Going to a Hostel? Quick Guide on what you'll need

Life these days is a series of pit stops & travel. Through our education & professional lives, we sometimes have to re-locate to another city and stay in a hostel. Packing can be a big issue, so I thought I would put together a quick guide on what to take along with you.

First of all, do not try to carry every possible item with you. Unless you are re-locating forever, this is not necessary. You may be attached to your blushes, but the lighter you travel, the less likely the probability of losing things

Quick list of things you must carry  (skin care)

1. Face wash (if you would like to multi-task pick a face wash with exfoliating beads - takes care of both cleansing & exfoliation)
2. Body wash or soap
3. Deodorant or body splash (leave your fancy perfumes in glass bottles at home - they make break on the way, or worse used by your roomies :-D)
4. Hand Sanitizer & other feminine sanitary needs
6. Veet Emergency Wax strips (great for on-the-go)
7. Towels
8. Lip balm with SPF
9. Moisturizer (if it has SPF built in, you can skip the sunscreen)
10 LactoCalamine Lotion (helps dry out pimples, skin infections, serves as a good substitute for foundation and also has some sunscreen properties. Plus it is cheap & easily available)
11. Talcum Powder (optional)
12. Acne Medication (optional)
13. Sunscreen (not optional - unless you are carrying moisturizer with sunscreen)
14. Rosewater (optional - I sometimes feel that plain ole' water chilled with a few drops of lemon juice does the job just as well of toning, cooling the skin and closing the pores)
15. Shampoo
16. Conditioner & Hair Serum
17. Combs / Brushes & Hair dryer
18. Dental needs
19 Parachute Oil - A multi purpose prdt, this serves well for hair, to remove make up as well as a moisturizer in emergencies.Plus it is easily available everywhere.
20 Nail polish remover
21. Nail cutter
22. Tissues - wet or dry is your call.
23. Cotton
24. Vit C tablets (Celin) - these are available at all chemists & I found them to be very useful to bring down inflammation when I got sunburns in Goa. Plus you can pop them when you feel a cold coming on.

Personally I feel that this is all you need in terms of skin care while at an hostel. A good sunscreen and moisturizer will keep protect your skin well.

If you feel the need for a scrub - just mix a spoonful of sugar with lemon juice or coconut oil and apply. In case even that is not available, just apply some moisturizer on your face in a thick layer and rub gently using one of a towel that has been dampened lightly.Wash off after 15 minutes.

Face packs too can be rustled up just as easily by buying multani mitti at your regular store close to the hostel.

Even plain curd or plain honey is a good face pack - it removes dead cells and nourishes skin very well.

Besides brands like Himalaya, Clean & Clear, Jovees, Biotique, Lotus, Aroma Magic are quite easily available in all cities. So you can even pick stuff once you reach the city. 

As far as make up is concerned, I think this varies from person to person. Some girls are comfortable with just an eyeliner and lip balm. While others need the works right from primers. I would advice moderation.

Take along with you:
1. Eyeliners (pencil) - 2 Brown & Black with sharpeners
2. Lipstick - 1
3. Lip gloss - 1
4. Eyeshadow - 1 (neutral brown color)
5. Mascara

In case you need more you can always purchase some from the local beauty stores. Most cities have mall these days and you can easily find Lakme, Streetwear, Elle 18 & Colorbar products - at least.

I hope this list helps those of you who need to keep traveling or are moving to a hostel. In case you have any tips of your own, do share them with other readers.


  1. You really do think up of the most practical tips Tanveer! Hats off to you! :)

  2. i think it's best to not use very expensive products because a lot of borrowing takes place in hostels. sometimes, things end up getting lost or worse, even stolen!

    when my boyfriend moved to a hostel for his engineering, he always ended up without toothpaste because of all the borrowing. one fine day he decided to buy the worst tasting medicated toothpaste there is. the borrowing stopped!

  3. Hey!! It is only you who could have come up with this kind of intelligent post ..

    I think if one is opting for hostel than one should prefer less expensive thing ..Many of the girls learn it the hard way after losing lot of stuff.:D

  4. Q tips
    small mirror
    neutral colored nail polish
    Nail buffer (or is it too much?)

    Thanks for the list..

  5. wow :) thank u so much!!!
    i so need this as am moving into a new city and will be staying in a PG..thanks much!!!

  6. @Ki: Thks :).. I really don't think that you need to spend big bucks to look pretty and try to give as economical & doable tips as far as possible :D

    @Rima: So totally agree. Somehow everything you own becomes community item once in a hostel, & I have also seen very bad cases of stealing - text books being stolen & sold off to the second hand book dealer for money. You have to be very careful.

    I wonder what paste yr BF got, but that is a very good strategy actually. Take stuff that is so simple or horrid or outdated that no one wants it.

  7. @Anamika: Thks a lot sweetie ;).. I totally agree with your tip. My friends have even lost shoes in the hostel. Later found hidden in the cupboard of a fellow class mate.

    @Simran: yr welcome :)

    @Rushi: Glad to help :) I hope u keep giving us simple recipes even when posted in another city!

  8. Very very good helpful post this is T.


  9. This is such a useful post. Its nice to have a checklist like this - most time we miss out on the essentials! As for things becoming "common property" don't even get me started..the comment section will get longer than your blog!!!!!

  10. @CZ: Thks :)

    @Rads: Thks :D.. hehehe, I guess you have lost stuff to "common property" :D


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