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Shivani of Adorable on your Vanity did this wonderful Tag today. I really enjoyed reading her post and decided to do one my self. Thanks Shivani & here I go:

Best Eyeshadow Base: I don't use a base. I just use Palak's tip of mixing concealor with Ponds Oil Control Concentrate and it is working quite well (Thanks for this Palak)

Best Eyeshadow: Jordana's Hot Cocoa Single Eyeshadow is my go-to, but I am also liking Colorbar's Eyeshadow pallette in Warm. I just got it over a month ago & it is very pigmented but soft and staying power is good.

Best Eyeliner: Colorbar's Prunella. Makes my green eyes look very green, but the purple is a mysterious dark purple, not lilac - which I don't like!

Best Mascara: Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara. But I also like Bourjois liner effet mascara for days when I am not in a hurry. (It takes tremendously long to dry)

Best Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Tint. It is very light, but gives full coverage. But I don't wear this during the day, this is for night time events. For the day I prefer (any guesses?) Ponds TM. I also like Lakme Rose Powder to set things.

Best Blush: NYX Cream Rouge Blush

Best Highlighter: Revlon Skinlights illuminating lotion in Pink Light

Best Lipstick: I am a recent lipstick convert, so I hardly have any experience here, but I am going to go with Colorbar Irish Rose. Cool toned, pink - pink.

Best Lipgloss: Bourjois Effet 3D max. Lots of shine, this is a very glossy gloss.

Best Lip Balm: Nivea tinted lip balms. Love them all!

I hope you enjoyed reading this, anyone who is interested in doing this tag further on her blog or in the comments is most welcome!


  1. Tanveer I will have to try Niveal tinted lip balm now...

    Palak tip is really interesting.Will surely give it a shot:)

    This one is reallyan interesting tag:)

  2. its so fun reading what other blogger are loving. :) i ordered nyx cream blush after reading your reviews on it.Infact i am getting 5 of them( if iever get my mail, which i am not getting lately)

  3. I'm going to go out and buy a nivea balm now! all your reviews on it have been fab :D

  4. I so want to get my hands on NYX cream blushes! I'm loving the Bourjois HM foundation too :D


  5. nice list. I also love prunella. Infact mine is going to finish up soon. :P

  6. Gee .I am so haaappy that its workin for you too !!
    I love Prunella eye pencil and Irish rose too , such good choices .
    I love ALL your HG's too :D
    But wish hat I could also lay my hands on Nyx cream blush .

  7. Really fun post!! That can serve as ur list of must-haves too when ur travelling and can't take away ur entire range!!!

  8. which concealer do you use btw? :)

  9. Hey Tanveer! Even I'm a recent Lipstick convert. Bought MAC's Angel recently...it's a pink..looks cool in summers:)

  10. BTW I've heard quite a lot about Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara....Can u pl do a review on it.....was planning to buy it.

  11. Wow... All your HG's are so desirable... I can actually treat this as my shopping list!!! Though I have some of these... But what the heck!!!

    Great tag!!

  12. I am not very much experienced in this so that I can post this tag. But Prinella is definitely in my shopping list.

    I just love, love your HGs.


  13. I love revlon skinlights too :D it dzn get enough love!


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