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10 Reasons Why People Avoid Make Up

Just a fun post!

Most women have a love-hate relationship with makeup.

Either they enjoy it immensely or else they shun it as a clutch of the immoral. After conversing with a few women and girls I know, I realised that the ones who shun make up do so for generally the following reasons:

1. I save Time - technically this is right, consider the time spent in not only buying but even applying makeup.

2. I save Money - also true. Can't fight this.

3. I am Lazy - well, yeah, there are some of us who are just plain lazy and will put off going to the parlour until the last moment of urgency, when the unibrow emerges.

4. I like the natural look

5. I am a closet paranoid and I am sure it is full of harmful substances that will cause my hair to fall out and skin to break out - Can't blame them. Most Indian companies don't disclose the ingredient list at all. So we are equally clueless when it comes to out lipstick or eyeshadow.

6. I have sensitive skin and nothing suits me - whether real or imagined a lot of women cite this reason. I just think one bad experience should not turn you off. We all have to kiss frogs before we meet the prince.

7. I am annoyed by peer/media/society pressure to wear makeup, so I refuse to wear it.

8. I think there's too much emphasis on superficial beauty and not enough on inner beauty; I want to show others that one can be beautiful without makeup.

9. My religious leader/mother/boyfriend/husband/assorted relative has denounced makeup as a sinful tool of wanton pride. Since I don't want to inadvertently go to Hell when I die, I go barefaced.

10. I am a guy.

This is not mean to offend anyone. Just a fun post on reasons I have heard. Personally, I love makeup, but also believe it is an individual choice, all of us are pretty whether we use makeup to enhance our features or not.

What are some of the reasons you have heard for shunning of makeup?


  1. Fun post but absolutely true. I have heard all those reasons from someone or the other! I just don't understand what people have so much against makeup..have personally experienced that. Ppl looking down on me cos I "go to beauty parlour" and put "colour on lips!!" I just want to look neat - is that so bad???

  2. hehe .. You made me laugh so hard on that "we all have to kiss the frogs before we meet our prince "
    Within my peers, anyone who wears makeup ( read eyeshadow or lipstick) is an outcast and branded a"S$%t"
    Sad but true :(
    Thats the reason none of my friend knows about my "beauty blog"

  3. "Kiss the frog before we meet our Prince" ROTFL

    Can't stop laughing when I read such lines Tanveer.. Now I guess I know what my family/colleagues why even my doggie thinks..

    "This woman is normal when she does her routine work..but the moment she starts reading blogs/tweets, she goes nuts" **eyes rolling**


    I loved this post to bits. I have heard people saying that they avoid makeup coz it makes them look like "those type o women"..strange eh? And they admire and ogle at mags and celebrities and say "All that is for the rich n famous"

    Oops..that was a long comment..

  4. Hey!!Did u get reason 1,2 & 3 frm me!!???????!! Hahhhaaa! JK!!
    Loved the post..really fun,,also loved reason 10, who did u get dat frm??
    Very well written!!!

    Palak, I did not know dat some ppl think lik dat,, its so hypocritical & v sad.

  5. Hey not really sometimes the reason is as simple as i dont know how to :)

  6. ROTFL. " I am a guy" . Just laughing and laughing. I guess I would like to go to hell with makeup on. It would add so much glamour to that sad place. :D :D :D

  7. I myself have used 2 of them.. im lazy and my skin is sensitive but never for makeup but for skincare stuff. Now though im trying to bid the paranoia goodbye and have started using a facewash. next on my list is fabinida's rose water, bk under eye cream. and still confused about a moisturizer for oily skin. i have so many skincare creams that i bought and used for 2-3 days, then got a pimple or two and stopped using them. The moisturizers were then used on my feet and hands, the scrubs on my body and toners on just my neck.

  8. Thats so true!


  9. I am so guilty of one, two, and three and in addition to that I am not that expert in applying make up so there are times that I am messing up and just wants to go bare face to work, but this are really true!

  10. Hey Tanveer.Little late but will join in now for this post.

    I don care what others think as I do make up for myself and for my confidence but I encourage others to do make up..

    Yesterday only I met my friend and she was praising for my look.I asked her to try make up but she said it doesn't suit her.I immediately took her to TBS shop and asked the SA to try loose powder on her.She loved it and bought it too.:P

  11. Lmao at #9 :D . It is a fun post!


  12. i cracked up after reading the 10th reason :D:D:D

  13. Hahah this was really funny!


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