The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Collection - Review

The Body Shop India is about to launch in July, its new line in skincare called MoistureWhite Collection

This line consists of products for women who want fairer, clear-looking skin and uniform skin tone with translucent complexion. The collection has a series of products from start to end to take care of your entire regime.

The key ingredients featured in The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Collection are:
  • Shiso Extract -- reduces melanin making signals (this plant is also known as Japanese Basil)
  • Vitamin C -- provides antioxidant protection to reduce melanin production
  • Licorice Extract -- helps address hyperpigmentation
  • Community Trade Organic Aloe - to moisturise and hydrate skin
  • Batyl Alcohol - which helps to reduce skins response to the melanin attack on the skin

Below are quick reviews on each of the products in this line, followed by my overall impressions of the collection. I have been using this collection for exactly 2 weeks now.

1. Moisture White Shiso Cleansing Powder (Day): Rs. 1195/- for 50 ml
Review: This cleanser is in powder form. Yea, powder form. As per advice on pack you mix it with water to make a paste in your palm and then use it.

Frankly I found I used much less powder/product (pea size or even less at times) when instead I wet my face and then rubbed this powder - dry directly on the face. Upon contact with water, it immediately transforms into an creamy cleanser! I was very amazed at this transformation. The Body Shop claims that the powder is soft and exfoliates without hurting or scratching the skin.

The good thing about this cleanser is that it is easy to carry, with little danger of spills, the skin does appear brighter post cleansing (for best results, use for atleast a minute) and it does not sting the eyes, if it gets in inadvertently.

Also it is fun to use, simply coz it is so quirky (powder + water = voila! Cream)

On the other hand, it left my face feeling a little dry, and also it was not exfoliating enough for me. There was no texture left to the cleanser once it added to water - it is just a creamy paste.

2. Moisture White Shiso Moisturising Essence I (Day) (Oily to Normal Skin) - Rs. 1495/- for 150 ml
Review: This is an alcohol based toner promises 12 hour hydration coupled with mattifying properties. Despite the alcohol it is quite moisturising but it also left my skin feeling weird to touch & sticky. Plus I didn't like the way this smelt too - chemically smell. This is a colorless watery toner. It doesn't sting, it takes a while to dry and forms a good hydrating base for the moisturisers in this range.

3. Moisture White Shiso Whitening Serum (Day & Night) - Rs. 1995/- for 30 ml
Review: In a pump bottle, you need very little of this, like a drop to cover the entire face. It tends to feel a little sticky on the face. It spreads easily, and is quite hydrating.

4. Moisture White Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk (Day) - Rs 1695/- for 50 ml
Review: This is a runny, but very good moisturiser. My skin was comfortable and felt soft for hours to end in this. I spend up to 12 hours everyday in an air-conditioned environment, this product not only kept my skin moisturised, but also cured the few tiny patches of dry skin that I was suffering from. However this did make my nose & T-zone a little oily.  This too is in a pump bottle.

5. Moisture White Shiso Night Treatment (Night) - Rs 1695/- for 40 ml
Review: A thick, but non-oily cream for the night, this was the best smelling product in the entire range. It never felt heavy or sticky and spread easily. It is again a very good moisturiser. Not once did I wake up in the morning to dry skin. Skin felt soft, smooth & supple.

6. Moisture White Shiso Eye Serum (Night) - Rs. 1495/- for 15 ml
Review: In a pump bottle, this is very runny and you need like a pin-head size to cover the entire eye area. This never stung my eyes, but this takes some time to sink into the skin. It is a little thick and I would not use this during the day as it a little oily. Frankly it didn't do much for my under eye area, not that I have a lot of dark circles to begin with. But it did make the skin under my eyes very soft.

7. Moisture White Shiso Concentrated Target Perfector (Night) - Rs. 1695/- for 10 ml
Review: In a tiny tube with a roller ball, this is to be used on areas that need special attention. It is a very liquidy, runny solution that takes a little while to absorb.

Review of entire line:
The product claims that it provided brighter skin in up to 4 weeks. I have been using this only for 2 weeks now, and here are my observations:

1. It has made my skin baby soft and very supple. Seriously. I have never had softer or better hydrated skin in my life. Skin texture is smoother and make-up (esp foundation & my cream blushes) blend like a dream. They go on very smoothly and last longer, are easier to blend. There has been a massive improvement in my skin quality in terms of softness and smoothness.

2. When I began using using this my skin was just recovering from the summer sun. I got sun-burnt twice this summer despite sunscreen use. My forehead was tanned the most, and none of my foundations were matching me. (I had to get Ponds Tinted Moisturiser in Sheer Rose 02, I earlier used Sheer Ivory 01). Since the last 2 weeks I have seen some of my tan lighten. My skin is slightly brighter and more even toned. My forehead is now the same shade as my face (Thank Goodness!)

Though frankly the whitening effect is not so much as compared to how soft it has made my skin. But then to be fair, they do say that effects will be visible in 4 weeks and I have used this only for 2 weeks now.

3. Despite slathering so many layers of lotion everyday, I have not broken out yet. And this seems to be a mild range, none of the products ever stung my skin or my eyes.

1. The price! This is an expensive range with prices ranging from Rs. 1200 to 2000 Rs.

2. The products are a little sticky in nature and leave behind a shiny cast on the face. In morning, after applying the serum & moisturiser, my skin would appear very shiny and oily. It almost felt like I have some plastic layer on my face.  Even though it was not oily to touch, but it made my skin look very oily. And I have dry skin. I wonder what will happen on oily skin.

3. No SPF. None of the products I have had SPF. Kind of defeating the purpose, what is the point of reducing tan, if I will go out in the sun again with no protection.

4. This is a con with my review: Since I used this entire range together, I am not sure if the brightening and smooth, supple skin I am seeing is a result of some of the products in the line or because they were all used together in tandem, as a system. As a result I am unable to pin-point the products majorly responsible for the skin moisturising & brightening effect.

But if I had to choose, my favourites from the line would be (based purely on how they felt on my skin & moisturising factor, please remember I have no clue about each product's individual skin brightening effect as it was used a regime):

1. Moisture White Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk
2. Moisture White Shiso Whitening Serum

But I would use them at night, because I don't like having a face a that is shining like a new coin during the day. At night, well, I am asleep.

For the last two weeks I have been using only these skin care products to ascertain their effect. The only other product I have used is my makeup remover (Jergens) in the evenings.

To see the entire range please visit The Body Shop site here

These products was sent to me by the company for consideration, however that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. wow Body shop is my favourtie and always go ga ga over their product..

    Range look expensive but I am sure it must be worth buying:)

    Thanks for the review:)

  2. I really appreciate that u r so honest about all the products u review, esp the ones sent by the companies. lucky to have found this blog.

    Can you do a review for a pressed powder please? for oily-combination skin. Any brand. Thanks :)

  3. What a review!! Japanese basil sounds so impressive. I really love their skin... Thanks tanvi.


  4. Wow... The serum sounds good ... I like the fact that u use all the products for two weeks before posting the reviews... Thnks :-))

  5. hey that was a wonderful, honest help me in taking decisions about products.....Thanks so much

  6. Sounds like a good range. The Powder Cleanser sounds interesting :D . But no SPF? In whitening products? Surprising.

    But yeah the price is definitely steep!


  7. I want to try the powder cleanser , sounds fun !!

  8. Hi,Tanveer I've a blog award for you :)

  9. i have a giveaway in my blog come on see if you want !!

  10. Prices are high...not something I would buy casually...really honest review...great job!!

    Maybe they shld come up with something a little more affordable in this range??

  11. the powder thingy sounds weirdly, fluffy-ly nice!

  12. i have always loved body shop's products but i mostly bought only shampoos and body cream..i didn't find anything good for face ..but this new line sounds amazing..i am definitely going to give it a try..

  13. I started using body shop product from last 4 days...I am using mosturizer white shisho facial foam, face cream and eye brightening cream...But i am using cleanser, toner and night cream of lakme absolute..Please let me know should i see the effective result


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