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Bourjois Effet Liner Effect Mascara (Black) - Review

What it claims: Treat your eyes to some doe-eyed glamour !

Intensely lengthening and root emphasising
An innovative new mascara with a flexible new-generation brush that enables you to create a perfect doe-eyed look.

The brush has a double action:

Step 1: Use long bristles to stretch the mascara formula from root to tip. Intensely lengthens lashes without clumping.

Step 2: Use short bristles to deposit formula at the base of the lashes, emphasising roots for a liner effect. It will look as though you have used a pencil khol in the inside rim of your lashes, without the hassle!

The mascara formula is enriched with khol to intensify the result.

For an intense glance that will surely be irresistible

Price: Rs. 520 for a tube
Available at New Beauty Centre, Khar
1. This does really deliver on it's outlandish claim of creating a liner like effect! When I got this I was very intrigued and actually shocked when post application it did give me a fine liner like look and effect. Perfect two in one for summers - the mascara lengthens my lashes and also looks like a liner. I love such multipurpose products.
2. It lengthens and darkens my lashes like nobody's business (the khol really works at delivering a kaua (crow) black color), and did not clump at all.
3. I got the waterproof version and experienced no smudging or flaking even after 24 hour wear (I was really tired on Saturday and went off to sleep without taking it off - I know Bad Thing!). PS: I haven't cried with this on as yet, so don't know if it stays on then!
1. This is a very wet formula. It takes a while to dry, so post application be very careful not to blink for at least two minutes or you will have black marks underneath your eyes. This is not very good for rushed Monday Office Mornings.
2. It was tough to use this initially. It takes time, concentration and it is very difficult to reach into the base of the lashes the first time around with those tiny bristles. It took me a while (read - a week) of everyday application to get the hang of it. The wand is quite spiky and the bristles are a little sharp. (lets not go onto details here - just know this is personal pain experience), plus you need a lash comb to reset your lashes post application - it doesn't clump them, but kind of dishevels them.
3. This is really sad to remove - it comes off easily, but is so deeply pigmented that I always end up with black circles underneath the eyes and have to cleanse twice.
4. Available only in black in India. Abroad they have more color options like brown and purple.
Will I repurchase: Except for the troublesome wait time for it to dry, I am really liking this mascara. It really challenged my mascara application technique and frankly the other day while working with Maybelline - I noticed I have actually become better at it.
It lengthens beautifully and gives the lashes a very glamorous look and I love the liner effect it gives. During summers I tend to skip liners as I find them too heavy, this is perfect for me to wear during summers.
For Swatches: go here and here
Which mascara are you using currently?


  1. This sounds really nice, Tanver. And I guess all these challenging applications helps us to learn something at the end of the day. :)

    You remember the brown mascara that I got as a promotional thing with my Smokey eye trios? It was very disappointing so I was a bit skeptical about buying mascara from bourjois. Glad you did this review, I guess I will give this a try. It sound super interesting. :P

  2. 2 in 1 sounds good..I think I will check it out next time. I saw the clubbing mascara and was asked if I would like to try..But than I didnt do as I already had worn mascara that day..Need to go with plain/empty? lashes next time LOL..

  3. You know i read so much about mascaras that it is so confusing.Though i like my TBS mascara but still would like to explore more.

  4. U know, last year I waited so impatiently for this! And when it came out I didn't want it anymore coz I had read bad reviews about it. Most say that it smudges a lot and blah blah. On the other hand, I love their Volume Clubbing Mascara ;)


  5. @rati: I had actually gone to get their volume clubbing mascara - but this one just made me so curious. Liner effect & all! It was just too much to resist

    @Poornima: I too had gone to get clubbing mascara but got this instead. I actually never try tester mascara on the eyes.. Actaully I aviod trying any eye product and buy it on gut feel simply coz I remember this one thing from my immuno classes - Eye is the only organ without an immune defense system making it very susceptible to infections.

    @Anamika: there are so many prdts out there that it can get confusing for anything.. haven't tried TBS myself :D

    @CZ: It is a very wet, liquid product and takes a while to dry, maybe that caused the smudging.. It is a little difficult to use initially and maybe that might have put people off.. :D

  6. I actually was skeptical myself wen u told me bout it!! Glad to know it works!! Bt normally i can control my blinking- bt whenever I hav these mascaras on I jst get this irresistible urge to blink..reverse psycho!!
    Nice review!!

  7. Hey Tanveer, long time - how are you doing?

    Sorry, haven't been posting comments anywhere - was really busy with exams. Started doing that today.

    Mascara and eyeliner in one - gotta check this one out except we dont have Bourjois in Canada :(

  8. Ohh..Thanks Tanveer..That is new info to me.

    eeks..sounds scary.

    **promises to self** never ever do trials on eyes**


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