Lacto Calamine & its Multiple uses

Lacto Calamine is a favourite of the oilies amongst us.

Even though I don't use it because it dries out my skin with everyday use, I do like to keep a very tiny 10 ml bottle (it is the size of your pinkie finger) with me. It is very cheap at 10 bucks and serves as a good on-the-go remedy for a lot of make up & skin situations.

I shared one of those tips in my previous post on Makeup for Rainy Days, here are some more:

1. Pimple buster: feel the pimple coming on? In college or office with nothing in sight? Apply a dab of LC to bring down the swelling & redness untill you can lay hands on your anti-acne medication. It also provides decent coverage on the pimple because of its tint and thickness

2. Nose suddenly turning oily on you: Sometimes my T zone acts up & my nose turns totally oily. A swipe of a tissue to absorb the excess oil, a dab of LC and things return to normal

3. Caught without Sunscreen: Of course, you know you ain't supposed to step out without that sunscreen on your face. But lets say you forgot, slap LC on. It's not a great substitute but the minerals in it do provide some tiney-mieny protection.

LC also helps soothe sun burnt skin.

4. Eeeee.. Insect bite? Sudden rash?: LC will calm all of it down.

5. Caught without base: Have to meet friends after office, but you didn't get your compact. Use LC instead. If you find it too mattifying & dry, mix half & half with moisturiser for a on the stop tinted mosituriser.

6. Eyeliner on waterline is bleeding: use a tiny drop of LC on a tissue or napkin to clean up the area. The LC wipes off the gunk, cleans the line and also instantly brightens up the undereye area to make it look cleaner.

7. Face pack base: I personally find that LC makes a great base for home face packs. I sometimes crush some overnight soaked almonds in a spoonful of LC and use it as a scrub & face pack.

So these were the tips I know of with LC. You got any secret tips? Spill them out! ;-)


  1. i've never used lacto calamine simply because i found no use for it for my dry skin. i like how you use for cleaning up the eyeliner/kajal mess around the eyes. may be i should invest in a pinky sized bottle after all!

  2. I never heard of this, thanks for the details :)


  3. Very informative and useful post.Lacto Calamine is a useful beauty aid indeed.
    Since I have dry skin I cannot use Lacto Calamine daily and can use it only during sweltering summer months.I also, like you,buy the smallest LC bottle and keep it on my dressing table. I sometimes use it when I feel skin looks a bit tanned and when I don’t feel like using greasy moisturizers during the horribly hot summer months.

  4. Lovely post.. I dont personally use it.. . But always have one in the house the reason..well My daughter is a hyper active child and on top of it a drama queen . so every now then she has these small cuts or sometimes there is nothing but just because she fell and need some pampering I use this magic lotion for her cuts/bruises and rashes and she feels better...


  5. Tanny .. this is a miracle product for me.
    I have 2 BIG bottles lying on my dresser and 1 in my bag !!
    and I already use all thse above mentioned tips :)
    This a wonderful post . Really !!

  6. Really good post tanveer...I didn't know lacto calamine had so many uses!

  7. Loved every bit of this post!!! Thanks Tanveer....I too find lacto very drying for my skin


  8. @Rima: Neither did I. Untill I saw this tiny bottle.. I have a thing for tiny cosmetic packaging! I love those tiny 5 Rs. Ponds Tubs & these miniature bottles. So I just bought it. & Since it was lying in my bag I began using it for all odds & ends. Sometimes it worked out. Sometimes it didn't :)

    @laura: This is a product very unique to India, so you will have probably heard of it :).. Thks for visiting & reading though :D

    @RS: I think LC is extremly economical & comes in handy for almost every girl :D

    @Shweta: Yr lil kid is so so cute :D :D.. & so are your sweet methods to pamper her :)

  9. I swear by LC ..There was a time when I was using it on my whole body:D

  10. @Palak: LOL.. Yea this thing is a boon for you people with oily skin :)

    @HD: Thks :) :)

    @Anamika: LOL, for the body! Didn't you find it too dehydrating?

  11. Heyy..did you tweak your blog layout again..its looking nicer with posts in separate boxes or was it like that before and I woke up just now! LC used to be like our allergy/rash cure-all..somehow forgot all about it as we grew up. I love smaller packs too..easy to carry around and so good if you want to sample different brands without shelling out too much.

  12. @Rads: I haven't done anything to the layout for mnths! :D :D

    I guess u just noticed now :P

    I love tiny small packs, for the same reason like u. Less cost, easy to finish & move on :) :)

  13. but I havnt seen the 10 ml bottles anywhere...the one I have is wht u've shwn in the pic...costs something like 32 Rs...even I love those 5 rs ponds n vaseline things ;)


  14. @HD: I got this tiny 10 ml bottle from Food Bazaar at Infinity Mall. Maybe they stock it only there :P

  15. I LOVE lacto calamine :)

  16. i love it..n swear by it..use only dat for my face n nthng else...n hav pretty good skin..touchwood..!!

  17. Ohh..I found out whats the difference. I had been landing on specific posts all the time and today for the first time landed on the blog main it showed more posts in one page naaa..and I was like its looking different. Plus I am a zombie this whole week so pls excuse my crazy statements!

  18. Thanks Tanveer...will check it out the next time I happen to go there


  19. @Ki: Yea, it is a miracle prdt for a lot of girls :D

    @Anon: Yea, it is a one stop product and a number of girls swear by it. I think it has almost cult following in India :)

    @Rads: LOL, ok... You are excused for this week. :D

    @HD: :D :D

  20. I never knew that Lactocalamine had so many uses!!
    Great post!!

  21. I've only used LC on heat rashes I get on my legs every summer. But I do remember my mom used to use it as a makeup base when I was little...n yeah, I used to sneakily apply it sometimes too :D It does brighten up your complexion.

    I think your 'Face Pack Base' tip is really good!


  22. @Simran: Thks :)

    @CZ: I too remember using it when I had got chicken pox. Very soothing during that itchy time :).. Yea it does seem to brighten up the face.. Thks :)

  23. hey hi,
    i used lacto calamine and i found it really good for acne problem but it darkened my skin is oily and sensitive please suggest me any day cream

  24. hey,
    this post of yours has been copied word for word by a certain AmanMittal on,

    i reached this review and your blog while googling about calamine and found them to be exactly the same,so thought of letting you know since the one was posted on Aug17,2010 i.e two months after you were done posting yours.
    Clearly,that review from was copy+pasted from this page.

  25. @Sattvikka: Hey! First of all, thanks a lot for watching out for me & letting me know about this instance of plagarism. I really appreciate your effort :D

    Thanks! I will look into the matter and hope to resolve it soon ;)

  26. Lactocalamine has great uses even for dry skin...mix a little lactocalamine with your sunscreen and your face would not feel oily....i like to keep a bottle with myself too and it does provide decent sun protection because of zinc oxide present in it....

  27. hey tanveer.. I have oily skin. can I use LC as daily makeup base?


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