Nail Polish Tips

Lately I have been reading a lot of posts with Nail Art on display on beautiful lithe fingers and strong nails.

As much as I would love to replicate these myself, let me admit that I am a rather clumsy person. I can barely manage to apply a base, simple coat of nail paint without smudging it.

However along the way I have picked up some tips that help me get the best out of my nail paints.

If you are as clumsy and more importantly - impatient as me

1. Find a time when your nails can be dried without anything touching them: I always end up smudging up my nail paint.For some reason, nail paints take inordinately long to dry on my nails. At least upto an hour. And God forbid if during that hour I happen to eat, sleep, open the door et al. It gets spoilt, the gloss is gone. So now I have begun painting my nails,in the night, just before I sit down to check my mails. As I go about harvesting fields and serving pot roast on facebook, my nails get ample 2 hours to dry and the finish is perfectly glossy without any damage.

2. Use a base coat if your nails tend to turn yellow, and a top coat if nail paint chips rather quickly on you. Invest in a good base and top coat to prolong the life on paints on your nail. I use Jordana's Base & Top Coat

3. Use a formula that is slightly thinner: I have noticed that formulas that are slightly thinner (for eg: Jordana) are easier to apply without errors as compared to thicker formulas that tend to take longer to dry and also provide uneven finish.

4. Don't use nail polish remover to thin a nail polish that has dried up: I have tried to revive countless favourite nail paints with a drop or two of remover. It has never worked for me. For a short while the paint is liquefied, but the quality and finish is always weird and in fact this totally renders that nail paint unfit for future use. Some people recommend using a thinner, but I haven't been able to locate one as yet

5. Lighter shimmery and sparkly colors are kinder on errors and clumsy application: as compared to darker shades. This is because lighter colors, especially those with shimmer tend to reflect light and tend to look more flawless as compared to dark matt or glossy shades which tend to show up every flaw. So when in a hurry I tend to use shimmery shades

My Favorite Nail Paints

1. Maybelline Artistic in Glitter: A transparent nail paint with a ton of silver shimmer. Great by itself and on top of other paints to amp up the glamour
2. Maybelline Dusty Rose: a semi glossy muted rose shade
3. Jordana Base & Top Coat: Dual purpose coat that does not yellow
4. Jordana Salon Formula in Tender Coral: A cool, blue toned reddish coral. Deep & intense with a glossy shine. (The picture above is of Tender Coral)
5. Jordana Salon Formula in Red Hot: Cool toned Red. This is your va-va-vroom red, which makes all hands look super glam.

PS: Jordana nail paints are DBP, Toluene & Formaldehyde Free 

What are your favourite tips when painting your nails?


  1. Great tips Tanveer...

    My nail polish dries down in 10 minutes but still I smudge them so many times.
    Your yellow nail prevention tip is really help ful.

    will keep it in mind

    thanks :)

  2. That first one definitely applies to me! Its when I have painted my nails that I feel like doing everything stupid - including putting on my socks! And ya, I am safest with thinner formulations.

  3. All those points are soo true!!

    Another tip would be to always paint carefully on the sides and the tip leaving no room for chipping to begin.

    Nice post!:-)

  4. You are so right about the light nail needn't worry excessively about precise application.
    I use cold air option in a blow dryer to dry my nails super quick.

  5. OMG how tue that painting nails are the toughest job in this world... this is what I think. It's world record I guess that I have never been able to paint my nails without a scratch here or there...ugh!!

    Thanks for sharing this love. :)


  6. This was a great share.I'm a smudger, I paint my nails right before bed because I know they'll dry while I'm laying there lol


  7. I am really into nails these days and these tips are very helpful hun

  8. Omg i'm so into painting my nails too theses days! Last week I spoiled all my painted nails just coz my top coat was a little too sticky n needed to be changed.
    Thanks for sharing these useful tips T


  9. @Anamika: I used to invariably smudge my nails before I switched to Jordana.

    @Rads: I know what you mean.. I have the same tendency where I just cannot sit still, esp after I have applied nail paint. :)

    @Simran: Thks for the tip :)

    @Yuvna: I once won a nail paint competition by Maybelline in college. We have 60 seconds and had to paint our nails perfectly. I grabbed the lightest cream colored nail paint with shimmer and even though I was just as sloppy as the others I still won the first price. :D

  10. @Shoppingaholic: I think I wld be a tough competitor for the world record for you. I too wld always spoil my nails before I used Jordana :)

    @Laura: I used to do that too - paint nails 1/2 before bed so that they don't spoil - guess what? I managed to get them smudged then too! :P

    @GG: Thks :)

    @CZ: I hate that! I hate it when nails get spoilt and u have to do them all over again from scratch.. :D


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