Biotique Fruit Face Pack - A Review

What it claims: Skin Whitening and Fairness Pack.Cures pigmentation of skin, eczema, porasis and increases blood circulation

To use: Apply a thick layer on clean dry face and neck. Avoid eye and mouth area. Put cotton pad soaked with cucumber water on eye area. Rest till completely dry. Then remove with wet sponge or just with cool water. Follow with freshener and then moisturizer.

Recommended for all skin types, not recommended for sensitive skin. May cause burning sensation due to effective ingredients.

May cause burning sensation due to effective ingridients

Price: A pack of 85 gms costs Rs. 180 /-


5% Multani Mitti: (In skin care, fuller's earth has been used as a facial mask because of its ability to absorb impurities. It is gentle and can even be used daily by some people.Fuller's Earth can also be used to treat burn or acne scars by making a mixture of lemon juice, rose water, and fuller's earth.)

2.5% Geru (Another name for this is Garric. I could not figure out what this is. If you know, please enlighten)

1.5% Yashad Bhasma (Zinc Calx: It has shown beneficial effects in acne and is known to have antiseptic and astringent properties.)

3% Tamatar Ras (Tomatoes: has large quantities of lycopene - one of the most powerful natural antioxidants)

5% Anannas Ras (Pineapple: promotes skin elasticity while removing dead damaged skin, improving hydration and moisture and promoting a more elastic and clear looking skin)

2% Kiker Gond (another one of the mysteries. I don' t know what this is)

QS Paste Base


1. This mask is highly effective. A deep red paste, it really works to reveal softer, smoother and a more radiant skin tone instantly.  This is my go-to mask when I have to attend a function and need a quick facial. Though I definitely don't use this everyday like the pack advises. Seems too potent for daily use on the entire face. I think that a spot treatment with this for blemish lightening might be a better idea

2. Minimizes pores - although very temporarily for like 5 - 6 hours.

3. Although it has multani mitti - it did not dry out my combination skin's dry bits

3. Lasts long. Even though I have had to apply a thick layer, it spreads easily and lasts long.

4. The smell is mild enough not to irritate


1. It does sting a little bit. Very mild though. Nothing discomforting in my case and I could bear it. But the pack clearly states not for sensitive skin. So use your discretion before use.

2. It is quite thick and therefore a little difficult to wash off.

3. The packaging is not good. It is very difficult to remove this from the narrow mouth deep bottle. I have a special spatula (actually an old ice cream plastic spoon) just for this to avoid getting this under my fingers.

4. I don't know if it cures eczema or porasis. I have neither to begin with. 

Will I re-purchase: Yea. I liked this one.

Please note that the pack clearly states that it is not meant for sensitive skin. Use your own knowledge of past skin experience when purchasing this one.

Fruit Face packs seem to be a favourite of all herbal companies - almost all of them have one. Instantly I can recollect that Himalaya & VLCC too have their versions of this. Though I don't know if they carry the same disclaimer of not for use for sensitive skin.

Have you used any other fruit face pack? What is your review? 
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  1. I have himalayas fruitpack and I have sensitive doesn't irritate my skin and doesn't state that not to be used by sensitive skin.

  2. I tried it but it didnt worked for me at all.Gave me some glow that too very minimal one.

  3. Even I have used Himalaya Fruit Pack. And to be frank, no issues with that and no benefits too :-(

    This looks worth a try. Anyways I am a huge fan of Biotique stuff..Oh and Tanvi, when I visited the supermarket, I looked for the new packing of their products. But seems it has not yet reached. Everything was in the same old containers. or probably these guys are selling the stocked up pieces.

  4. I regularly use the HImalaya fruit pack, it does not irritate my skin. It's ncie but not something I could brag about.

    You have seen the red mud paint on the mitti ka pots? That is Geru. It is used in a lot of natural face packs. It is not recommended for sensitive skin.

  5. Sounds nice - these days there are so many products & face packs its almost a mystery to decide which one to use!!
    I have used a few biotique products- find them to be better than Himalaya!

  6. Never tried this..the ingredients sound good though. The fruit face pack i've used is Himalaya' of those things I neglect.

  7. don't you just love the sound of "fruit pack"? sounds delicious! i, like many others, have used the one from himalaya. don't really notice a difference after using it! the neem pack works better for me because it has a granular texture. it smoothens out my skin even as i take it off.

  8. @Sarah: Hey! Thks for the info.. Now am wondering - wht is glue doing in this pack?? :D :D

    @Anamika: Too bad it didn't work out for you :).. sometimes not everything works for everyone..

  9. @Poornima: LOL! I loved the no issues, no benefits line... :D

    I too am a big fan of Biotique.. But it does not seem to suit everyone.. Some ppl's skin seems to react rather violently to it for some reason, hence I am never sure when recommending it :D

    Yea, maybe they are selling out the old stuff - just like colorbar is doing here.. yet to see any signs of their new blushes or kajals.. have been out of stock for a month now :(

  10. @Rati: Himalaya seems like the popular one here! :D..

    Thks for the tip on Geru.. Tht is probably what gives this pack its brick red color..

  11. @Simran: Yea, I too get confused.. Just too many products :P

    Even I agree, Biotique does seem to be better than Himalaya, and they also have a bigger product range.. :D

  12. @CZ: :D... everyone seems to have bought a tube of this Himalaya's fruit pack :D

    @Divs: Which comment Divs? Maybe it got eaten by blogger.. Sorry! Care to post again??

    @Rima: I love the sound of fruit pack - frankly I was expecting more fruits in the ingredient list - like lemons & grapes & maybe a watermelon & papaya & all.. LOL, I have to remind myself that this is a fruit pack and not fruit salad..

    I have not tried their neem one as yet :D Will try it once I finish this :)

  13. Hey Tanveer ,

    Looks nice shall try it... By the way my skin loves your honey and lemon daily pack and weekly curd ritual...

    Also got my hands on Bio glow moisturiser you had recommended...and its really nice and what quantity and what a price ...

    Cant thank you enough ...


  14. Hey Tanveer ,

    Looks nice shall try it... By the way my skin loves your honey and lemon daily pack and weekly curd ritual...

    Also got my hands on Bio glow moisturiser you had recommended...and its really nice and what quantity and what a price ...

    Cant thank you enough ...


  15. @Shweta: I know.. Ain't honey just wonderful? I actually got this tip from a interview of Padmalaxmi - she apparently lugs around a jar of honey for a quick facial.. I just added a few drops of lemon to add some Vitamin C.

    I just love the softness post application.

    & Bioglow - what can I say, I have now gifted away tubs of this to my mom , aunts & all. I just love it.


  17. Kiker gond is arabic gum. It's used in a lot of ayurvedic remidies.

  18. hey hi,
    i have one doubt...can biotique morning nectar be used in day time? please reply me soon

  19. i recently purchased this one, and yes it is quite effective. Effects dont last long, but I would use it right before an occasion.

  20. I have used himalaya fruit pack..its fine but nothing great about it...would love to try this one...heard lot of good things about this...

  21. I use VLCC mud pack..It is good ..It makes skin looks fresh and gives an glow, even though for two days :-p..Now i have to try biotique :)

  22. Hi. Geru or Garric is red ochre. I have been advised to try Biotique Fruit Mask as an alternative to my usual Nomarks Wet Face Pack which has been discontinued.

  23. Hi everyone.

    GERU or GARRIC is Biotique Fruit Mask is RED OCHRE. I have been advised to use Biotique Fruit Mask instead of my usual Nomarks Wet Face Pack. I believe Nomarks discontinued it. So I am going to try Biotique instead.

  24. geru is sand of dark orange/red color found in hill areas,


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