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Back by popular demand of the oilies - another post by Simran.

Multani mitti was one of the earliest substances to ever be used as a beauty mask. It is lime-rich clay obtained from the northwestern region of India hence also known as Indian Fuller’s earth. It is highly absorbent and formed due to the decomposition of volcanic ash. 
How it works - Fuller’s earth makes for a good cleansing mask and possesses high absorbent qualities to remove oils from skin. The clay in multani mitti (gypsum) body mask helps improve skin complexion and also draws impurities and toxins from the skin. It has been shown to be bacteriostatic against gram positive bacteria; it also reduces water loss. 

Because of its high mineral content and moisturizing effect, it helps nourish the skin, nails, and hair. Mud also reduces the pain associated with burns and draws out heat and excess Pitta dosha through the skin.
The mineral ingredient in fuller’s earth giving it absorbent quality is hydrated aluminum silicate. Grease of the skin coats the particles of aluminum silicate and is removed from the skin along with mask.
Skin types – As you may have guessed, multani mitti is suitable for oily skin and not dry or sensitive skin. If you suffer from common oily-skin problems of sudden rashes or boils, use multani mitti to draw excess oil from the skin. 
Also limit its use its once a week, since excessive use can cause the skin to become flaky & dry. I personally find it to be very drying, however very effective at cleansing. So I prefer to use it once a month. 
Application – Mulatni mitti can be used in a wide variety of ways – ranging from the simple no-fuss face packs to the slightly more laborious ones. Multani Mitti is popularly mixed with other products such as oils and herbs to match the skin type of the person. It is however important that the mud is left on for the right duration of time. If left for too long, it can in fact cause discomfort and dries the skin.
For Oily Skin – The simplest method is to mix equal amounts of multani mitti and rose water to form a paste. Apply it onto the skin and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
Take a tablespoon each of curd, multani mitti powder and mint powder. Soak multani mitti and mint powder in curd for half an hour and mix well. Apply it for 15 minutes. When dried, wash off with lukewarm water followed by a cold-water rinse. This is also a good mask for patchy skin
Take one egg white, a teaspoon of multani mitti powder, a few drops each of peppermint extract and water. Soak multani mitti powder in the water for half an hour. Beat the egg and blend in all the ingredients together. Mix the soaked multani mitti powder in the mixture. Apply this on the face for 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. 
To remove pimple marks, grind two or three neem leaves into a paste and mix with a tablespoon of multani mitti soaked in water. Apply this and let it dry completely before washing it off.
As a scrub - Mix one fourth cup of multani mitti, one fourth cup dried orange peel and two tablespoons full of oatmeal powder (alternatively, you can use sandalwood and tomato pulp). Take a spoon of this mixture, add some water to make a paste and apply it all over the face and neck. This scrub deep cleans oily skin and helps unclog pores.
regular cleanser can be made for all types of skin using Fuller's earth. Mix together multani mitti, besan and sandalwood powder in equal quantities and store the\is mixture in an airtight container. Use this mixture with water to cleanse the skin of dirt
Honey, apple juice & lavender essence can also be added to these face packs.
Note – the tinge felt after rinsing off the pack is due to increase of blood circulation.
For the hair
Try this dry shampoo if you are in a hurry. Divide your hair into sections and fluff a little multani mitti powder through each section. Rub in well and leave for 10 minutes. Brush out thoroughly with a clean brush. The powder will absorb most of the grease and dirt.
Availability – You can procure Fuller’ Earth from your nearby chemist. It costs around Rs. 12 for a pack of 100 gms
You can also try the following products that are formulated with Fullers Earth
1.      Biotique Papaya Scrub, Mud Pack & Fruit Face Pack
2.      Himalaya Purifying Mud Face Pack or Neem Face Pack
3.      Jovees Papaya & Honey Scrub (Review coming next week - Tanveer)
Review by Simran Parmar.
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  1. It is an excellent purifer indeed.

    And you are so right about the timing of keeping the pack on the face. It is a myth that longer the pack is kept, more the effect. 15-20 minutes is more than enough.

    I am so gonna try that orange peel+oatmeal powder scrub :-)

  2. I tried various face packs with Multani Matti. But not cleanser and scrub. Going to try this. Thanks for the useful tips Simran :)

  3. Woww..that's such a lot of useful info. Great post Simran! Love the Himalaya pack.

  4. I love using multani mitti atleast twice a month. I add tit bits so that is not completely drying my skin. :P

    Nice post, Simran. :)

  5. Great review!!! Nothing can be better then multani mitti face pack.I use to use the pack in my hair too but it was such a pain to get it out so i left it...

    powder idea is pretty interesting:)will try it some time.

  6. I knew that multani mitti removes excess oiliness but i didn't know it does so much more, i'm definitely gonna try out the powder shampoo

  7. thanks on behalf of the oilies :)

  8. @ Poornima: I have seen hw dry it feels when u leave it on for more than 25 - 30 mins..And I have oily skin!!Tell me hw u like the scrub!!

    @ Vidhya: Welcome!! :-)

    @ Rads: Thank u and welcome!! :-D

    @ Rati: It does help to dilute multani mitti with something to reduce it drying powers,..Thank U!!

  9. @ Anamika: Thanks a lot!!Use just a little powder- apply it onto scalp- use little at one time so that u don't add too much, it takes a while to learn the technique!LOL!!

    @ Michelle: Read above tips for trying out the powder shampoo..Its for when ur hair has become oily and no time to wash!!Let me know hw u found it!!

    @ Wanderlust: So welcome!! I am a part of that Gang!!! :-D

  10. i have full dandruff pls suggest any things to remove it

    thanks and reagrds


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