Colorbar USA Cosmetics in Mumbai

I have been getting some queries on stores where Colorbar Cosmetics are available in Mumbai. Below are some of the stores I know of with Colorbar counters.

1. Alfa - 2 at Irla (Vile Parle W)

2. Big Bazzar (at least the one in Infinity Mall has it. Can't say about others)

3. Beauty Centre at Crawford Market

4. Beauty Centre at Kandivali

5. New Beauty Centre on SV Road, Khar (W)

6. Beauty & More on S V Road, Khar (W)

However do note that most of the counters tend to be out of stock on one thing or another. This has been happening for the last 6 to 8 months. Either the eye liners are out of stock, or the blushes or the lipsticks or the eye shadows & so on.

I am yet to see a Colorbar counter at any of these stores that carried the entire range. There seems to be some distribution problem that they are unable to solve.

Their website does have an online shopping option. Those of you who can't locate a counter or a need a certain product can opt for that.

I hope this helps. Those of you are from Mumbai, if you buy Colorbar, where do you get it from?


  1. Dear Tanveer, I have just discovered your blog and I love it !! I look forward to reading it regularly from now on... your reviews are honest to the core and its amazing to learn from your experiences with different products...I liked the way you review every product with the product facts and pros and cons .. Keep up the good work :-)

  2. hey anyone in ahmedabad can also please put up the addresses of where u guys get cosmetics from!!

    Nice research Tanveer!!

  3. Where can i find colorbar range in Jaipur?

  4. Oh there is a major problem with colorbar distribution since the last 5-6 you said something or the other is always out of stock


  5. Hey, I forgot I asked u about this hehe. Thanks for the post! Really helpful


  6. Hi,

    This is an interesting blog! could you please tell me where I can get colorbar cosmetics in london? thanks..


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