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Tag: Three's of Me

Divija , the body shop expert, tagged me to do the Three's of Me post. 

I thought it was quick spiffy tag so here goes: 

1. Three names I go by? 
Tanny, Tans..

2. Three jobs I have had? 

Lecturer, Admin incharge at IP Law institute & Learning / OD Manager

3. Three places I have lived? Village, country or continent? 

Only Mumbai..

4. Three favorite drinks? 

strawberry & banana smoothie, mango milkshake and watermelon juice!

5. Three TV shows I watch? 

As of right now I just get time to watch Friends..

6. Three places I have been? 

Goa, Punjab & Jabalpur

7. Three places I would like to visit? I

Greece, Paris & Venice

8.  Three people who text me regularly? 

Mostly Vodafone asking me to pay the bill or download some caller tune
secondly some vendor offering pest control or astrological services
thirdly my friend Chaitali asking me what time I plan to leave office?

9. Three favorite old TV shows? 

Seinfeld, Frazier and ... Small Wonder (with Vicky the robot)
10. T
hree favorite dishes? 

Hmm.. this is tough.. I'll pick rajma - rice, boiled corn and sev puri 
11. Three makeup products I cannot live without? 

Eyeliner, lip balm & blush

12. Three things I am looking forward to? 

The inglot store near my house actually opening up (finally, when will the recession end???), Urban decay & bobbi brown in India & sale at MAC (does this even happen?) - God I am a certified addict.. LOL.

I tag everyone. Those of you interested can do it :-D


  1. aww the cuppy cakes look delicious! and my mouth's watering just thinking about sev puri! i think i better go have my dinner now...

  2. Enjoyed ur post :) loved the vodafone part....LOL

    I never thougtht somebody wud do the tag so quick, but this is that kind of tag where u can simply sleep and type..........

  3. Tanny is a lovely name..think i'll go by it. what say?


    Vodafone answer is ROTFL

  4. Hey T, u have surely made me the new make up actually thinking about sale at mac .. hehehehe.. ur 3's of me are interesting

  5. MAC does not hold sales, I asked them. lol!! Whenever I come to Bombay, I binge on sev puri, batata vada and pao bahji. I think no one else can make them better. We get Mumbai behl puri in Delhi but it is no where close to what you get there. :) Love the boil corn and rajma chawal as well.

    Did I ever mention that my in-laws are in Jabalpur and I go there quite often? :D

  6. Bombay sev puri is so much heard that now reading your post i really want to try it out.

    and your visiting thing is really funny Tanveer:))

  7. Hehe...I actually called a Mac store to ask them if they have a company outlet n they didn't understand wht I meant! They kept saying yes we have outlets (stores) :D. I want UD n BB toooo...le sigh


  8. @Rima: I know.. such a vintage kind of picture na.. these days you just don't get such vintage baked food anymore - it is all souffles and all such fancy stuff. :D

    @Divs: Thks.. Yea, I was feeling a little lazy and this tag seemed real easy & quick to do :D

    @Gurupreet: Ha ha :D
    Welcome to the club.. MAC does not have sales, I think.. Ppl are so crazy about their stuff that they sell out anyways - they don't need sales to clear inventories. Personally I love their PR & marketing strategy. Has ensured that MAC is one of those brands that never needs a sale ;)

  9. @Rati: I think every Indian city has its own special chat, I always love trying new street food - Bombay has bhel & sev puri, Punjab has its papdi chat (which ppl make a hash of over here), jabalpur has its tomato chat..

    Btw, even my in-laws are in Jabalpur :)

  10. @Anamika: next time yr in Mumbai u must try it.. :D..

    I didn't understand the visiting thing u found funny :P.. care to elaborate? :D

  11. @CZ: I don't think MAC even understand the concept of discount or sale, since they really don't need those things to move their inventory.. all their products sell like hot cakes...

    The other day I saw MAC fluidline in black being sold for 400 bucks at my local beauty store. It looked so dam genuine.. I just could not figure out if it was a Chinese dupe or original.. I was really tempted, but then better sense took over and I left it.

  12. MAC and Sale!!In the same sentence!!That is funny!!
    Nice n fun post..
    I will surely hav dreams of a Mac sale tonight..

  13. @Simran: I Know.. if wishes were horses that beggars could ride.. *sigh* :D :D


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