Lotus Herbals Safe Sun – Sunscreen Facewash Gel Review

Review by Simran

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun – Sunscreen Facewash Gel

Grapes and Plum Sun Protection

What it claims: Leaves a Sun Protection film on the face after wash. Contains an innovative sun screen agent, invented in USA only recently.

Grapes: Deep pore cleansing and normalizing pH balance of skin

Plums: Helps deposit sun screen agent on skin evenly and imparting smooth and silky feel to skin

Directions: Before you apply Sun block cream / lotion wash face with this sparkling gel. Squeeze out a small quantity on palm. Apply on face and work up lather. Rinse, pat dry.

Best Before 3 years of packaging.

Price: 80 gms for Rs. 99

Skin types: All

Pros: Anyone with a skin as oily and sensitive as mine will be able to tell what a dilemma sun screens pose for us! In a country where you cannot escape the blistering sun, stepping out sans sun screen is equivalent to a crime, but using it will also make you spend the entire day thinking how many pimples you are going to wake up with tomorrow.

Scared more of scars than tans, I used to skip the process of using sun protectants till I came across this gel. Since this is a facewash which you will rinse off after 2 mins and not actually be applying a lotion on the face, it makes it a lot safer and less hasselfree.

I have not yet broken out because of this product and fell less guilty than I would stepping out in the sun bare faced. Skin feels very light and free of any thick pasty product.

Also it has this sparkling ingredient that makes the skin shine/glow for a while and it also happens to be very cooling. It feels very refreshing on the face.

Grapes are known to have OPCs (oligometric proanthocyanidins) and Resveratrol which are antioxidants and hence anti ageing. They are also hydrating and have healing properties.

Plums are also filled with antioxidants and are an excellent cleanser for oily skin as well as sensitive skin. They are used to make skin soft and supple, tone and moisturize it. It is also known to improve skin texture.
Cons: No Ingredient list. Only ingredients mentioned are grapes and plums and even their quantity is not given. I tried finding the ingredients list on the net too but no success. Are the other ingredients also herbal? Like I mentioned the gel has a shimmering texture and there is no mention of its source.

Another issue is no details of the SPF power. Considering that this is a sunscreen facewash the SPF surely needs to be mentioned. Also the directions make it sound like this is to be used preliminary to a lotion. Does this mean that this alone is not enough? I have been using this regularly on my face since a few weeks and have not tanned (I spend 30 mins in the sun everyday). But I would like to know the exact extent of its power.

Will I buy this again: Yes. It was a relief for me to find some sort of sun protection that I could use without breaking out. Until more versions of such a product are released with proper SPF details this is the product to use for me.


  1. Tanveer has oily skin - I had to scroll up and check the name!!!! Nice post Simran :-) Oily skin and sunscreens..I can totally understand that! Even I used to be prefer tanning to the scars, but how does this work - won't you be washing away whatever you put on the face?

  2. Have you tried the lotus matte gel sunscreen? that's supposed to be light on oily skin...

  3. I have used this myself & my experince was just like yours.

    This in fact detanned my skin too - to quite some extent! I used this for a year and then got distracted and moved on to other things. It also never dried out my face. I must start using this again! Nice review! :D

  4. Hi Simran,

    You should come with more posts.Your post are really concvincing.Albeit i don have oily skin but using an suncreen face wash in summer is a good idea.

  5. @ Rads- Thanks, that is the beauty, u r not actually applying any lotion on ur face, jst a facewash! They hav claimed to discover a sunscreen agent, evn though u wash it off it leaves a film behind, so ur protected..actually in Bombay's humid heat evn other sunscreen creams do wear off to a gr8 extent due to the buckets of sweat on ur face!!

    @ Sarah- Thank u!!

    @ Ki- I hav tried Lotus Intensive sunblock spray- did not wrk for me, maybe i'll try the matte gel- thanks for the recco.

  6. @ Tanveer- I lik this too! thay hav mentioned it is for all skin types, that means its true!!Thanks!!

    @ Anamika- Thanks a lot- really very sweet of u!!I will write more posts!! Sure u can giv this a go- I myself hate putting on anything on my face during summer months..let me know if u lik it

  7. Now..this is so cute..It has become a sister's blog..
    I love it :-)

    I am currently using their Matte Gel with SPF 50..Its good and keeping my face non oily..

  8. I too like the review , Just confused .. how does it leave film behind ??
    hehe , I think they dont have mentioned , sounds good to me.. would give this a try :)

  9. ek, no ingredient list freaks me out! You're brave for trying. ;)


    xox Laura Beth

  10. @ Poornima: Thanks!! Their sunscreens don't work out for me that well!!Maybe the matte gel is diff? Evn Ki has recco it!

    @ Palak: No they hav not mentioned..I Know they're claims sound a little strange bt they worked for me!!Let me know if u lik it! :)

    @ Laura: I guess I am!!Lol!!

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  13. Great post Simran! I am in the USA, so I'm looking for the best price on this product online. So far the lowest price I have seen is $11.00 USD, which is a bit expensive. Any ideas where I can get it cheaper online? I am allergic to the sun, so I'm desperately searching for a wash to use on my whole body that will deposit sunscreen at the same time, as using regular sunscreen breaks me out all over my body. Let me know what you think and take care! =)


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