Khadi Moisturising Cream with Rose & Aloe Vera - Review

What it claims: Gives Essential Minerals & Vitamins to the skin. Apply as regularly as needed.

  • Rose: It has excellent emollient and hydrating properties, which helps the skin to stay soft and properly moisturized and fight any dryness and dehydration. The stimulating action of it on the other hand is a boon for fighting aging and maintaining a soft, dewy and youthful complexion.
  • Aloe Vera: Skin care products with aloe vera increase the availability of oxygen to the skin and thereby aid synthesis and strength of the skin tissues.
  • Neem Patra: a very good moisturiser, it is also antibacterial and helps speed up wound healing
  • Tulsi (Holy Basil): high in antioxidants like Vitamin C, this helps heal sun and environmental damage incurred by the skin
  • Daruharida (Berberis Aristata): antiseptic, prevents infection. Helps calm inflamed skin.
  • Haldi (Turmeric): Turmeric removes fine lines, blackheads and dark circles under the eyes. Some manufacturers include turmeric in their products for its ability to lighten skin. Turmeric is able to decrease the activity of melanocytes (pigment producing cells) and it is already included in formulations for this reason
  • Bramhi patra: Stimulates new cell generation
  • Cream base & preservatives
Quantity: 210 ml bottle (have forgotten the price now).

Available: Khadi centre at Irla

Use within 2 years of manufacturing


1. What would it feel like if you combined the lightness and non-oiliness of a lotion with the nourishing power of a cream for dry skin? Goddess - Sent right?? Well, this is it. It is a cream as per the label, but is so light and non-oily that I actually thought it was a lotion until I carefully read its label. It absorbs instantly into the skin but is so nourishing that 2 drops in the morning take me through the entire day without need for replenishment.

Perfect for this hot summer, when my dry skin needs intense nourishing but without the oiliness.

2. Perfect as base for makeup. Thanks to its non-oily nature, it is a perfect base for makeup.

3. This light pink lotion smells really nice - of roses, but tempered with something else I can't identify.

4. Very good for dry skin - I started to use this when I came back from a trip - sun burnt with raw, dry patches. Within 3 hours of applying this, my skin had started to recover and look normal again.

5. The flip cap bottle ensures minimum contamination of product during usage.

1. The ingredient listing is not complete - it does not give any % for the constituents

2. Difficult to locate. Khadi products can be notoriously difficult to find. Sometimes they go out of stock for months on end. I have been looking for their honey - rose red colored face wash since the last 4 months with no success.

Will I repurchase: If I can find this, yes!

This has become an essential part of my morning routine these summers. I am actually very happy with the quality of Khadi products. They are a little expensive, but the are amazing for the skin.


  1. This sounds really good, and I like the look of bottle , reminds me of philosphy*. :)

  2. Wow!! This seems like a really gr8 product!! I hav used only 1 khadi prdt till date bt evn that was nice..I think these are maybe underrated due to availability only in selected loc..

    Nice review..

  3. Hi tanveer... THis one sounds good.. i love everything to do with roses..

  4. Hi Tanveer..

    Good to c your post..

    As usual you reviewed the product as a stroy.

    Ingredients are so captivating but to get Khadi product I will have to travel all the way to C.P.(CANNAUGHT PLACE)

    Will try it out if I go there.Result in 3 hours is quite a challenge.

  5. I've heard a lot about the khadi rosewater... was going to check that out and now may get this for my cousin who has drier skin than me!

    BTW just wanted to ask you - how long has your Pond's TM lasted you?

  6. I used khadi soap and was so impressed :) after bathing with Glycerine hand made soap, it kept me mositurised for the day

    when u said its "non-oily" eyes are alerted and added it to my wish list.... :) Thanks for the detailed review Tanvi !!!

  7. This seems like a really gr8 product!! I hav used only 1 khadi prdt till date bt evn that was nice..I think these are maybe underrated due to availability only in selected loc..

  8. I love khadi products. My blossom kochhar one is getting over may be by the end of this month.I am decided now what am i gonna pick up. Thanks. :)

    Good to have you back!

  9. Sounds so good! Never tried Khadi products...will have to have a closer look next time


  10. I love Khadi products!!! I have the Aloe Vera moisturizer which works really well on my skin....but as u rightly said, the major con is finding the product...I got mine from a Khadi store in A'bad


  11. Hey, your blog is too good.. All your reviews are very helpful. It is winter now in Chennai(I live in Chennai). After a long search, I bought Vasaline total moisture (Body lotion). I am now using it. It works well on me, since i have extremely dry skin on my body! I am tired of searching for organic soaps in Chennai. No soap suited me well. After my bath i feel tight and dry! I am badly in need of your help to choose a hand-made natural soap for my EXTREME DRY skin. Please do reply me. Thank you..



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