So Sorry... I totally should have done it earlier

This was totally unintended. I never realized that I didn't share a single pic of myself with you guys - my blogosphere family. While I knew what all of you looked like. So if you were to bump into me I would recognize you, but you would not know me..

I don't know how this slipped my mind. But I am rectifying it right away. First of all my pic is posted on Divija's blog with my interview, I have also changed my profile pic and finally on top of this page you will see a tab "Who is Addicted to Blush?", I have put up a few more pictures there. (To go there directly click here)

I am really sorry for having not done this earlier, & thks for all the lovely compliments people. :-D

Btw here is a picture of me with my lovely hubby Pranay. Ours is a love marriage and we just completed a year in January. He is the wind beneath my wings. He grew this beard specially so that he would not look odd with a turban. And what a dashing sardar he made. I am so proud of him. 

Below is a pic of us at the wedding. I couldn't find a better pic as am not using my personal lappie.


  1. beautiful. i would never have guessed that your husband isn't a sikh if you just showed me the second picture.

  2. Yr skin looks so luminous in the first pic. Do tell which base u put. TELL!!! ;D n those aren't contacts u have on, r they?
    Your hubby looks a bit like Sanjay Suri there ;)

  3. U shld hav so done his earlier- can't believe u didn't realize that u haven't!!
    Great pics of course!!

  4. Aww!! such cute pics. Marriage pics always make me nostalgic. :)I find all daadi/naanis extremy cute. They are very adorable . Isn't it? :)

  5. Ok pleeease fess up on how you have such amazing skin! I know your eyes are a gift, but share the secret of your skin!! Great pics, your husband is cute. I might do a similar post. :)

  6. Wow!! Great both make a very nice couple :) And you have a great complexion!!


  7. @Rima: A lot of my relatives who met him at the wedding directly were super confused - they were told earlier tht i was marrying a Gupta - but here was a Sikh fellow.. LOL. God, he made such a cute sardar - I cldn't stop staring at him throughout the wedding :D :D

  8. @CZ: LOL! Ok, I am confessing. Tht glow is all thks to an illuminating lotion (I think the stylist used Revlon Skinlights illuminating lotion in Pink Light - but i'll confirm with her & let u know in a week).. It looks a lil bit too much in person, but it translates very well in pictures.

    & those are my real eyes. I have never worn contacts ever - but I do get tht a lot.. :D

    Thks a lot for all appreciation! u r a very pretty babe yrself!

  9. ohh!! Thas so sweet of your hubby to specially wear a turban ....You both look adorable:)

  10. @Simran: Thks a lot :D.. I know! I totally forgot about it :P

    @Rati: Why don't u post yr marriage pics too :D.. Tht's my nani in the pick - I get a lot of home remedies frm her, she is a storehouse of them :D

    @Ashiwini: Thks a lot! & yea, why don't u too do a similar post..

    I had followed a very strict skin regime for 3 mnths before the wedding - I'll post on it in the coming week :D

    @Swati: Thks a lot!

    @Anamika: I know. Pranay is really nice :D.. Thks :D

  11. OMG! you look stunning gurl :) You have gorgeous eyes and you guys make such a lovely pair!

  12. I would have but my hubby likes to enjoy his annonimity. :P

  13. @Gawjas: Thks a lot :D

    @Rati: :D

  14. lovely pics....what lipstick are you wearing in the top most pics....looks soooooooo pretthhhyy

  15. @Chibu: That lipstick is "Bare" by Colorbar Cosmetics. I really like to use this when I am doing a smokey eye.

  16. I just stumbled upon this post and both of you look lovely. Btw, your skin glows, even in the pics CZ posted, you were glowing:)


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