My tryst with lipsticks + Colorbar Matt Velvet Lipstick Mini Review

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The lipstick is the one item every woman has. Even those who claim to hate make up have at least one lipstick in their collection. 
For a long time I struggled with finding the right lipstick for myself. I almost gave up and started to use gloss instead. But in the last few weeks I have had a turn around and have begun enjoying lipsticks again. 
Part of the credit goes to Rima – whose love for lipsticks prompted me to give this product another shot.
Below is what I was doing wrong & what I am doing right now.
1.      Skin tone: This is essential for you to be able to get the right color. My skin has cool undertones, but I would buy lipsticks meant for warm undertoned people – lipsticks with a lot of Corals, nudes and browns undertones to them. I would get pinks that had brown undertones and then wonder why they made me look pale, muddy and weird. It never stuck me that I should get lippies with cool undertones. I started to realize this when one day I wore TBS Cheek and Lip Tint on my lips. This is a cool fuchsia pink, and it seemed to suit me.
There are two types of skin tones: warm and cool. Typically, those with fair or pink skin will have "cool" undertones. Those with yellow, tan and olive skin will mostly have "warm" undertones.
If you have cool undertones: Wines, plums, pinks and violets are good choices.
 If you have warm undertones: Corals, nudes and browns are best.
2.      Pigmented lips: I have very highly pigmented lips. They are almost bright pink, but I kept trying to subdue the pink by using brownish pinks – which looked very muddy on me. Finally I decided to stop fighting and just live with the pink. I bought lipsticks in cool pink tones. Not frosted Pinks. Just cool pinks. And Voila – I suddenly began to be able to carry off lipsticks with elan.

3.      Using the wrong texture of lipsticks: I was using wrong textures. I am more of a eye make up girl, hence I would avoid using lipstick because I noticed it would either draw attention away from my eyes or clash with my eyes (strong eyes – strong lips). Then I realized that I was using crème lipsticks – that applied really thick and opaque visible layer on my lips. I need a texture that would not compete with my make up – the answer lay in matt.
Rich color in a shiny, opaque formula. Some cremes are frosty with a hint of shimmer built in. They are usually creamy and moisturizing so that your lips don't feel dry. Because of the oils in creme lipstick they don't have that stay-put power like a matte.
These are shine-free, rich, opaque lipsticks that are high in pigment. They are usually long-lasting or transfer-resistant so that the color will last. They can be worn alone or under clear gloss. Usually they have a tendency to feel slightly dry on the lips.
Currently I am using Colorbar Lipsticks from the Velvet Matt range. They cost around Rs. 200 and are available in a wide range of shades to suit all skin tones. 
I own the shades – Bare, Irish Rose, Twig and Brick-o-la.
What I love the most about these lipsticks is that
1.      They have a very amazing baked vanilla fragrance to them. I just love using them
2.      They are quite long lasting (2-3 hours) and leave behind a tint so you are not left bare faced
3.      They have a very good range of colors – especially in pinks
4.      Cost effective – they cost Rs. 200
5.      The texture is just amazing – you see the color on the lips – but no thick, goopy texture even when layered. It's like you get the color without the texture of the lipstick - I don't know how else to put this.
6. They go on very smoothly - I generally don't like matt lipsticks because they tend to pull and drag on my lips. But this applies smoothly.
However they are not moisturizing and some people may find them drying.
Because I was not a lipstick person - I really don't know how this compares to the big daddies - however it is much better than Lakme (which I have used, as you are well aware)
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  1. good to know that you're opening up to lipsticks!

    matte lipsticks are not all drying. you just have to find the right brand and what suits you. but then they are mostly opaque so you might not like them, as you said.

    i recommended sheer lipsticks to someone through a blog comment. was that you? oh well, at least you found out what suits you!

    colorbar is unexplored territory for me. 200 sounds very, very tempting. ;) plus i've heard a lot about twig. some say it's similar to mac's twig which i wanted, but it was out of stock.

  2. I am fond of lipstick and never forget to put my gloss on them..

    My lipstick last for god knows how many years so i have a limited collection which comprises of loreal and chambor and i think they look good on me..

    By the way your lipstick on your profile pic looks great and who said you didnt know about the color?

  3. Tanveer I've sent you an email could you please read and revert.

  4. colorbar seems tempting! I will be checking these out when am in India :)

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I am surely going to try this lipstick. Thanks for the review, Tanveer. :)

  7. Tanveer...this post was a godsent for me.....I am warm toned but do not know what suits I have a fair idea and i'll keep your tips in mind the next time i'm shopping for lippies ...thanks


  8. hey, I just stumbled upon your's pretty great :)

    I followed u and I'd really appreciate it if you followed me back...

    Thanks :)

  9. hehe .. Tanny,U have precisely the same colors that I have :D
    I love Twig a lot .. Irish rose , a beautiful pink .. is a lil bit cool toned for me .. so I top it with a peach gloss and it looks great ^_^

  10. My major problems with lipsticks is that I hav dry lips- no matter hw much evr balm I keep applying lipsticks still aggravates the prob..I usually apply gloss n wen I do use lipsticks I make sure that i keep applying lip balm every 2 hrs..!
    Nice post!!

  11. @Rima: Yea, it is all thanks to you.. I saw yr love for it and it encouraged me too :).. Though I am not sure CB's Twig is the same as MAC's :)

    @Anamika: Tht lippie I have on my lips in the profile pic was recommended by a MUA. So I had to get it right. I have never somehow used gloss on lipstick - I always end up using one or the other. Dunno why I do that :p

    @Yuvna: :D..

    @Shifa: You must try their eyeliners too. Real good. :)

    @rati: Thks :)

    @Smita: I hope it helps you get the right colors. You will have a much wider choice than I did, warm colors are easily to get here than cool..

  12. @Rose Barbie: Thks. I will def chk out your blog :)

    @palak: LOL.. I guess those are the best colors in their range :)

    @Simran: Thks :).. You could try creamy lipsticks. They are sometimes quite moisturizing.

  13. I just love lip products..every time I go makeup shopping I have to get at least one lippie. The Colorbar matte lippies sound nice except for the drying part :D . U know, Lame Enrich Satin is not drying at all! hehe


  14. @CZ: I do quite like these lippies.. Lakme, hehheheh, don't think I'll be going there soon :D

  15. does color bar lipstick contain gluten??


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