June Favourites

First of all, thanks a lot for your lovely messages, I am feeling much better now. :-)

I quite missed blogging & connecting with you guys during the last few days, and with my energy levels rising I hope to get back to it regularly quite soon.

In the meanwhile, I thought I would share my June Fav products with you.

1. Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks: My current favourites are Nude Rosey & Soft Rose for day, and Raspberry for night. With Maybelline Colorsensation lipsticks almost at our shores I am waiting to get well soon and check out how they compare with Revlon (They are supossed to be quite similar).

2. Jordana Glitterama Eye Pencils: I quite like these shimmery, glittery eyepencils. At Rs. 149/- a piece, they are quite soft on the pocket. But use a base to get maximum wear out of these pencils, they tend to fade over time otherwise. My favourites are Black Bash (which is actually a dark charcoal grey - black with silver shimmer) and the Dark Blue one (Dark blue with blue & silver shimmer)

3. ELF Wet Lash Transparent Eyelash & Eyebrow gel: Look totally natural, and are great for the rainy season. No worry of smears.

4. Nivea Hydrocare Lip Balm: my new face balm! This one is perfect as a moisturiser on the go, without the greasiness.

5. Lakme Lip Artist in Terracotta: While the orange undertones in this look a bit weird on me, once I layer a pink golden flecked shimmery gloss on top - it makes the prefect pink coral lip color for me. Having been sporting this combo quite a few times last June.

So those were my June favourites, what are your favourite products this monsoon?


  1. i've not seen jordana in delhi :(
    i'm so in love with revlon colorburst that i'll have a look at the lighter shades as well. :) i have fuchsia as of now.

  2. I must try some of the colorburst lipsticks - I completely missed those!

  3. i HAVE to find colorburst lipsticks :P

  4. where do u get elf cosmetics in mumbai???

  5. @I am...: You get ELF at Beauty Centre in Khar. I have heard that you also get this at other Beauty Centres in Kandivali & Crawford - but not sure as have never been there :)

  6. welcome back Tanz..I have never used eye brow gel..i just apply aloe vera gel on my brows and it works forme..Will try it out if i come across it:)

  7. I am same old lass. :) Maybelline Blush, Miss Claire Eye Pencil, Lotus Aloevera Mosituizer.



  8. hey..im quite inspired to try Jordana products after hearing your rave reviews about it! any idea if its available in the south?

    and get well soon!

  9. Glad ua back :)
    I'm also loving lakme teracotta lip artist a lot too :)

  10. Hello Tanveer,

    Thanks for following notyourAveragebeauty! Most delighted that you visited my little corner. You are so lucky to have Lakme as it is hard to come by here in Malaysia so I am missing out on that. I am glad that item 1 and 2 on your June fave's are products that I have too! Thanks for the support and I look forward to being inspired by you.

  11. Hey,
    Nice to hear that you are feeling well now,
    and I am going to buy ELF Wet Lash Transparent Eyelash & Eyebrow gel tomorrow.Also, could you tell me where can I buy OPI nail paint in mumbai??

  12. hey! i just found your blog while googling about nyx blushes and i lovee your blog. new follower =)

  13. Hi..i just saw your blog...its really nice...i'll have to come again...

  14. That was a nice list Tanveer...Happy to hear you are feeling fine now...

    @Iam...you do get ELF at the Kandivali beauty outlet too


  15. @Rima: I saw the Fuchsia one - It is so pretty, but frankly I kinda chickened out at the color - too bright for me :)

    @Ki & Sarah: I hope you like them. Maybelline Colorsensation is also getting good reviews ;)

    @Anamika: Aloe vera gel? That's smart :).. you can even use hair styling gel actually.

    @Shoppingaholic: good for you, I tend to experiment too much for my wallet's good :P

    @Wanderlust: Thks :).. I dunno about Jordana in the south.

    @Palak: Thks :)... I like the lip artist myself - does not dry my lips.

    @JackieA: Thks :).. Trust me, you are not missing out on anything major if Lakme is not available :P.. For the few things they carry that are worth buying - you will very easily find dupes in international ranges :)

    @Suchitra: Hey! Thks :).. Do let me know if u like the ELF mascara.. OPI nail paints, hmm, yet to see them. Will let you know if i spot them anywhere :)

    @KayKay & Rakhshanda: Thks :)...

    @HD: Thks.. Feeling much better now :)


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