Products of April 2010

I know, it is almost Mid-May...

The last few days I have been a little busy with an outbound workshop. Just arrived in Mumbai last evening. But nonetheless I thought I would share with you, products that rocked my April and stuck with me in this hot, sweltering heat.

1. Nivea LipBalm in DragonFruit: The cutest, most natural Pink color for the lips this summer. Looks light and refreshing. Now only if they would do something about the fragrance!  (Rs. 129/-)

2. Colorbar Lipstick in Irish Rose: Matt natural pinks are what I am liking this summer (Rs. 199/-)

3. Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara: I am off liners this summer. & this mascara is helping my eyes look good all by itself. It won't budge and it won't smudge. (Rs. 260/-)

4. Khadi Rose & Aloe Vera Moisturising Cream for face: It offers intense nourishment without any visible oiliness. My Daily Morning Moisturiser these days.

5. The Body Shop Bath Gloves: Love the refreshing, thorough scrubbing they give me during summers

6. St Ives Swiss Vanilla Body Wash: I love vanilla scents, & this is very moisturising and leaves a light film on the skin without being sticky!

7. Jordana Nail Paints: I have been using a lot of nail paints this month. They have been making up for the lack of makeup on my face. (Review coming up this week)

8. Aroma Magic Toner: Aromatic Rose Toner has been helping my skin cool down. I carry this in a spray bottle

9. Neutrogena Sunblock spf 50+: Can there be a summer without sunscreen? This baby is tiny enough to slip into my bag and offers protection with a matt look

10. Kara Wipes with mint oil: Picked this during a offer at Star Bazaar. They are really amazing and feel so deliciously ice cold when used on the face. They cool down my skin and refresh me instantly!

11. The Body Shop Cheek and Lip Tint: The only blush that stays on during the sweltering heat! Looks fab and natural at the same time.

What were your products of this season?


  1. I'm going to look for the vanilla body wash! It sounds delicious... a must have!

  2. Welcome back dear.Have been missing you.

    I too have boy shop bath gloves,body shop cheek tint ...

    i will try this khadi moisturizer

  3. Welcome back T! Nice favs. I want the nivea lip balm but haven't found it yet. I like the Jordana nail polishes too but I haven't bought them coz they don't keep testers but the SAs allow people to try the new ones!


  4. Nice comprehensive list...but really waiting for this summer is get over...tooo hot!! On the other hand rainy season is not my fav either!!
    Me too loves nivea dragonfruit - au naturel!!

  5. Heyy Tanvi..glad you are back and hopefully feeling much better :-) I saw Kara wipes at Hypercity - the one with sunscreens in them. Want to pick them up next. Colossal Volume - my fav too.

  6. hey..nice 2 hv u back...
    word of care wipes hv alcohol in it...and dats d reason that they give u d refreshed feeling....they r not very gud 4 use in the long run...

  7. Hi Tanveer :)
    Found your blog by accident some time ago. You're doing a really good job! I've loved all your summer posts so far, because I'm especially intolerant to heat and I like to know how other people cope with it. My star product this summer has been Lacto calamine (duh!) and the LA colors compact (lot of kaolin, really keeps the shine at bay) that I'd bought from Vashi Center One when I was in Mumbai and the Dollar Stores were still running.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Tanvi, I liked this post very muhc. thought of making my own in response to yours.

    <3 from shoppingaholic

    P.S. I appreciate your posts. A request why don't you start your own Vlog on youtube.

  10. Hi Tanvi! Great to know that some of my favorites come so highly recommended by you. I read your previous post on the nivea tinted lip balm but haven't found it yet. Where did u find this adorable beauty??? I live in south bombay. pl help.

  11. Hey ! You are back !!
    So happy to see your post :)
    I love Irish Rose ..such a b'ful pink :)

  12. how did i miss this post?? grrr.. its such a grear one,, i am so tempted to try The Body Shop Cheek and Lip Tint and read so much about Body Shop Bath Gloves

  13. @Ki: I hope u like the body wash, it goes really well with TBS Bath Gloves!

    @Anamika: Was missing you guys as well. Was at this workshop that had no net or mobile signals - it was like being in wilderness! I hope u enjoy these prdts just as much :D

    @CZ: I Know!! That happens here too with Jordana nail paints. They have testers for everything but the nail paints, but I still really like them :D

    @Simran: Gawd! rains are even worse! I hate coming to office on dull, grey, rainy mornings! I am loving DF too! :D

    @Rad: Thks :D.. I am much better now, though still sniffling :P.. I have the Kara sunscreen wipes too, but I am very suspicious of them frankly. I don't get the concept of sunscreen in a wipe. But I love the way they smell and they do seem to be quite good :D

    @Anon: hey, thks for the heads up on alcohol in wipes. I didn't know about this and will read ingridients listings more carefully next time :D

  14. @Dr Mukho: Thks a lot for the lovely words of appreciation! I am glad u liked the summer posts :D..

    I like lacto calamine too, only it tends to dry out my skin in an A/C environment, but it is great for oily skin! The Compact u mention sounds really nice ;)

    I guess Centre One is having a hard time since 3 new malls opened up within walking distance of it..

  15. @Shopaholic: hey! glad i inspired u to write your own article! :D

    I will def read it. As for the Vlog.. *sigh*, you are not the first one to request for this. & frankly as much as I would love to do a Vlog - I don't have the time with a full time job :D.. But thks for your appreciation & suggestions.

    @Anon: I am glad u liked the post! :D.. You can get nivea lip balm at most regular chemist stores and even malls like food bazaar.. Even good kirana stores stock this thing. I hope this helps u find it :D

    @palak: Thks a lot, i am glad u liked the post, & I loved Irish rose too.. really nice pink :D

    @Sarah: U must try these 2 prdts frm TBS. I would say these 2 are the two best buys for me till date from that brand :D


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