Jovees - Papaya & Honey Facial Scrub

What they claim: Papaya & Honey - Daily use Mud Scrub (normal to dry skin)
This mud-based scrub is a unique formulation contains Papaya Seeds, Honey, Fenugreek, Margosa (Neem) as the key active ingredients that help to discover a new kind of luminosity day after day. This scrub is a deep pore cleanser that wipes away spent surface cells, revealing a smoother, clearer and refined complexion.
Method of use

Moisten face and neck. Apply Jovees Papaya & Honey Scrub all over face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes. Massage gently with fingertips for 2-3 minutes using anti-clock and clock wise strokes. Leave on for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Follow with jovees Day Cream.

Active Ingredients: Papaya Seeds, Honey, Fenugreek, Margosa (Neem).

Price: Rs. 155 for 100 gms tube
Available: At Beauty Center (you get some 25% off here)
1. Like it claims, it does leave my skin softer and more cleaner looking - definitely more clear and luminous and even shrinks the pores.
2. Despite being mud (multani mitti) based it does not make my skin dry.
3. The packaging is good - this is a nifty tube with flip cap so you remove without contaminating the rest
4. Mild enough for daily use, though after the first week I have reduced its usage to about 3 times a week (simply coz I am feeling very lazy in this summer heat)
1. The papaya seeds scrub is abrasive, a little like Biotique's Papaya scrub.  
2. No full ingredient list has been provided
Will I re-purchase: Yes. It delivers on its promise of providing clear luminous skin.
Alternate method of usage: The papaya seed particles by themselves seem abrasive - hence I don't follow the given method of use.
Instead I wet my face, just smooth this gently all over, without scrubbing and wash it off once it is dry.
Jovees is a brand that has been available for long, however I never got around to buying anything from it.
This product was recommended to me by Shweta - Thanks! :-D
Side Note: A reader Priyanka - had asked me for the price of NYX Round Lipstick. It's 395/-. I got myself one recently in the shade - Mars.


  1. I always wonder. How come none of us bothered to try this brand at all. It has been in the cosmetic market for quite a few years now. Feels strange no? LOL..Maybe your review will be an auspicious beginning :-)

    Thank you Tanveer

  2. Hey Tanveer,

    Nice View..Once again totally agree with you :)


  3. Hey Tanveer!!!

    Nice to see you back after your weekend..

    Scrub sounds good...What about the fragrance of the scrub?

  4. It sounds nice..evn i find the biotique scrub v abrasive..Nice review,,I like the mint green colour of the tube!!

  5. It sounds nice... soothing look

  6. Papaya works on my skin in any which way.....I think this will also work for me too.

  7. Sounds a nice product!.. I have nt seen this brand in stores though . Guess its not very popular in the south.

  8. I agree with what Poornima said. It's been around for quite sometime now but we never bothered to pick it up. May be because SA were way too pushy about this brand. Nice review. :)

  9. Hi Rati
    I have been following ur and Rati's blog for a week and absolutely loving it!!! We so needed blogs which provides info about the brands available in India. This is my first comment on ur blog :-)

    Coming to Jovees, I see the products a lot in the grocery stores and local market cosmetics stores in Delhi. I use its Kajal and would any day recommend it over Biotique Kajal. I use it in inner-eye it smudges very less for a herbal Kajal, though it may spread if you do too much layering.

    My friend uses it Gold mask from its golden facial range and she recommends it for instant glow.

    I tried its gold under-eye gel, but discontinued since I didn't like the stretchy feeling (it was more stretchy than Aroma magic gel). Would get back to it and try it once more after I finish off my Aroma Magic stock.

    My mom-in-law tried this Papaya scrub on her arms too since she had lot of uneven tan on her arms. It worked well on that and her arms seemed to give an even look after its usage.


  10. Yet to try Jovees, but I can hardly remember this brand! I believe I heard about some brand that sounds somewhat similar, which is mostly used at beauty parlours...

    the ingredients sound so natural, so no harm in trying....i dont mind trying this if it can help achieve even skin tone...wat do u suggest, tanvi?

    when r u going to post the NYX Mars swatch? I doubt if you ever post that :) i replied to ur query on TBS lip balm....sweet day, tanvi

  11. I need some deeeeep cleansing! haha

  12. Sounds good ,let me finish with my Neutrogena scrub.. then I will definitely be picking this up !Thanks for the wonderful review

  13. Sorry Tanveer
    I had parallely opened Rati's blog when I was typing my earlier comment. Hence I addressed the comment to Rati instead of ur name. Sorry :-)

  14. @Poornima: I know! It wld be there in the shelves & I wld just walk past it :)

    @Shweta: Thks for recommending this :P

    @Anamika: Fragrance is just okish.. Kinda smells a little weird actually but it disipates soon after.

    @Simran & Gurpreet: Thks :D

  15. @Jomol: Yup, papaya works well for me too ;D

    @Wanderlust: It is possible it is not available down south.. sometimes such things happen

    @Rati: Thks. I know! I too got it after Shweta egged me to..

    @Pink Hibuiscus (Sharada): Thks for the follow and glad u r enjoying the blog.. No issues on the name mix-up. It happens :D

    Thks for all tht gr8 info on other Jovees prdts. I have not tried anything else and this proves to be a good ready reckoner.

    @Divija: If you liked Biotique's Papaya scrub - you will like this one too :D
    Swatches.. hmmm.. LOL. Will do if i have the time :D

  16. this is the most effective scrub ever! a bit too abrasive, but it has helped my dry skin at the right moments (read "in moments of emergency"!)

  17. Can u temme which products are good aroma magic r jovees....coz m luking for sumthing herbal...

  18. Can nyone temme which products are gud aroma magic r jovees as m luking for sumthing herbal....


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