Organix Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum - Review

What it Claims: Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum is a unique formula which helps repair damaged hair and cuticles, and mend split ends and frizziness. This totally indulgent blend of organic weightless coconut oil and silk and keratin proteins promotes longer hair by helping reduce everyday damage while adding strength and elasticity to weak and brittle hair.

Cyclomethicone, Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, C2-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Silk Amino Complex, Vanilla Bean Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Egg White Proteins, Vitamin E, Fragrance.
Apply a small amount of Organix coconut milk anti breakage serum to palm, rub hands together, then apply to surface of damp (towel dried) hair working through ends.
Price: Rs. 350 for 4 Oz (120 ml)

Purchase at: Beauty Centre & Alfa (Irla)

1. Is pretty good at controlling fizz. For those who live in high humidity areas this is a major concern. (Friends Fans - refer to episode with Monica in Barbedos for Ross's conference. Remember her hair - due to the humidity?). My hair appears smoother and with more body than ever before
2. Makes hair very soft and easy to style. Plus hair appears shiner and it does seem smoother.
3. Smells amazingly tropical coconutty but is not overwhelming, though it does tend to disipate away after 5 to 6 hours.
4. Just one pump is enough for the entire hair. It has much more slip than others in its category hence a little goes a long way and it is absorbed almost instantly.
5. Formula contains natural organic active oils like Coconut (the only oil scientifically proven to pentrate the hair shaft to nourish from within), Coconut Milk, vanilla oil, shea butter, Egg white protein, Silk Proteins and Vitamin E.
6. Sulfate Free & Paraben Free Formula
7. Safe For Color-Treated Hair
8. For the Eco-Warriors amongst us, you will be happy to know that all Organix bottles are eco-friendly, manufactured from materials containing recycled post-consumer resin. All labels are printed utilizing environmental inks and compostable label film made from annually renewable resource corn, not from petrochemicals.

1. The price is a little hefty compared to others in this range like Livon.
2. If you use too much it will turn your hair oily. It takes some time & use before you can figure out the right amount for your hair type
3. Can't comment on hair breakage. Have been using it only for the last 3-4 weeks and yet to see a difference.

Recommended for: Those with dry, frizzy, unruly, prone to tangle, dull hair.

Sleek super straight or oily hair will probably get weighed down by this. Also be careful with quantity. Start small with single pump. Generally that should be enough.

Will I Re-Purchase: I actually got this for my Hubby, but the scent seduced me and I began using it as well.

I have used Livon & Matrix Biolange Serum in the past for my hair - with no visible results and had almost given up on serums for my hair. I have very fine, frizzy, dry hair that gets weighed down by conditioner to a limp, oily mass. This is an excellent replacement for me for conditioner. I shampoo, apply this to damp hair, comb with a wide-tooth & am done.


  1. Oh , surprisingly I never used any serums/mousse/Masques or even Livon .
    I hate the heavy feeling on my hair .. plus I have greasy hair so I always stand a risk of ending up with oily scalp.
    on special occasion a blow dry/ straightening works well on me , ofcourse with heat protecting spray my hairdresser uses :D

  2. Nice Post and interesting product..Shall try for sure ..Am using Loreal Serie Expert Liss Ultime Serum which also expensive but not as good as this sounds...


  3. i read so much about organix coconut range , esp that they smell divine

  4. where in India can I buy it?

  5. @Palak: Lucky You :-).. I think all these are not very suitable for people with oily hair. Will just grease you up more, which is the last thing you need :)

    @Shweta: Thks :)... I had my eye on that Lissome serum for myself actually. Was planning to get it after I wld have plodded through my Matrix Biolange Serum. Thankfully I got this as a gift for my hubby and have now begun to use it myself :P

    @Sarah: They do!! It smells amazing :)

    @Anon: Like I mentioned in the post, if you stay in Mumbai you can get these at Beauty Centres in Crawford market, Khar & Kandivali besides Alfa at Irla.

    I cannot comment for the rest of the country.. LOL. :-D

    maybe you could be more specific as to in exactly which city / town you are looking for this and maybe a fellow readers might be able to help you out :)

  6. Ingredients like shea butter,vitamin E ,Egg white proteins is fantastic for hair..

    I think this will help in hair breakage too. will try it out..Right now i am using Jajoba oil of fab India and quite liking it.

  7. ingredient list looks interesting!
    when i moved to delhi, my hair and body were bombarded with horrible, brackish water. about 20% of my hair turned white and my skin was worse than ever; dull and dry like i had chalk rubbed all over it. however, when i shifted again two years back (just across the road!) my hair and skin improved drastically. how much difference just water can make!

  8. Want want want!!! :P . Coconuts baby!


  9. This stuff is amazing, I bought it when I was in the USA, it was about 7$ and the smell is just divine! Great review!

  10. Tanveer - I had tried Livon and found it pretty much hopeless. Since my hairstyling routine doesn't go beyond a wash and towel/air dry, I never bothered with one after that.

    Rima - so water does turn hair grey!! I wish I could show this to people around me. My hair has been showing increasing number of greys since we shifted to this stupid place with bore-well water, and people just give me this look when I say its because of the water.

  11. rads - oh i'm a hundred percent sure that water "makes" or literally breaks your hair. everyone in my family had a mane like hay. now it's all right, thank goodness.
    tip - use drinking water for washing your hair, or at least for the final rinse. that's what i had started doing.

  12. @Anamika: I know! It does seem to keep my hair in good shape :). I too sometimes mix jojoba oil with coconut oil and use as pre-wash conditioner for the hair

    @Rima: Really! Wow, I didn't know this! Now it makes sense why Shenaz Hussain keeps repeating in all her interviews to use bottled mineral water for the hair & face. Oh Boy, Now I am wondering if the water at my place is behind all the hair fall.. :?

  13. @CZ: hehhehee... I knew u'd be 'lemming' for this :D

    @Barbee: Thks :D.. I love it too :D

    @Rads: same here. livon didn't seem to work for me. But my hubby really likes it - says it reduced his hair fall. I am sticking with Organix for now.

  14. tanveer, why don't you give drinking water a chance to see if it makes any difference to your hair? that will be the best way to check.

  15. I use extra-virgin olive oil as a serum. I apply it to my damp away from frizziness :) an inexpensive's not sticky....

    For a change I would like to change the brand now...will check if I can get this in Bangalore...

  16. Nice review Tanveer.

    Btw is this the same Organics, whose shampoos were available few years ago? Sorta greenish bottle. It was a hit during those days.

    And tell me about water affecting hair quality..Bangalore water stands first in spoiling hair and skin :-(

  17. @Rima: Good option.. Will try it out :)

    @Vidhya: You are lucky Olive Oil works so well for your hair. I had tried it, but it weighs down my fine hair.

    @GGG: Thks ;)

    They do have green ovalish shampoo bottles, but I am not very sure if it is the same. Here is the link to their site, I hope that helps:

    Ohh.. so what do u do about the water quality in B'lore? Use drinking water for face & hair?

  18. Hi, I have been hopelessly trying stuff to get rid of the frizz in my hair which worsened with repeated use of dryer and straighters. Livon, Hair n shine, sunsilk, loreal and many more randomly suggested by hair stylist and friends. NOTHING WORKED! My visit to Richfeel hoping to get some solution didnt help either. I picked up Matrix hair smoothing serum and i am speechless. The very first day my frizz was gone n my natural waves is now so evident. even using a lot of quantity accidentally, didn't weigh my hair down or make it look oily. Just the product i was looking for. Next matrix product i wanna try is their hair masque. All those who have given up on treating the frizz should try matrix hair smoothing serum....

  19. Hello,

    Nice review. I was using this product when I was in USA. Tried getting this in Chennai. Could not find any. Any idea where we can get this product in chennai ?

    Ms. R

  20. I love this product! its one of my favorite not only for the smell of it :P



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