L'Oreal Professional Series Force Vector Shampoo - Review

What it Claims: this Shampoo reinforces weakened, fragile and brittle hair by depositing a super charge of Incell. Hair is left feeling stronger, softer and shinier.

Formulated with Glycocell, a combination of Incell and royal jelly extract, Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo works to fortify and protect the hair fibre. Used in conjunction with the accompanying masque, you’ll not only feel, but also visibly notice the difference that the advanced technology from L’Oreal Professionnel makes. Distressed, weakened hair will be left with strength, health and vitality.

Directions of use:
  • Distribute evenly throughout wet hair and lather.
  • Rinse out thoroughly.
  • Repeat the process if necessary
Price: Rs. 400 for 250ml bottle

Available at: All L'oreal Enrich Salons, Alfa (Irla) & Beauty Centre (Khar)

1.  This is a clear gel like shampoo that leaves my hair so soft, so supple and very smooth. I have been using this for 2 months now and have noticed that my hair is looking better. It appears more thicker, has more volume and bounce too. I could feel the smoothness of my hair right from the first wash itself.

2. Hair fall has decreased a little bit since I began using this. Not a lot, but there has been some reduction. But I suspect my hairfall has more to do with the pollution of this city rather than anything else. So unless I move to the countryside, I will have to make peace with losing some hair.

3. Split Ends too have reduced drastically in number.

4. I have very fine hair, on which I very reluctant to use conditioner as it weighs it down. Most shampoos I used earlier would strip my hair of all moisture leaving it dry, frizzy and I would then *have* to use a conditioner to tame my tresses.

Not with this shampoo. I generally use this shampoo in my second wash of hair. (I'll explain why in the Cons section). I lather my hair up and leave for 5 mins, post which I rinse. So basically I have been using this as a conditioner, and it does the job well. Leaves my hair clean & hydrated. My hair is no longer as frizzy, even in this super humid monsoon season. It falls well and also appears healthier.

5. It smells really nice but it does not linger for long in my hair.

6. Not really a big deal, but I like the packaging - the berry red see-through bottle with grey flip cap. Quite elegant.


1. This is not a very good first wash shampoo. I have noticed it does not lather at all on hair that is even mildly dirty. The first time I used it I kept adding more and more to my hair - with no lather. I finally concluded that maybe this shampoo does not lather at all. One of those novel, new age, foamless shampoos. It was only during my next wash that suddenly with a 50 p size amount of shampoo on my hair - there was like a bucket full of lather.

So now I do my first washing of hair, with some regular, cheaper shampoo like Biotique or L'oreal 5 Repair to remove the dirt and then use this shampoo so that it can work its magic on my hair instead of getting wasted on remving dirt because this is an expensive shampoo.

I would feel wasteful if I used this just to remove dirt.

2. Like I mentioned, Expensive.

Would I repurchase: Yes.

This is the first shampoo that has managed to get my hair to behave and look good too. I quite like it and might pick up the mask too in this series, once I finish the Repair 5 one.


  1. Great article Tan, very insightful.... must try this....

  2. Tanz I got shampoo and the conditoner two years back when I got my hair colored...

    Actually In India we the hair does noit lather we feel they are not clean..but less lather means less bad chemicals..so in a way it is good..

    but thing is it didnt do anything good to my hair.just made it soft...that too all two things costed me around Rs800 if I remember correctly..

    so i switched to my normal shampoo..

    Hey !!! Many many congratulations for wimming the Cynthia blogger comment award....

    u truly deserve it..


  3. Hahaha...your second wash idea - I do that too, especially since I always have an oil spill going on before my wash :-)

  4. @M:Ooooh! I had no idea you read my blog! :).. Thks a lot :)

    @Anamika: I know, what you are saying is right. But I have also experinced that whenever shampoo does not lather on my hair - it means that it is not yet clean. Maybe Psychological!

    This was recommended to me by the master stylist at the Enrich salon after she examined my hair. So it could be that this is what my hair needed :)

    It is on the expensive side though ;)

    & Thks, It was very nice of CZ to still send me something even though she need not have :)

    @Rads: On weekends, so do I - a nice rub of Parachute Coconut Oil feel really nice :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. @Anamika: Hey, thks for sharing the link with me. I would have never found out otherwise :)

  7. This sounds like something I might need!!!
    Nice post!!!

  8. Hi Tanveer,

    Found your blog yesterday and have been reading it since. it is a god send especially as it talks about products available in India and mumbai.
    Keep up the good work

  9. @Simran: Thks :)..

    @Suchita: hey, glad u like the blog :) I hope it helps :)

  10. Even my mom use to say the same when she uses biotique shampoo....but for me it works well... I use two times...first time to remove the oil and second time for lathering ;)

    As u suggested i think it can be used like a conditioner.....

    First when i noticed the review for shampoo - i checked whether it had SLS ;)

  11. I was expecting this review because you mentioned it as your favourite shampoo in your posts.I have used only shampoo(absolut repair) from the Loreal Professional range.I bought this shampoo for 375 rupees one year back.Was I impressed with this shampoo?I wouldn’t say that I was thoroughly disappointed with this shampoo but to be very honest I was not overwhelmingly impressed.The shampoo did nothing special for my hair.It
    did not dry out my hair but it did not give it a very soft and smooth appearance either.It gave my hair a bit of a reddish appearance which I did not like.It did not impress me much,so when I finished one bottle I was not inclined to buy another bottle of this shampoo which I would term as average.The force vector shampoo which you have reviewed sounds better than this one.I might give it a try.The only negative is that I might waste 400 rupees for a shampoo which might not work for me(even its non-performance will prove to be expensive).

  12. hey tanveer..pls do d review of loreal 5 repair....

  13. @Vidhya: I find Biotique shampoo's to be so-so. They are not bad - never dried my hair, but also never really made too much of a diff..

    SLS, hmmm... some shampoos made for colored hair tend to be sulfate free.

    @RS: I bought this at the recommendation of the master hair stylist at L'oreal who examined my hair and then suggested this for me. You might wanna do the same, that way you'll aviod wasting money on expensive shampoos that don't suit you.

    @Anon: sure.. i'll do the review in a few days :)

  14. hey tanveer could u plz review some schwarzkopf products for hair..the shampoo and serum range. i am tempted to buy it but dunno if its good or not. l'oreal total repair was total disappointment. all my friends and me suffered more hair breakage and loss. ironically it didnt repair anything :|

  15. which shampoo is better? this one or loreal total repair?

  16. @Anonymityisbliss: Hmmm, I haven't used any schwarzkopf products other than a spray on conditioner.. & not planning to either. Sorry :(

    @Preity: My hair def prefered Force Vector to the Repair range. :)



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