyes

I love brown eye shadows. I feel that this is the most useful and wearable color from the lot as compared to blues and greens (not that I don’t like them once in a while). As a result I gravitate towards brown/neutral eye shadow palettes or even singles (I love NYX Champaign & Caviar palette).
After browns I think I have grey and purple the most, but probably I’ll do another post on that some other time.
I mistakenly believed that a simple matt brown eye shadow looked good on all eye colors. Not true.
Ok, well that is partially true in the sense that you can never go horribly wrong with it. You will always look decent and presentable in browns. Besides it suits every eye color and skin tone.
However I also noticed that certain tints of brown seemed to suit my green/grey eyes more than others. I got comparing, researching, talking and experimenting and found that there some shades and tints of brown that can make your eyes look even more pretty and elevate brown from the boring, back-up eye shadow or stand by crease definer status to holy grail.
Green Eyes- If you've got green or hazel eyes (gold/yellowy), look for dark browns with a hint of yellow undertones such as the color khaki or caramel or a hint of gold shimmer. The yellow brings out the green in the eyes beautifully.
Tip: I have green/grey eyes, and I just adore Jordana eyeshadow single – Hot Cocoa. It is a very nice chocolate brown with very subtle golden shimmer. I love pairing this with my Colorbar I-glide eyeliner Prunella (purple) if I want to really play up the green in my eyes.
Blue Eyes- I seriously doubt how many Indians have blue eyes (My eyes were blue when younger, but well) but if you are wearing lenses or are one of those lucky people, check out light browns with a gold tint  (like sand colored) or browns with a greyish purple tint (taupes).
Light brown eyes: Metallic coppery or bronze, girls is your best brown friend. Reddish brown tints make your brown eyes appear even deeper brown and intense.
Tip: Actually this is a very common color and you will be able to locate it in almost all brands. Jordana makes a eyeshadow pencil in this shade, but I can’t remember its name. (Sorry!)
Dark Brown Eyes and Black Eyes- If you have dark chocolate eyes, you can wear almost any shade of brown, but to make the best impact choose browns on the darker side with a charcoal tint so as not to get too matchy with your eye color. Girls with Dark Brown eyes can even use the same color as light brown eyes – coppery browns. Looks just as wow on them.
Tip: Matt dark earth brown is very common shade. The Maybelline Chai Latte Palette has this as its crease color (I think)
I have to thank my friend here, (who goes unnamed as per her wish), but who accompanies me on all my beauty trips. She has brown eyes and she helped me in lot in my experimentation at stores as well as with her experience with different brown eye shadows.
Of course this is just a tentative guide, and please by all means, feel free to wear and experiment with shades of brown you like.
What is your favorite shade of brown to play up your eyes?
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  1. I just love brown eyeshadows! It's the one color that ever disappoints esp when I'm in a hurry. My eyes are light brown so they do look best in bronze n cool browns


  2. My favourite is coppery browns. I also love blues and blacks on my eyes. Someday I want to try bright yellow and orange. The guide is lovely and very helpful. :)

    The matte dark brown is the outer crease colour in maybelline chai latte. :)

  3. Hey!! Me first:D

    I have black eyes which some time i notice looks brown as well..I like grey a lot and brown is like my every day wear..Albeit i have collection of blue,pink which i use when ever my dress matches with them...

    I love colors and i am looking for a biiiiigggg eye palate for my self...It should have atleast 50 colors .Do you know any brand for this?

  4. @CZ: I know! Even I love browns. & I have a lot of them.. I think about 90% of my collection is browns. Bronze makes light brown eyes look so pretty and playful!

  5. @Rati: Thks for reminding me on the maybelline color. :D

    Even I really like copper browns on dark brown eyes.. When u do use yellow and /or orange, do put up a pic.. :D I would love to see it.. I really like bright colors but hardly use them.

  6. @Anamika: Wow, blue & pink.. Now that i think about it - I have mostly browns, greys, purples and mauve colors.

    A 50 eye palette set? No, I don't know of any branded ones that are sold in stores in Mumbai.. U can get unbranded (unknown brands) ones at places like Alfa. I got some 100 color set for my sister's b'day a long time ago.

    If you are ok ordering online consider coastal pallet 88 set. This is branded one and I have heard a lot of gr8 things about this one. & it has a lot of shades :D

  7. Ok i will try it then .I want to play with colors.Mix and match them.blend them oh i love eye make up so much.

  8. eyeshadow quads are the best bet when it comes to trying out a new colour as they have varying shades of the same colour.

    i personally love ALL forms of browns. they're useful for a clean simple sweep as well as for a dramatic smokey look. besides, i've used greens, purples, blues, goldens, silvers and whites. yet to mess with yellows, oranges and pinks. somehow i feel that pinks don't look good on me!

  9. Rima, I look ill with pinks. The only pinks that I am able to carry are from the Bourjois smokey eye trio. i also love quads more than separate eyeshadows. :)

  10. yeaahhh quads are affordable too! i will definitely try out the bourjois trios. reading about them on your site has tempted me enough!

  11. wow ..thats very helpful !
    I have a single from Maybelline(dark brown with slight golden shimmer, maybe same as "hot cocoa") and I love it .. this really bring out my eyes (when yu can See them , that is :P)

  12. Tanveer,

    Thanks for the handy tip. Im debating myself on which eyeshawdow brand / color to get..Since I had dark circles, dint dare to do eye make-up.But now after reading your reviews esp smoky eye make-up, am gonna give a try buddy;)
    btw..whether Jordana brand is available in bangalore.

  13. @Rima: same here. I too prefer palettes and quads.

    Though I have seen that singles sometimes tend to be more pigmented than the quad - but that may be just my perception :)

    I too have never tried oranges, yellows, light blues or reds...

  14. @Palak: Yea, this maybelline single sounds just like hot cocoa.. Isn't it just so pretty!

  15. @Vidhya: Hey! Glad to help.. Actually strategically and carefully done eye make up can actually help take attention away from your dark circles!..

    Do let me know how it turns out for you.. I am sure u will look good..

    Hmm.. I don't Jordana is available outside of Mumbai.. but if you are looking for a good brown eye shadow quad try Maybelline Chai Latte quad - it has 4 shades of brown and costs Rs. 215/-

  16. Tanveer, one basic question.

    My darkcircle - upper eye area is brownish and lower eye area is black.
    do i need to conceal or apply cream to blend it with my skin tone before applying eye-shadow.
    will brown suit me...

  17. @Vidhya,

    It would definately be better if you used a concealor on the lid. That will not only create a primer kind of base to make your eyeshadow last longer but also even out your skin tone. If you don't like using a cream concelaor on the lid then try sweeping the entire area with a light cream eye shadow as base.

    For under the eyes - use a good concealer. I have heard nice things about the MAC one. I am using Bourjois currently and it is quite good as well. These are a little costly but do the job well. In the store before you buy, test the concealer on your under eye area before purchase.

    You can definitely wear brown - it looks good on all. Just stick to dark shades of brown. If you want you can even opt for dark browns or deep bronze with a little shimmer. It will take some attention away from the under eye area.

  18. Thanks for the detailed reply :)After reading your blog daily, now Im bit used to these beauty jargon words ;)Will check whether these brands are available in Bangalore. Can I procure this brand through online shopping.

    I too do bit research on ingredients list before using any product.I personally feel that this is foremost speciality about your blog.
    I mostly avoid harsh chemical based products.Thats why Im fan of biotique like you :) I like it so much :):)

    I couldnt find any ingredients list on eye shadows (maybelline/MeyBu).Any idea about EYE SHADOW ingredients and health hazardness

  19. can you suggest me some good brand for eye shawdow base. I dont like to use concealer in my lid. ;) feel its bit heavy

  20. I have dark brown eyes and my favorite beige/brown combo is from clinique - like mink :)

  21. Can never go wrong with brown- they will nvr make u look overdone & if applied correctly they look v subtle & pretty!!Gr8 post--My fav is copper/ bronze..I love it when the brown has slight shimmer in it!!Jordana shadow- cafe latte is v office wear- v neutral & no fuss!!

  22. @Vidhya: Glad to be of help Vids! I am not sure if Jordana sells online - you could check out their website - maybe they do :D

    Yea, I am a little into ingrideint lists. i just think that if you applying something on your face you ought to atleast spend a few minutes reading the list. But there are some people who don't like doing this & think it is a waste of time - each to his her own :)

    I really like Biotique too. Their stuff really suits my skin :)

    As far as eyeshadow ingridienst are concerned - let me see if I can look up this for you. :D

    & eyeshadow base - BeYu makes one - i have not tried it though. MAC, Inglot also make them. If they suit your budget you could try them out.

  23. @Shivannix: Sounds nice.. :D

    @Simran: I agree! Browns are my safety net. If I can't think of anything i fall back on them. Yes, Cafe latte is the most fool proof brown I have seen. It goes on matt, even, great pay-off and so neutral for office, it doesn't seems out of place :D

  24. Thank youuuu Tanveer :)

  25. The shimmer cubes from TBS is my current collection of browns. Need to try Chai Latte Quad :-)

  26. @Vids: Yr most welcome!

    @Poornima: How are the shimmer cubes? Review?

  27. Oh yes Tanvi..

    I'll do a swatch and review soon :-)

  28. Frankly speaking I am quite apprehensive of doing a swatch and review for makeup. It would be my first time. Don't know how to go about it :-P

  29. @Poornima: Don't worry. I was so apprehensive myself when putting up this giveaway. Really worried.

    Don't worry - we r thr to support u :)


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